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  1. dtitus1

    Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    I don't wear gloves, although once I move and put everything in my 29 gallon I probably won't be sticking my hands much in there.
  2. dtitus1

    Yellow Stripe/Neon Goby Pair

    Your other fish might not dig them too well. My friend's clown wouldn't let him add neons specifically for some weird reason but the only way to know is to try.
  3. dtitus1

    Pushing it?

    Anyone else?
  4. dtitus1

    Critter ID

    are yours the red, brown, or orange ones? There's a difference in how big they'll get. A sixline should eat them though.
  5. dtitus1

    Critter ID

    After a few minutes of research I just think i'm gonna keep them. Keeping the sandbed stirred is always a plus, and I've never actually seen any on my rocks, only a few times on the glass. Don't think they'll bother anything unless you have stuff on the sandbed.
  6. dtitus1

    Critter ID

    Dang I have those too, thought they were spaghetti worms. Too late to get rid of um now though How big do they get?
  7. No ones got any love for the helfrichi firefish?
  8. dtitus1

    Goby Question: YWG and Yellow Priolepis Goby?

    As long as it doesn't go near the watchman's hole it should be fine, but even if it does all he'll do is chase him away. Based off the liveaquaria info I doubt either one of them will actively pick a fight with the other.
  9. I personally don't like bristleworms and I removed them all except one that I'm just too lazy to catch. Had aiptasia but I just kill them with boiling hot water, way easier than super glue. Bristleworms when they get big are a problem, when I saw one steal food from my fish's mouth I was like... "Yeah you're gone". Nassarius snails are much better scavengers and don't friggin sting you.
  10. dtitus1

    Tailspot blenny and Harptail blenny

    The harptail will probably beat up on the tailspot.
  11. dtitus1

    Purigen, Chemi-Pure, or Carbon?

    Take out the biomedia seems to be the general consensus.
  12. dtitus1

    Pushing it?

    So you think I'd be good? Only big pooper would be the firefish, I never even see my other fish poop and I don't have any inverts of significant size to contribute to bioload. Edit: One time I did actually see my YWG poop.
  13. Heck, I'd get a helfrichi firefish.
  14. dtitus1

    YWG Question

    Tolllldd yoouuuuu