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  1. Steve's LED biocube hood

    size of the biocube might help as well.
  2. Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence

    soak the glue with some water once it on frag disc, will harden or start the process quicker
  3. FS: MP10ES

    I thought 85 was fair. Always need a spare.
  4. Don't get a sump if you can't answer...

    #5, #2 is blocked off.
  5. A+++ Dont hesitate to buy from him. Excellent and honest communication throughout the entire transaction. I bought an Nanobox light from him. Fixture was exactly as described and shipping was prompt.
  6. Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence

    careful with the vibrant, i am testing with it for past month or two too. noticing clean effects too but also seeing results of just black cyano. perhaps its the algae it can't kill. I Lost a few snails and sensitive macros in my biocube too. I do like how clean glass looks after though. I do think your doing the proper dosing amount for your tank though.
  7. i have multiple and sometimes they are just hiding for while. they will stay hidden for while. also could be digging new hole in the sand, or lost thier crown. they are out most of the time.
  8. Saltcritters pros and cons

    my sale items are same, lost two frags of zoas in the first day, seemed to be freshly glued to plug.
  9. Clownfish eggs

    moving the rock this time or hoping or catch them?
  10. Zach's 120 Gallon Reef Resurgence

    Pavona i think is what i am looking at in your pictures, really changed to bright neon green. almost looks like sea lettuce. looks sweet
  11. $10 Sale for New Years!

    how come no free shipping over orders over $150. Just lost my my sale due to this.
  12. NanoSteve's Cubicle

    great start so far, possible future purchase you might want to look into for tank is lighting. Stock lights might be be okay for just few soft corals, but you will see huge improvements with upgraded lights.
  13. Clownfish eggs

    Must be the clean tank that we weren't use to seeing. Great video
  14. Clownfish eggs

    Well good news you have plenty of food for just one.