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  1. ifarmer's 16g nano cube

    I plan to set up a nano cube tank in the near future.I want to start this tank build thread to keep track of my tank progress.People keeps saying it's very difficult to grow sps in a small nano which might be true.I have quite a little bit of the so called sps experience under my belt at least in the last 4-5 years. So I would like to give it a try.Tank size: 16g cubeDimension: 15x15x15Powerhead: MP10Light: To be determinedSump: To be determinedI plan to grow sps only just like my last 2 tanks.Let it begin.....
  2. FS Nanobox Hybrid quadx2 t5

    do you think this would work for a 20g tank?
  3. Down sizing

    are those shipped price? thanks
  4. I like to take the ATI powermodule

  5. How to get friends into the hobby

    why would you want to do bad thing to your friend. this hobby is so addicted and could make them go broke and could potentially divorce
  6. RO/DI - 3, 4 or 5 stage

    i think 4 is the good enough. the 75gpd is the best membrance.
  7. Votech MP10QD wireless + extra wet side

    **** SOLD: the extra wet side sold. MP10QDwireless is now $175 shipped. thanks
  8. WTB: Vortech MP10 Powerhead

    hi i have one for sale posted in the for sale forum. thanks
  9. pump is sold. thanks everyone for looking
  10. looking to sell my tunze nano ato osmolator nano 3152 new never been used.$70 shipped.thanks
  11. Votech MP10QD wireless + extra wet side

    yes. still available. was thinking to hold on to them.
  12. Elos 160 breakdown

    is the price including shipping? if yes i will take the mp40. please send paypal info. thanks
  13. looking to sell my MP10QD wireless with extra wet side (very new). pump has manufacture date as of July 2015. Asking $200 shipped for the MP10QD wireless set and one extra wet side. thanks
  14. Arce's Tank

    hi ar-see, dino are not easy to conquer. Very few poeple have luck with doing black out. My full sps tank was affected with Dino and I did a 5 days black out and those stupid dino disappears and no where to be seen. With a 5 days black out completely. my corals color went pale but its okay, their color will come back eventually. Just cant stand the dino and keep loosing sps frags to dino. good luck.