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  1. NanoReefer53

    Chiller Plumbing

    I was running pretty much exactly the same setup and I had good results. Mine is a 12g NanoCube though. I'm now running in-line with a 250gph Filstar canister filter though. The chiller kept the tank pretty stable at 80-82. With the MJ1200 I used to run it on, it gave a good water flow which I estimate to be around 100gph. with the huge drop, kinks in the plumbing and within the chiller itself, the flow does drop dramatically by the time it reaches the tank. Ambient temperature in my room was 102 yesterday and the chiller managed to keep it at 86, which is high, but still a lot cooler that with it could've been without the chiller.
  2. NanoReefer53

    144w PC vs. 150w MH

    You can keep many corals other than SPS and clams under MH. Shrooms, leathers, euphillias, xenia, almost anything as long as you aclimate them properly.
  3. My first post in a long long long time. I recently set back up my 12g NanoCube from last year and remebered the heat problems I had so I decided to pick up a chiller. Last year with stock lighting, the heat would go up to 84 with the lights on which was bad enough. During the summer, since my room is up stairs, it would heat up to high 80's since that's what the room temperature was with no AC. Now, I also put on a 150w Aqualight which brings up the temperature considerably. Added with the summer heat, the temperature would go up to 87 when I did a test run 4 weeks ago. I purchased the chiller from www.aquatictech.com since they have a very good price on these ($156.99) plus great shipping rates. I recieved it in 3 days from Ohio to California. Upon first opening the package, the chiller was a very nice size (8.425x10x7). I could set it beside the tank, which is my bedroom, and not have it look like a big massive eye sore cooling unit. I set up very crude plumbing with vinyl lines, schedule40 fittings, loc-line, etc. The only pump I had available was a MJ1200 so I had that pushing water from the tank, into the chiller, and back up into the tank. So that was a total of 4 feet down, 4 feet up, and many turns here and there. With the little flow rate, I was afraid the chiller would not be effective since the recommended flow rate was 50gph minimum. Suprisingly, it has done very well with the temperature staying at 80-82 even though ambient temperature reached as high as 90 with 150w MH on for hours. I ordered an Eheim 1048 which is rated at 158gph so I'm guessing the cooling power will be a lot more effective once I get it set up. I really love this thing because it takes out the worry of my tank overheating without putting too many loud fans over the tank and massive evaporation. My only complaint, the fan noise. Since this is a peltier chiller, it transfers the heat from the water to a massive heat sink and then gets dissapated by a large 120x38mm fan. It's also used as a heater so the fan turns on for both operations. In the middle of the night, it would click on and it sounded like a jet ready for take off, so that got pretty annoying. To fix that, I just replace the fan. I picked up a super quiet fan rated at 21dba from www.svc.com which is local to me and has awesome prices. The fan inside the chiller was a 24v and the one I bought was 12v so I had to install a voltage regulator in between the wiring and do some crazy zip tie riggin since it's not a standard fan (http://svc.com/acf12.html). Now, the chiller is no louder than a stock 12g nanocube so I am very happy with it. In summary: - Effective for 12g NanoCube w/ high 80's ambient temperature & 150w MH - Noisy fan but fixable - Relatively great price
  4. I'm selling my 70w HQI Retro kit since I upgraded my lighting. It's in excellent condition and the bulb included is a 20k Aqualine that's only been fired for a little more than 1 month so it has tons of life left in it. The 20k brings out excellent colors from your corals. The reflector does include a UV shield which is a bit hard to see in the picture. Any questions, feel free to reply here or PM me. I'm asking $125 shipped and that incldues USPS 2-3 day shipping. I accept paypal and money orders. Thanks for looking Not my picture but it's the exact same product plus a bulb.
  5. NanoReefer53

    *** 2 x 24W Retro Fit Kit - PC Lighting ********

    Sorry everyone for the delay in reply. I've been sick with strep throat so haven't had the chance to check Nano-Reef in a while. Anyways, the lights were already sold 2 hours after posting. Thanks for everyone's interest.
  6. As the title says. I'm selling a 2 x 24w PC Retro kit from my JBJ NanoCube because I upgraded it to halide lighting for SPS corals. Included items are shown in the picture. The bulbs are 6 months old so they still have plently of life in them. Ballast w/ Quick Disconnects Quick Disconnect Wirings 2x Straight Pin Bases 2x Lamp Clips 2x 24w 50/50 Bulbs I'm asking $50 shipped via USPS 2-3 day priority. I accept paypal and money orders. For trades, offer away and I might be interested. Thanks for looking
  7. NanoReefer53

    20g reef all-new pics

    jeez ! your makin me want to get back into SPS !! too bad all fundings went to my paintballgun
  8. NanoReefer53

    20g reef all-new pics

    Take good care of mr. sponge bob for me (the clam since he has sponges and stuff growing all around his shell).
  9. NanoReefer53

    Bye bye Nanoreefs

    Yea, that'd be cool. Not right now though since i'm cleaning out the tank completely and building a new stand and canopy for it. Thanks Mike, as always.
  10. NanoReefer53

    Bye bye Nanoreefs

    Haha, mikee. It wasn't the light that heated the tank. 4 months with the 400w radium going 10 hours a day didn't raise the temp even above 81* (thanks to a 70cfm fan and a 4" wide glass perpendicular to the bulb). I noticed that the temperature went to 95* in the morning at 7:00am so that means there was 9 hours without a 400w blasting away at the water. At the time too, the heater light was still on so that of course told me that the heater was them problem. O well, time to start over. My uncle is converting to a FOWLR so i'm gettin his sebae anemone and will probably put a pair of clowns or somethin in it. Let me know when u guys get some in Mike.
  11. NanoReefer53

    Bye bye Nanoreefs

    My uncle is going to give me his fast @ss anemone so i'll just go for that and a pair of clowns for now. Too much money to get back into SPS. Breaking news In addition to the clam that spawned 4 days ago, now my 1.5year old yellow montipora is spawning. This is like the bottom 1" of the colony that didn't bleach that I fragged off. Some of the polyps are really fat and some have already begun to show the white spheres within the polyps ready to release them. What really sucks though is that I lent my digi cam to my friend so I can't take a pic. Hopefully it can wait another night till I get my cam back.
  12. NanoReefer53

    Getting out of the hobby, stuff for sale - Bay Area

    Sorry, the lighting setup has been sold. I'll see what else I have when I take out all the livestock.
  13. NanoReefer53

    Bye bye Nanoreefs

    It was a Visitherm heater. I've always had great success with them in my years of fish keeping. This one worked great for over a year but for some reason it didn't turn off that one time. Don't ever buy stuff because it's cheaper, cuz u get what u pay for.
  14. NanoReefer53

    Getting out of the hobby, stuff for sale - Bay Area

    k, cleared out the box
  15. NanoReefer53

    Bye bye Nanoreefs

    Not sure if i have any updated pics. I'll look around on my other comp. I was really waiting for the 1 year birtday to take and post up a bunch of pics (April 23) but I guess I shoulda taken more earlier. O well, i'll post up what I can later. Thanks everyone for your support. I'll let u all know when I set up a fowlr or somethin.