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  1. Dougefresh35

    Hair algae help

    +1 Change my folter floss every other day if not daily depending on how dirty my floss looks and if I cleaned my glass or blew my rocks off! Lol that sounds funny.🤔🤔
  2. Dougefresh35

    Smart ATO Micro worth the cash!?

    Awesome ATO!
  3. Dougefresh35


    Wow didnt mean to rub you the wrong way it was just my opinion that water changes wasnt the only way to reduce nitrates of course you should do water changes but it isnt the only way thats all I meant by it. Sorry if I came off rude I wasn't trying to be.
  4. Dougefresh35


    Sorry no offenese but that is simply not true here is part of an artical from Dr. Foster and smith on how nitrate is converted into nitrogen gas and released into the air. However, nature and more elaborate aquarium filtration systems continue to further break down nitrate. Within this stage of the nitrogen cycle, another bacteria set converts nitrate into nitrogen gas, which is then released at the water's surface and absorbed into the air. This natural process of nitrate removal from your aquarium is known as complete nitrification or de-nitrification.
  5. Dougefresh35


    Question is why are you worrying about the nitrate level at day 5 you should wait 3-4 weeks regardless if you have live rock or not in my opinion the nitrate level will come down on its own anyway and nitrate is not what kills fish anyhow its ammonia and nitrite that you have to worry about. Just my 1/2 cent.
  6. Dougefresh35

    ATO Poll

    Ato micro bar none👍
  7. Dougefresh35

    IM Nuvo 10 LED ramping options.

    I have a Prime Hd on a IM10 and its awesome I use a 4hr ramp up with a 10hr schedule and I keep sps, lps, and softies with no problem.
  8. Dougefresh35

    How does this ATO work?

    ATO micro is far and away the best ato I have ever used and is super small👍
  9. Dougefresh35

    Project Quiet IM Nuvo 40

    Nice set up looks like you made the right choice. What else amazes me is what little salt creep I get in my IM in my last set up lets just say I was getting CREEPED out but these IM's have very little they are awesome.👍
  10. Dougefresh35

    Pest on new Zoas?

    Did you dip your frag? Looks like some kind of eggs snail possibly but looks like you got more problems than just those hitchhikers whats up with all that hair algae is that all over your tank? No offense we all been there just looks like a big problem!
  11. Dougefresh35


    Man that sucks I almost had a similar situation the other day I was out of glue and the last time I was at Wally world they didnt have any so I found some at a local hardware came home and was gluing down some coral and accidently knocked over a rock right on my clown luckily it was ok so I feel your pain and sorry for your loss😭
  12. Dougefresh35

    Humidity issues?

    Not true never had problem and almost all my tanks have always been up against a wall.
  13. Dougefresh35

    Salt Mixing Situation

    Just make sure if you get a refractometer to get calibrating fluid and calibrate it often just the slightest change in temp and humidity will change your reading on your refractometer 👍
  14. Lost 2 montis after the hurricane temp in my tank went way up due to losing power so I would say they are finicky all the rest of my frags pulled through, oh wait lost a cyphastrea too almost forgot about that one other than that everything else turned out ok.
  15. Dougefresh35

    Visiting Central FL

    Ya the prices are a little high but they have so many cool corals I could empty my bank account at that place I just wanna take everthing home when I go there. I literally spent like 2hrs there trying to pick out a couple of corals just couldnt decide! 🤣