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  1. ATO Poll

    Ato micro bar none👍
  2. IM Nuvo 10 LED ramping options.

    I have a Prime Hd on a IM10 and its awesome I use a 4hr ramp up with a 10hr schedule and I keep sps, lps, and softies with no problem.
  3. How does this ATO work?

    ATO micro is far and away the best ato I have ever used and is super small👍
  4. Project Quiet IM Nuvo 40

    Nice set up looks like you made the right choice. What else amazes me is what little salt creep I get in my IM in my last set up lets just say I was getting CREEPED out but these IM's have very little they are awesome.👍
  5. Pest on new Zoas?

    Did you dip your frag? Looks like some kind of eggs snail possibly but looks like you got more problems than just those hitchhikers whats up with all that hair algae is that all over your tank? No offense we all been there just looks like a big problem!
  6. heartbroken

    Man that sucks I almost had a similar situation the other day I was out of glue and the last time I was at Wally world they didnt have any so I found some at a local hardware came home and was gluing down some coral and accidently knocked over a rock right on my clown luckily it was ok so I feel your pain and sorry for your loss😭
  7. Humidity issues?

    Not true never had problem and almost all my tanks have always been up against a wall.
  8. Salt Mixing Situation

    Just make sure if you get a refractometer to get calibrating fluid and calibrate it often just the slightest change in temp and humidity will change your reading on your refractometer 👍
  9. Lost 2 montis after the hurricane temp in my tank went way up due to losing power so I would say they are finicky all the rest of my frags pulled through, oh wait lost a cyphastrea too almost forgot about that one other than that everything else turned out ok.
  10. Visiting Central FL

    Ya the prices are a little high but they have so many cool corals I could empty my bank account at that place I just wanna take everthing home when I go there. I literally spent like 2hrs there trying to pick out a couple of corals just couldnt decide! 🤣
  11. Visiting Central FL

    Just bring a big wallet😉
  12. T5 led hybrid color recommendations please

    Yup all blue
  13. Visiting Central FL

    Totaly amazing place to visit 👍
  14. Visiting Central FL

    Sorry never heard of it I live an hour south of Tampa so I dont get up there to buy coral especially when I have an awesome one down the street.😎
  15. AI Prime vs Par38

    I have a prime HD on a 10gal and it works fine I do have it turned down down a bit and I have lps and some sps that are doing great. A par38 I think would be fine for most lps with maybe a few exceptions.