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  1. This macro algae took over one of my powerheads!
  2. awesome shot!
  3. is that a juvenille wrasse (aka reindeer fish?)
  4. looks like a chiton. not sure if they do well or not in aquaria but i cant imagine it would do much harm.
  5. isopods in fish are really nasty. i did a marine parasitology course at uni and we disected a bunch of fish with isopods, they hang around in the fish's buccal cavity mostly (mouth). i had one out of the water for about an hour, thought it was dead, went to pick it up and it latched on to my finger OUCH! im not sure how u can get them off a live fish (without damaging it that is), but once the fish is dead they evacuate pretty quick so i dont think they would attach to a dead host... i dont know anything about them in a captive environment though.. that said you might want to find out if that is a parasitic species or not.. there are free living forms (non parasitic), and some that have hosts other than fish (cephalopods, crustaceans, even other isopods).
  6. im looking at a system similar to the 'eclipse' but want to be able to fit a protien skimmer to it. (its an 'aqua one' AR620t, see pic on post ive been told that you can make some cuts to the back of the hood and fit the skimmer? can anyone give me some more info on how the skimmer fits to the existing filter section of the hood and any models of skimmer they would recommend? its a 34.5gal system.. links to pics of these types of tanks with the mod done would be fantastic!
  7. yup i think its similar to the eclipse system.. (see pic) ive done some more brainstorming and think i will do away with the front section of the hood that houses the lights - they are 23" fluros (?? why would u put 23" lights - makes life hard cause they arent standard size..) and replace with a couple of nice 24" in one of those raised units, giving me some more options about type and watts of the lights.. i think this will give me enough room between the raised lights and the filter section of the hood to put on a HOB skimmer. anyone done this before? does it sound impossible? it might look a bit weird having the skimmer on the side of the tank though..
  8. yeah i thought they would look a bit unsightly.. im thinking i will have a wall of live rock on the back so i might be able to conceal it behind there.. the problem with a HOB is that my filter is in the hood, so i cant use a HOB because the hood fully encloses the tank. the brand of the tank is 'aqua one' over here but i think its also called 'via aqua'...
  9. hi im looking at setting up a 35 gal tank and due to the design of the hood i will need to use an in tank skimmer. what are the pros/cons of an in tank vs a hang on tank skimmer? can anyone recommend a good model?
  10. hey guys, this site is great ive found it really helpful! ive never had a marine tank before but do marine biol at uni, My LFS has given me a few suggestions, but would you please tell me if you think this is a useful set up and what I can do to improve it? The tank I’m looking at is an all in one unit (AR620T) made by aqua one. It holds 130L,(35gal) is 28" tall (24" wide, 14" deep and includes a biological filter in the hood (550L per hour, 7.5W). It also has twin 20W fluro lights, but these are a non standard size - 23.5" (which im not happy about) but the LFS reassures me that they will always have replacements in stock. i dont think i can get anything other than normal fluros in this size though (except pinks, what is pink fluro used for?). I would plan on using about 10kgs (22pounds) live rock to build a wall along the back, with a few hardy soft corals (ie mushrooms). I would want to keep 2 pairs of medium size seahorses (not sure what species, can I have 2 pairs of two different species?) as well as shrimp, some hermits and snails and possibly a small fish or two to be added at a later date (any suggestions of species compatable with s/horses?) also what about christmas tree worms in the LR? my main concern is whether the biological filter alone could keep my water decent with this many animals (how much will my LR help?), as this type of tank is difficult to fit a protein skimmer on (due to its filter being in the hood – it is completely enclosed), and the LFS say that the only way to do it would be to do away with the filter section of the hood and fit a new hang on filter + skimmer. what about internal protien skimmers? can these be fully submerged, i dont think id have room under the hood for it to be above water level. Also the tank comes with ‘noodles’ as filter media, (it looks like chalky white tubes) anyone used this or recommend a better media? any comments would be appreciated