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  1. 28g Nano Cube LED Pro Lighting Problem

    Thanks for the reply. It turned out to be bad LEDs. They're like Christmas lights, when one goes out, the entire strip goes out. I ordered some replacement LEDs from ReefBreeders.com ($1.50/ea.), soldered them in, and I'm good as new!
  2. I've got the JBJ 28g Nano Cube LED Professional (89w), and while doing my weekly water change last week, I noticed that 3 of the 5 LED columns are no longer illuminated. I sent JBJ an e-mail 4 days ago, and haven't heard anything back yet. Anyway, does anybody have experience with troubleshooting the JBJ stock LED lighting? I'm happy to purchase whatever parts I need to get this up and running again, but I'm not sure where to start. Thanks in advance... Dave
  3. It's been awhile since I've been on NR, but the time has come for me to make the switch to LED, and I wanted to get the opinions of others on how well SPS corals do under the stock Nano Cube LED (Pro – 89w) lighting. My current tank is a Nanocustoms (2)x70w MH + (2)x18w Actinic JBJ Nano Cube, which has been running for 5 years at this point. I've already purchased the new 28g LED Nano Cube and stand, which are currently still in their boxes. My plan is add the new LED hood to my current 24g tank to allow the corals to acclimate to the lighting before I completely disturb their world. This will also allow me some to work on modding the new tank and stand to my liking, but I still have to decide on which direction I want to take that. Anyway, here are some current tank shots. The SPS colors have faded a bit over the last few months because my bulbs are overdue for a change. I just hope my corals thrive under the new LEDs as well as they have under the current MHs (all SPS started from 1" frags).
  4. Thanks, Brenda! I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. The best I can find currently is $650 + $160 + free shipping at PA... $210 more than I was expecting to find. I wonder if JBJ was subsidizing these for a while... prices definitely went up!
  5. I'm looking into starting over with LED, and I could've sworn that this time last year, I saw deals on the Nano Cube 89w for $599 + free stand + free shipping. This year, I'm only seeing that deal on the HQI version. Where can I find the best deal on the 89w LED version?
  6. Custom 24g (2)x70w MH Nano Cube Project

    It's been awhile, so here are some updated photos...
  7. Nanocustoms built my hood, and they installed the fans blowing in... they know best.
  8. I really like how clean your plumbing and wiring is. My 24g Nano Cube is currently plumbed with the sump located in the stand. Because my cube was already running when I added the sump, I had to drill the back of my tank. If I ever upgrade to the 28g LED, I will probably drill the bottom of the back chambers before I add water.
  9. My 28gal Nano Cube LED

    I really like the monti's growing toward the center of the tank... nice change!
  10. Nickeleye's 12g LED Nanocube DX

    Nah, there will be a lot of people inquiring about these kits since the link to this thread was recently included in a Nanotuners newsletter.
  11. Nickeleye's 12g LED Nanocube DX

    Nice work... I might actually consider upgrading my 2.70 + 2.18 24g Nano Cube once things start rolling with your LED kits.
  12. Easy Refugium Fuge Light for the Nano Cube

    You'll have to let us know how you like it. I've had mine up for a few years now... and it's still working GREAT!!!
  13. Easy Refugium Fuge Light for the Nano Cube

    What question about LEDs did you not see answered? I'm using the Nanocustoms 5.1 LED as mentioned on page 17 of this thread.
  14. SCWD on crack DIY

    I have to stop at Lowes tonight for some other things anyway, so I'll see if I can find the ABS. So you don't think the Weld-On is necessary for this project? Just looking back at UTR's posts with Weld-On and your post with the GOOP, it seemed that most people were looking to reinforce their seams. After doing a google search on Weld-On #16, I found that a lot of reefers keep this product in their toolboxes just in case... seems like the best product for water-tight bonding of plastics. So, when using the 2" cleanout adapter, does the overhang still allow enough surface area to bond the fitting with the SCWD body? If you have to "put the squeeze" on your SCWD, I recommend using a pair of channel-locks. This makes it VERY easy to pull everything out... one hand to squeeze the cannel-locks, one hand to pull out the "machinery". Mine didn't take much force at all, but you might want to use a towel around you SCWD to prevent teeth marks from the channel-locks in the SCWD body.
  15. SCWD on crack DIY

    I think I'm going to look for the 2" ABS tomorrow. I looked at Home Depot on Sunday, but they didn't have it. Does anyone know if you can get ABS at Lowes or Menards? I also looked for the Weld-On #16, but haven't had any luck finding that either. I'm guessing people order that stuff online? Thanks for the tip on squeezing the SCWD to get the "machinery" out, Mr Fosi. I gave it a try tonight, and it worked like a charm. I even pulled apart the housing for the gears and cleaned everything up with a toothbrush before putting it back together. It's definitely spinning A LOT better now!