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  1. hi ar-see, dino are not easy to conquer. Very few poeple have luck with doing black out. My full sps tank was affected with Dino and I did a 5 days black out and those stupid dino disappears and no where to be seen. With a 5 days black out completely. my corals color went pale but its okay, their color will come back eventually. Just cant stand the dino and keep loosing sps frags to dino. good luck.
  2. For sale: an ati 6 bulbs 24" powermodule. Fixture is in prisitne condition. Reflectors and fans are like new. Comes with 4 nearly new bulbs (less than 1 month) and 2 brand new bulbs. I upgraded to LED so no longer using this. $275 shipped. thanks
  3. mount it inside your canopy or get one of those hang kit made out of electrical conduit.
  4. in my 10 years of reefing, i have never had any moon light on any of my tanks. Is initial set up on T5 cost much more than LED? which one is easier on electricity cost, LED or T5? Is it a big difference? How do I choose which wattage for each T5 bulb and which color? Is there a out of the box and plug and play T5 fixture that very good? Is T5 light intensity also controllable as LED? what are some of the good manufacturers for T5 bulb and fixtures? 1. Initial setup cost - T5 is a little old technology than T5 therefore you wont find that many fixtures out in the market where LED is flooded. so Yes, initial cost might be a little bit more to get a T5 fixture than an LED unless you can go for a used fixture 2. Electricity is just a tiny little bit more on T5. However in the end, it will be less. because LED has a tendency to burn corals than T5. when corals are bleached or dead that means more money out of your pocket. 3. wattage is fixed for length of bulb. for 24" bulb =24w, 36" = 39W, 48" = 54w...etc. 4. T5 fixture is usually out of the box, they are plug and play unless you have one of those ATI dimmable fixture 5. Intensity: Yes, with ATI dimmable fixture, you can dim at any level you want from 1% -100%. 6. good manufactures: ATI, aquaticlife.
  5. I think if you grow mostly zoa and softies and easy corals then its okay, you can go without a water change for along time . But I can tell you that if you do corals like SPS and dont do water change, you wont see light at the end of the tunnel. For SPS, a successful reef means good color.
  6. very nice tank. soon it will be a reef tank before you know it.
  7. light sold. payment received. please close. thank you
  8. Looking to sell my beloved ATI T5 8x24w dimmable light. Light in excellent condition and there no salt spot on any of the reflectors and very clean. This fixture is about 1.5 year old and I am the original owner. I downgraded tank and light. It has 8x24watts bulbs. 4 Bulbs I replaced them back a little over a month during Thanksgiving week. The other 4 bulbs are about 4-5 months old. $350 shipped anywhere in the US. thank you for looking Farmer
  9. how old is your ATI LED/T5 hybrid light? I have been looking for used ATI LED/T5 hybrid for 10 months now but they all go for at least $800-$1000. ATI led/t5 hybrid is a good light but I cant afford to buy it new. ($1300) This ATI LED/T5 fixture, you can dim All T5 bulbs and you can also dim all LED channels. 4 T5 bulbs and one LED bank in the middle of the fixture is perfect for my tank. for the price of $450 for a used ATI T5/LED is a steal. what is your paypal ? thanks
  10. yeah, PC light is old. maybe it's time to upgrade to a better light .
  11. ATI T5 is a very good light to grow out your sps. LED can too but you really have to be an SPS expert otherwise it can easily bleach or brown out your sps.
  12. wow tank is looking great.
  13. very nice. I really like your sps collections. great job.
  14. i was at acro gargden a few weeks ago