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  1. Topic says it all. I had another ad on here for the pait and I sold the other one, I was gonna sell this one to a coworker but he ended up not wanting it. I'm not really on here so if you want it your best chance is to.text me. 703-297-7735
  2. Topic says it all. I'm not really on here anymore cause I don't have any tanks, this is literally the last thing I have and I just want to get rid of it, I mean I'm sure there's probably someone that wants it. I'm in the greater Charlotte NC area, but I'll ship it I don't care. Text 703-297-7735 for the best chance of me responding.
  3. As the title says, I have a new pf nano overflow box with extra foam inserts. Looking to get rid of it, will ship.
  4. As the title says, I have an unused pfnano overflow, with two extra foam inserts. Direct all inquiries to 703 297 7735 as I'm not really on here too often.
  5. Located in the greater Charlotte NC area. Not on here too often cause I'm out of the hobby but I've sold/bought things in here numerous times. Anyways direct any inquiries to 703-297-7735
  6. Used like 19 months, 120 aka no optics, perfect working order with minor cosmetic damage on the screw heads you can't notice unless you somehow look past the blinding light lol. Text/call 703 297 7735 for pictures/details local pickup in the greater Charlotte NC area also.
  7. Officially haven't had a saltwater tank for a few months so help me get some of this stuff out of m closet. In addition to the stuff in the title also have a 425/hydor nano powerhead. Willing to ship anything but the tank, prices as follows. Par38s 50 a pop 50 for the tank which is painted dark blue on the back, also has a glass top and some other extras. 10 for the powerhead. 40 for the pf nano overflow (never used) which has a bunch of extra foam pieces I bought for it. Text me for pics and questions my number is 703 297 7735 and I live outside Charlotte NC.
  8. Actually I have decided to just go with a regular yellow clown goby and eventually a barnacle blenny.
  9. No cause I added it to my tank even so and everything in my tank just started to eat it
  10. Definitely talking about the citrus. If I'm gonna for a clown goby it'll definitely be a citrus as opposed to regular. Might do a green one again if I can't find any other kind. Any idea why the pandas are tricky?
  11. Have a 5.5 pico setup I was using for sale, 5.5 gallon tank with hood for a coralife or comparable bulb (not included), tetra 50 watt heater, Hydor Pico 160 pump, and an aqua clear30 filter modded to run a custom protein skimmer which I will give you but you don't have to use it neccesarily, regardless it comes with an airpump you could use for something else if you wanted, also tetra brand. I also have most of a bag of Aragonite sand I'll throw in. Asking 50 bucks for the whole shebang and if you already have a tank I will give you some Macro Algae too. Message me for info and pics cause I have to do that tomorrow.
  12. Title says it all I have a brand new Eshopps PF-Nano overflow box and extra sponge inserts. Looking to get 50 bucks. I can put pictures up tomorrow.
  13. Have a couple things I really have been put off selling but I didn't have a computer for awhile so I'm getting around to it and will be posting a couple things and linking the adds together. First off is my full 40 breeder setup which consists of: Black metal stand Glass lid Tetra bottom-braced 40 breeder tank that I have custom painted the back deep blue. Aquamaxx hob skimmer, I originally bought it for 230 bucks and ran it for about 4 months. It's the newest model and works really well and is a steal in this package. 2x Hydor koralia powerheads, one 600 gph and one 850gph. works perfectly to get circular flow. 1 Unknown heater, not sure how well it works haven't used it in a long time. 1 eshopps frag rack. Plus if you already have a running tank I will throw in a few extras like some macro algae. Asking price firm at $300. That's a little more than a third of what I paid for everything new and everything is in good condition if a little dirty at the moment. Going to have to wait for pics tomorrow and I still have to clean some of the stuff a bit and put it back together tank hasn't been up for like 2 months.
  14. After the last two fish I've tried haven't worked out (heart attack on the way home from the store for the possum wrasse and the firefish jumping through a quarter inch gap when I left for one day) I'm considering one of these for my ten gallon invert tank. I've had a green clown goby before and I know how to keep them alive provided they will take any prepared foods I have a ton of different things I can try to feed it so I'm not worried about that. Main concerns are will they bother my shrimp and other small inverts and will they do fine without sps? Appreciate any input.
  15. dtitus1

    Barnacle Blenny

    totally worth it. I think my hermit crab killed my last one but I thnink I'm going to get a pair soon
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