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  1. Wheels under tank support - smart or stupid?

    With small tanks below the 30G range you are able to do this as the weight is not as much of an issue on the wheels. However, you will not want to move it as much as possible. Even a slow push will get the water moving and put stress on the sides of a tank.
  2. plausable. check out this video as he breeds them: It will be hard to tell until they grow up a little more.
  3. Backyard Mangrove Experiment/Study

    I would suggest you not use table salt due to the caking agents they add to it for humidity. You can use Kosher, Aquarium (freshwater rock salt), or pickling salts if you don't want to use a marine salt. I do not have a ratio but you can find a cheap refractometer for this purpose as you are not dealing with fish. The White and Black mangroves grow farther up the shoreline. When I tried to grow some myself they would not sprout roots unless they dried off a little. This might be to make sure the seed has found a suitable location and not the middle of a pond/ocean to attempt to grow. After they grow roots I am not sure if you can put them back into a water/hydroponic situation to allow it to grow the rest of the way.
  4. JBJ Cubey Lighting

    Don't have a pic, but the Kessil, nanobox, or Aquamaxx should all be better than what they put in that one.
  5. What is this?

    Meh, just a straight form of cheato. If not out don't like it in display keep trimming it down and use a little peroxide if possible. It is not normally invasive unless you let it be.
  6. What is this?

    Chaetomorpha antennina
  7. Do I have a gorilla crab?

    maybe...but without a pic it is hard to tell. more likely a red Mithrax (Mithrax sculptus)
  8. Backyard Mangrove Experiment/Study

    both white and black need soil to grow as they will not grow directly in the water. (hence why they are less common in the trade) All mangrove types will grow faster in a rich soil with moderate water like most trees, however they have developed ways to grow in places other plants can't increasing there chances of survival. It's like feeding tangs with Nori VS a mixed diet....sure they will do ok, but for a fat healthy tang some meats are a really good thing.
  9. Mystery encrusting coral

    Could very well be Blue Ridge coral as well since the popyps don't come out much and they are white.
  10. Backyard Mangrove Experiment/Study

    My red mangroves grew faster in my Freshwater (blackwater) tank vs my reef. The lighting in reef was stronger so I would say it's water and the tree didn't have to work to keep out the salt.
  11. Boggers CC contest tank

    I reduced the sand bed and rocks. I also cut off the air tube coming in right to the spigot so it doesn't need to be hidden in the sand. There is only enough sand to cover the bottom as I dislike the look of bare bottoms. With 2 DIY magnetic frag racks/rocks and one rock on the sand bed, the space is pretty open. I just do not like the shadows the top produces, but I can't do much there.
  12. Boggers CC contest tank

    Well, let's see if I can get this going again.
  13. Boggers CC contest tank

    I am going to consider myself eliminated as anything from here would be like a new tank setup and not in the nature of the competition. I will likely try this tank again, but have to clean it all out.
  14. Boggers CC contest tank

    WELL Boo! My temp probe fell out of my tank and my heater cooked everything. even a few zoa went poof. It was north of 90 in there.
  15. 18min....not bad response time at all....but I understand this was not your first attempt.