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  1. Here is a example of what i mean by miter fold
  2. So not too long ago i posted a thread here showing off the studio least in parts there is lots more to show. Any way ive been planning on migrating a 36g AGA front bow tank to a square 40g or 36g im leaning towrds 40. And in the processes plumbing the whole thing as it stands now its all a hang on the back tank. So right now as we speak i have a sheet of half inch ##### ply on the shopbot mentioned in my other t hread miter edging the front panel to a new stand and one side panel. The front panel will have a inset cut out for the front doors that will be cut flush to give a clean look. I plan to also make a inset cut for the LCD for the custom control system ive built. Going to start taking pictures in a moment and post them in a few mins as soon as i get the first sheet of ply off the bed. I am leaving a 5 in ledge in front of the tank on the top for maybe a drink when guests are over or just a resting spot for tools/food during tank maintenance. Im going to use a combination of mahagony and walnut thins i need to plane out in a few moments as well to laser cut a pattern of tiles if you will to laminate into the top of the ply to give a nice custom look. Ill be posting step by step photos along the processes of creating this fully custom tank... Now to do the side panels i all ready sunk 135 bucks into the bit im doing the miter cuts and miter folds with http://www.amanatool.com/cncroutingdetails/rc-1028.html This is a 91 deg bit i do not cut all the way trough on the panels and leave behind the veneer. by doing this i can than wet t with water and bend the peices together the extra 1 deg is space for the glue. This allows me to make a seamless box around my 2x4 and 4x4 made frame ill also cut up tonight. stay tuned more to come..
  3. Aqarium Sink?

    i spotted this over here on this site and thought id share.... this is well.. heh i dont know... whos gonna be the first one to set up a salt water tank in the bathroom now
  4. T5 HO Retro Kits

    Human Stupidity and Childish acts is why i stoped posting on the forums... -edit- Its funny i havnt posted in so long i see my sig no longer works yay
  5. DIY Controller

    Here is another shot with the flash still have to figure out the raster problems might change the programs drawing methods yet on the amtel. ------------------------ this is all im willing to say at this point.. this is a totaly home made system. I promissed id make the first post when im even ready with more details on another forum this one will be second... But wanted to share the very first functioning pictures.
  6. Home Made Controller

    P.S. right now it only displays room and water temp and the real tiem of day and the simulation tank time and what the simulation current mode is on.
  7. Home Made Controller

    thisi s all im willing to say at this point.. this is a totaly home made system. a promissed id make the first post when im even ready with more details on another forum this one will be second... But wnated to share the very first functioning pictures. So save the Questions
  8. 20oz c02 paintball tank regulator 0-80psi

    "Dude, how about a thread in the DIY forum and a parts list...." been verry busy and have a whole slew of thigns to do for others first so in due time... "do I hear a market for mini nano calcium reactors and mini co2 tanks?" "dont they use oil in the Co2 for paintball guns? I dont think I would trust it. plus-- where can you get them filled?" No they do not use oil ew no that would just be disgusting for alot of reasons... and you cna get them filled any where im in Manhattan, NYC and well i have 3 scuba shops who do fills here plus out of NYC paintball shops ect hell if i really wanted i can fill it my self and build a fill station.
  9. Ok so they said it couldnt be done... PROVE YOU BOTH WONG, fant adin... one of u said it couldnt... well 5 months l8r i got a way. Perfect for tapping and perhaps tank use? Ultra Low pressure setup and can consistently regulate down to 2 psi. Dual fail safe system. PSI adjustable from 0-80 psi. and for beer 5 psi for dispensing and 30 psi for re-carbonation ph33r mai n33d ph0r b33r!
  10. ok so no one knows what this is? i think its ick but i need to know before i treat it and be wrong...
  11. i see oogie wants me to ship his cd's fast huh? =)
  12. where do i put my brain coral

    jmt stp with whisky **** an ill spell check
  13. where do i put my brain coral

    prefrably in your tank
  14. Parms are all normale and every htigns tests fine, Spotted this today could of started over the last 2 days All i know is i want it cured Please excuse the blurry shots its my first stab using a macro lens in my tank and man its not easy to manualy focus on a subject that does not sit still for a split second...