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  1. IT's ALIVE !!!!! No its my nano cube jbj. I made space in my stock hood and put in 2 32 watt lights. one is 10000k the other is actinic 03. Also have the stock 24 watt 50/50 light. Also built myself a fuge in the back which is lit up with one of those work lights. It is a 13 watt 6700 pc bulb. So that is a total of 101 watts of power or almost 13 watts per gallon of water. The whole thing is cooled by a 12 volt toyo 60mm fan. I put in 2 PH in the back so my water flow is like 200 gph. I made my own tubing through the back of the tank so that I would not have to put the power head in the display area. Works good. Fish love the current. My zooz that were not opening up before are opening now, the digitata is all out now. I think the light really helps, I'm still tryin to get my fuge to work right, need to add some macro algae and am going to try to put one mangrove back there. LOL its really fun doing stuff to the nano cube and trying to keep it looking stock. Well If you want to see pictures let me know. My next diy is creating a 30 or 20 gallon refuge/sump that will fit underneath my cabinet/stand. I really want this to be a perfect system I think it is the perfect size. I LOVE NANO REEf. Dan