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  1. Masoch - that's a hot coral man! Congrats!
  2. Hey all, I have an empty 10G that i'm gonna turn into a nano. I'm gonna get the 96W power quad, and a 13W 03 actinic for dawn/dusk. I want the colors to really pop in this sucker, and I know there's no better corals than zoo's, LPS, and some rics....I was wondering if these would all go well together. I know that LPS can get really large, and I don't want them taking over the 10G. But if they could live in harmony w/the zoo's, and not out grow the tank that fast, I'd be up for it. Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated. I'm gonna run the tank skimmerless, and figure maybe 1 fish in there w/a hermit or two, and some snails. Let me know if you all think this is a good idea. Thanx Marc
  3. 24" Custom SeaLife 130W PC F/S

    it's been sold for awhile...happy hunting...
  4. coral reefs 20h sps reef

    Hey Coral Reef...nice to see another nice 20H. I was wondering....the flourescent green Trumpet coral you have...did u buy it with that many heads, or has that grown on you. I just got one about a week ago w/2 double heads, and a new little single one growing. Just curious. Also, how long has ur tank been up and running. Good job! Marc
  5. 24" Custom SeaLife 130W PC F/S

    bump Anyone @ all interested...I see u guys looking @ my thread...toss me a line if you're interested, and now I'm able to get on Nano Reef...so drop me a line!! Marc
  6. Bought this guy paired up to a big female. He's about 1 1 /2" long, and is a very active lil guy. The pair was getting along great until I got my RBTA, and then the female went nutz! She has started to bite his fins, and I don't want this guy to suffer. I paid 20 for the guy...looking to make my money back, or b/o Marc email me if interested: olsonmar@shu.edu
  7. Dead Xenias and can i save them?

    I have pom-poms on the bottom of my tank, and elongata on the top....I enjoy it...the elongata especially gives a lot of motion to the tank! And the pom=pom pulses like crazy!!
  8. Hey everyone, I have a 4 month old 24" Custom SeaLife PC fixture for sale. It is a 2 x 65W model with 1 10K, and 1 Actinic bulb. It does not have the legs to stand on, however it is in mint condition. I am asking $150 +$10 for shipping, or b/o. Here is a link of the light in my current hood. http://pirate.shu.edu/~olsonmar/CSL%20Fixtures.htm If you are interested please email me @ olsonmar@shu.edu. For some reason I cannot connect to Nano-reef while i'm in my dorm room, so I am currently posting this message from my home. so if you reply to this thread, I will not be able to see it for some time. Email: olsonmar@shu.edu Aol: Haggisman14 Thanx!! Marc