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  1. Boggers

    LPS or softy ID

    You have to find plating VS branching and yes it does look like the plating version but getting a pic happy would be good.
  2. Boggers

    Light fixture identification

    No idea, but other than that tank clamp it looks great.
  3. Boggers

    Kessil a80 vs AI Prime HD (feedback needed)

    Prime has a much deeper blue color Vs what you can get out of the Kessil. It is also much more powerful. (and costs $70 more) The Kessil looks closer to windex where the Prime is a deep blue ink pen. The Kessil has the shimmer they are known for and no fan if any noise is an issue.
  4. Boggers

    2 Gallon Pico Reef Jar - Amphipod Kingdom 💧

    I think you need a pistol shrimp for this when you get that far. I actually just setup my jar from the contest again last month. I am using a Kessil A80 for a light and put it in a window. That way I get natural light most of the time and a little bit of blue at night.
  5. Boggers

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Found My Goby!

    Unless the fish is coming via their Wisconsin facility for some reason.
  6. Boggers

    Complete Water Change?

    You you fail to change out your DI, it will leach back into the water. I wouldn't say there is a need for the 100% change either, but yes I do it with my 1G tank every week or 2.
  7. Boggers

    Pregnant Macroalgae!

    That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Boggers

    WTB: OLD MP10

    I have a White box, non-wireless one I can part with. The Wet side will need to be replaced as I just went to clean it and found the magnet had rusted through. $120/shipped
  9. Boggers

    Internet outage and Bluefish/Apex

    Pretty sure the light will turn off without internet on a Bluefish. Dave would know for sure: @DaveFason
  10. Boggers

    What's the smallest All-In-One tank?

    There are more out there, but you usually have to look. Many will have the lights you just have to remove. https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/imagitarium-17-gallon-cubic-desktop-aquarium-2441395?mr:device=c&mr:adType=plaonline&mr:ad=274415551816&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:tid=aud-473116515490:pla-441382298567&mr:ploc=9024587&mr:iloc=&mr:store=&mr:filter=441382298567&cm_mmc=PLA-GG-_-PTC_P_SUP_PLA-GG_FY18_SCShopping-Private Label-_-61469349532-_-A&kpid=go_1426171603_61469349532_274415551816_aud-473116515490:pla-441382298567_c&scid=scplp2441395&sc_intid=2441395&utm_config=tad0iunwp&utm_campaign=PTC_P_SUP_PLA-GG_FY18_SCShopping-Private Label&utm_source=google&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI86jmhcGL3gIVhSZpCh2vhwlNEAkYBiABEgK3pvD_BwE#
  11. Boggers

    Help with a Helfrichi Firefish

    Agree with Clown, These 2 might be ok as the goby would be the smaller of the two. However, the prawn goby hides a bunch so if you are looking for active swimmers this is not a good pick.
  12. Boggers

    Help with a Helfrichi Firefish

    Sure, SUPER small but kinda cool. Would be a good fit in a small tank like this. 30+ and you would never find it.
  13. Boggers

    Black sun corals?

    yeah, pretty much the same needs.
  14. Boggers

    Help with a Helfrichi Firefish

    Firefish bed down under rocks at night...where the pistol and goby dominate hence the nips. as for the darting- that is not TOO uncommon until it feels comfortable. Hope you have a lid as they will jump. there are mixed reviews for firefish and pistols BTW. They do not always mix well.
  15. Boggers

    Aesthetically pleasing Overflow

    Drilling side or back is the same to me. Unless you have a side that is hidden by something else. Think Fluval Evo look, where you could build something to "mask" the side.