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  1. I managed to mod in 2x 20W coralife 50/50's. Tight squeeze but well worth it.
  2. Tried that but no dice. It stil wont turn on. Could the ballast be out? We were told it was new.......
  3. This post if for a fellow reefer who doesn't have access to the internet right now so therefore cannot post. He bought a CSL 24" Fixture with moonlights in it. Now the seller claims the light was new. When we opened the package it sure did look new. Everything that originally came with the fixture was there. The light worked fine the first day. Photoperiod was setup using timers and we noticed the next day that the actinic bulb would not turn on. We tried everything we could think of...even replace with another 03 csl actinic and nothing. It would not turn on. Any suggestions on what is the problem?
  4. Last stab at this...look above for edit!!!
  5. pretty sure they are...will check for ya
  6. Well each store is different. Thats why i posted UP TO $20 Dollars....iive seen them al low as 14.95 in my area. But now im willing to do 10 shipped.........any takers?
  7. Hey there. Picked up some timers for my lighting. I might have 2-3 extra afterall. If anyone is interested in using these timers for their lighting needs i am willing to offer them at 8 dollars shipped. I attached a pic. These timers are new, never opened INTERMATIC Timers. Will do Paypal. These retail for up to 20 bucks at hardware places. Any interests PM and i will quickly try to answer questions.
  8. is the mini just for glass because i havent found a small one for acrylic....