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  1. Thanks everyone. I just place an order for Chemi-pure. Each pack lasts 6 months and Drs F&S sells an 18 month supply for only $14.07.
  2. On another thread I found that Black Diamond and Seachem are also good. I believe I would have to use a media bag with those brands, but I'm mostly concerned with the quality of carbon. Does everyone agree that Chemi-pure is better quality carbon than these? How will I know when the carbon is not performing anymore?
  3. My JBJ Nano Cube came with a packet of carbon that is ready to be replaced. I was going to slice the carbon pouch open, fill it with new carbon, and then tie it shut. I was told you can either purchase carbon pouches or reusable media bags to be filled with carbon. I was also told to buy good carbon, not the cheap stuff. My question is, what brand is the good stuff? Click here if you want to see how my tank is set up. You can see good pictures there on what the back sump of the Nano Cube looks like and how the filter is set up. I have removed the ceramic rings and bio balls in mine per the instructions that stated to do so when the tank is being used as a reef. Also, I'm going by the 1 month rule of thumb for replacing carbon. Is there a better way to tell when the carbon is no longer performing?
  4. Well, I cleaned everything out last night. By the times I was done, the water in my Rubbermaid container was completely black. I cleaned slime out of 4 of those clam things. That was really nasty. A few of them were already completely cleaned out somehow. I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't one of those things that died originally and started the whole domino effect. I remember when putting in the new rock that one of those clams was opened up more than usual. Anyway, I pulled the filter sponges, heater, and pump out of the tank and cleaned them up real good. I started the process by siphoning out all of the original water in the tank and discarded it since it was so nasty. I then pulled out all the rock and put it in my Rubbermaid with fresh S/W. I also added fresh S/W to the tank, which still had the sand in it and swished around the water in there to get all the junk out of the sand. I would have then siphoned out the water again to put in another batch of fresh S/W, but I ran out of salt. After I cleaned up the rocks, I put them back into the tank and discarded the water in the Rubbermaid. This morning it was still pretty smelly, but I think it's probably because I didn't have enough salt water to do another water change after I stirred up the sand. I'm going to get more salt tonight and repeat the process tomorrow night. I will keep you all updated. Thanks again for all of the great advice.
  5. Ok, tonight's the night I finally have some time to pull out my smelly mess and start cleaning it up. Last night I went into the sealed off room that contains my little tank to do an ammonia test. Wow! It was smellier than I could have ever imagined. I had to scrape about 1/4" of surface junk off the top of the water. I swear I could've probably balanced a 50 cent piece on the surface without it sinking. Anyway, the ammonia tested last night at 1.5. When I received the rock there were about 6, 3" long clam looking things that were all opened up with slime hanging out of them last night. I'm sure that must be causing a lot of the awful smell. My question is, what do I do with those clam things now that they are dead? They seem to be a part of the rock. Should I take a hammer to them and break them off? Based on what I described, do you think there is still any chance for anything still alive in there?
  6. It's funny that way isn't it... that bright side business you mentioned. How when things seem to be the absolute worst, that there can still be a bright side if you look for one.
  7. Why does JBJ label the Nano Cube a 12 gallon if it only holds 8.23?