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  1. I have this tiny FeatherDuster looking thing on the tip of one of my rocks, What is it? A baby FD?
  2. Hurt cycle?

    Thank u much for the fast reply.
  3. Ocean Water

    I use Oceanic salt mix, And allthough I'm new to all this I will use it for a while and see how it goes. I heard alot of good things about this salt so I figured I'd try it on my first nano =).
  4. LFS Live Rock

    Where in South Jersey? I live near newark NJ in Belleville
  5. Hurt cycle?

    Hi all... I'm in the middle of my cycle my nitrites are sky high and I'm waiting for them to drop. My question is: Will it hurt my cycle or interrupt it if I add BioActive live sand to my tank now? When I setup my tank I only used live rock and for substrate I have crushed florida coral. Should I even bother to add BioActive at this point? Or juss let the live rock seed the crushed coral? thanks
  6. drillling holes in glass

    I use a Dremel with a diamond coated bit. Its a slow process but it works well. Practice on a piece/sheet of glass of the same thickness you want to dril to get the hang of it.
  7. Is this filter alright?

    Looks good to me.. I have a 10 gallon hex nano and I use the Top Fin 10 filter. The one you picture seems to me equal or better than mine. You might want to use the filter on initial setup only, What I mean is just until your cycle is done to get all the dirt crude and debre out. Then when the cycle is complete remove the filter material and put some Chemipure in its place. Your live rock and sand will do the job of the filter media anyways. Good luck
  8. Gray worms with white bands on them

    Yea I'll poke'em and it will bite me and i'll have a dirtnap. =)
  9. I have about 3 gray worm lookin things with white stripes on them about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long on the bottom of my substrate juss lying there they don't appear to be squirming or moving. What are these things?
  10. Started my 10g today!

    I started a 10 gallon about tree weeks ago myself =). Good luck with your tank and have patience it will pay off greatly. I'm in the middle of my cycle waiting for my nitrites to fall. Its fun to see the live rock spring to life before your eyes. Take care and keep us posted.
  11. Nitrates

    Is all those lil critters ok for a 10 gal?
  12. Nitrates

    I read at GARF that the best thing to get was hermit crabs the ones with the red legs and yellow eyes. And I was thinking about two mexican turbo snails. Does that sound good? And yes I'll pass on the tang in that case thanks.
  13. Nitrates

    Yea I have a 10oz jar of chemipure ready for the tank when its done cycling =). I was just wondering. My tank is a 10 gal hex. I will surely do at least a 15% to 20% water change as soon as the tank is done cycling. As of now i'm still waiting for my nitrite spike to bottom out. Can't wait to even add the cleanup crew so I can watch them go to work on my algae. Then after two weeks of having the cleanup crew I will add a clown and a yellow tang. A Tomato clown and a small yellow tang is ok for my size tank no? Thanks for the reply
  14. Nitrates

    Lo all... Question: When my cycling tank is complete what should my nitrate reading be? I know ammonia=0 and Nitrites=0 but what should my Nitrates be roughly? Thanks
  15. Does it take long?

    How long does it take for Nitrites to start falling in a newly cycled tank? Right now My Nitrites are at 5.0 and my Nitrates are 10. I'm in the middle of the cycle now. My tanks specs are: 10 Gallon hex Florida Crushed coral substrate Powerhead HOB Filter Bubble Stick 5 pounds Fiji Live Rock SG= 1.023 Water Temp = 80