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  1. I have many Euphyllia touching, BUT I have had issues with my gold torch touching my hammers/other torches. Not sure why, but species is a possibility. As above said it's more than likely an alkalinity or lighting issues, although overnight is pretty fast... so i'd lean towards alk.
  2. Your tank is looking amazing, i'll upload your ETG and post
  3. .etg is the lighting profile for your radion, i'd like to see it. Maybe attempt using it.
  4. Sounds like he will make it! Just keep good stable water parameters and within time he'll be a-ok. Nice score! I haven't really been keeping up with my tank. It's still up, everything is thriving just kind of slacking. Maybe pick up a small generator, or even get a small solar panel and run your tank off of it, amazon has them cheap with excellent reviews. I'm tempted to get one myself!
  5. Damn, that sucks! Do a couple small water changes if possible, maybe like 1-2 gallons each every 2-3 hours, this will help a lot. Merry Christmas!
  6. Have you tested your LFS water to see how much different it is than yours, salinity etc? Maybe you need a longer acclimation period... Something is off, and to my knowledge they're hardy fish... Other than the pump which is a freak-accident, which I am sorry to hear about, losing fish sucks! You have some nice photos there, how's that anthias doing?
  7. Tank is looking great! Loving the growth on those montis, and such bright color. Though, my favorite coral is that beautiful RBTA you have! Very well!
  8. Hey man, thanks for that. I appreciate it! I just recently started some treatment which i'm doing good with so far! Maybe if I ever start fragging I can cut you some heads..! If I wasn't so afraid of fragging, I would. I don't feed any euphyllia, but all my other lps I do feed, such as the acans, duncans, plate, zoas and candy cane. How's your tank doing? I need to hop over to your thread and catch up, i've been AWOL last month or two from NR!
  9. Yea, i'm using the note 4 for my pictures and it takes great photos! I don't run my blues over a 14k setting so it's a better white balance. I only run 18k my last hour of photo period. that may be my next pickup, a flame scallop... seems super cool
  10. Stellar 12g! You know I love the LPS! Those acans are awesome. Flame scallop is such a cool creature... I want one !
  11. Sorry to hear that! Thanks for coming along, it's been a long few months but I am feeling more comfortable(as can be) each day! Waiting on the Veterans Affairs Hospital is dreadful... Take care of yourself, sir!
  12. Thank you, sir! Updated FTS. Haven't seen brown jelly in a couple weeks + so i'm hoping we're in the clear.
  13. ballast: http://www.amazon.com/Aquatic-Life-Retrofit-Aquarium-24-Watt/dp/B005DTU2K6/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1448345159&sr=8-5&keywords=aquatic+life+retrofit Reflectors: http://www.amazon.com/Aquatic-Life-Retrofit-Polished-Reflector/dp/B005DTU4JA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448345159&sr=8-1&keywords=aquatic+life+retrofit here's the unit over my old jbj.
  14. Sure, it's the Aquatic Life reflectors, ballast and everything... I'll include 2 ATI Blue+ bulbs that are on it, 2 months old. 100$
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