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  1. Boggers

    AI Prime or AI Prime HD

    here you go:
  2. I have a 60G Planet Aquarium (my Reef tank) and 2 Mr. Aqua tanks 32 and 22G (freshwater). They both can be drilled if you want to go that route or keep them whole and run a canister while it is freshwater and drill later if you go reef. I like the rimless tank look as well and I know my LFS ordered the Planet Aquarium tank in for me. I would recommend them if going larger than 40G.
  3. Boggers

    Micro Chitons

    Sorry John, forgot to come back and read any updates on this tread. I will see if I can get a decent pic of the ones in my tank. They blend in well but maybe I can find a few on some of my loose rocks.
  4. Boggers

    Micro Chitons

    Those are Chitons for sure. I have had some on my rocks FL rocks come in and they stay that small. They seem to reproduce fairly easily as well.
  5. Boggers

    No Cycle w/ Cured LR & LS?

    Looks like you already have some hermits in there. I think you will be fine to add the fish/shrimp combo. Just not too fast for everything else. 😉
  6. Boggers

    MetroKat's Reefer: Need About Tree Fiddy

    Now you have a whole side of the stand to make a cord mess in....and still keep it dry. I look forward to seeing another tank come together for you.
  7. Boggers

    Vortechs on Back Wall?

    I have an MP10 on the back wall of my 60G. works great and stays hidden as the wall is all black as well.
  8. Boggers

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    The move was not as troublesome this time around I hope? My 60G has gotten a bit of a FL biotope theme going. I just need more corals to fill it up.
  9. Boggers

    Anyone know what these are?

    First is a Cup/Scroll coral. the second is a zoa. If you are looking for a fancy name, got nothing.
  10. Boggers

    what is this

    aptasia or ball anemone would be my likely guesses at this point. If it had not been out before it could have been hiding in a hole and lost most of the pigment. Likely will want to remove it.
  11. Boggers

    kessil dens matrix issue ?

    I believe that is the UV, so not visible to you.
  12. Boggers

    Killing hydroids for a dwarf seahorse tank

    This is a good read: http://seahorse.com/forum/hydroids-my-dwarf-tank It does mention a heat treatment of +92 for 3-5 days can eliminate most Hydroids.
  13. Boggers

    Reef safe spray paint

    You can find 48" * 24" eggcrate, or Krylon Fusion https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/fraggrid-black-egg-crate-48-x-24-total-3-pc-22-75-x-15-25-deep-blue/
  14. Boggers

    ATO with surge device?

    You should be able to place the ATO at the lowest point you ever want the display to go...That way no matter what level the surge tank is at it would never go a set level.
  15. Boggers

    ATO with surge device?

    Just came up with a second idea....If the Surge tank is empty you can put ATO at MAX level of display.