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  1. In sump fuges......

    your mandarin should be fine you will have them in the sump and in the tank the more established your tank the more pods you'll have i would set the fuge up and let it sit for a while so the pods have time to multiply then add the mandarin....by the way you never told us how big your tank is....
  2. i have one brand new never used H.O.T. magnum canister filter....it has never been used and still has its directions but does not have it's original box...I am selling this item for $50... i have 2 aquarium pharmaceutical test kits that test for ammonia nitrite nitrate and pH....they are $15 each i have 1 ocean master test kit in a hard plastic carrying case that tests for nitrite nitrate pH ammonia and alkalinity...$20 i have 1 aquaclear 50 powerhead brand new in box it pumps 270 gph... i am selling for $15... buyer pays shipping and handling and all prices are negotiable....
  3. new tank?

    Like newbiereefer21 said you dont always get hittch hikers on your live rock,but there are things in your live rock that you cant see sometimes i take out a magnifying glass and watch my live rock because osme of the things you can catch floating in and out of your live rock is quite impressive...and i would be very happy if i had some clowns that lived through my cycle if i were you
  4. Lighting?

    i dont see why you woudl want two 175 watt mh over your tank im sure one is doing the job and your tank would heat up and water would be evaporating all over the place and i think you would be having some algae blooms with all of that lighting...i just dont think it is neccesary
  5. Which do you prefer?

    ialways keep my algae and corralline under control..i like the way a tank looks when it has no algae on the grass, but i dont mind if my corals grow crazy all over the place as long as the glass and the sand bed is always lokin clean
  6. Chris's cube

    i like the tank and the blue spotted red mushrooms...the tank is very colorful and full
  7. Various New Items!

    I know i posted once already but that forum is very messy and confusing therefore i started a new one... I have Two brand new never opened Aquarium Pharmaceutical test kits for $15 each.. I have Two Brand new never opened Ocean master test kits in a hard plastic carrying case for $20 each, the only difference between the AP and the ocean master test kits are that the ocean master comes in a hrd plastic carrying case and the ocean master also tests for alkalinity and the AP test kit does not...but they both test for nitrate, nitrite, pH and Ammonia.... I also have one brand new still in the plastic Aquaclear 50 powerhead which is rated at 270 gph...which i am selling for $20.......if anyone buys them, tonight and paypals the money i will ship first thing tomorrow morning
  8. hi there!

    the only downfal to reefkeeping is the cost to buy and maintain the system...the one thing not to be frugal on when buying equipment for your tank is the lighting...
  9. hi there!

    in my experienc skilter filters are not that great of a source of filtration and powerheads are not filters unless you get one with a sponge attachment and even then it really just polishes the water, powerheads are used more for water movement. With the lighting you chose you can have any corals really at all you are basically just going to stick to some fish and feather dusters and a clean up crew but keep reading and do some upgrades and im sure you'll end up with a tank to be pleased with...I hope you plan on buying some live rock as well...
  10. Brand New Items For Sale!

    bump.....the first post was modified i still have all of the powerheads and all of the test kits......
  11. Brand New Items For Sale!

    No reply so everything but the skimmers is still up for grabs.... Anything bought tonight will be shipped first thing tomorrow morning!
  12. Brand New Items For Sale!

    The original post has been modified i still have all of the powerheads and another ocean master test kit...people have inquired about the one ocean master test kit and the two AP test kits but i have not gotten a reply yet...
  13. Brand New Items For Sale!

    anything to help another person out
  14. Brand New Items For Sale!

    The Prizm apparently is sold and someone has already asked me about the ocean master test kit but the other two aquarium pharmaceutical test kits are still available if those are the two you want, i pmed you about them already PeteyC...both skimmers are gone but all of the powerheads are still avaliable.