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  1. What's your weirdest invert?

    +1 on chitons! my other fave was my decorator crab
  2. hey agouti, Im not sure that it will really make any difference if you split the overflow, unless you are planning to have the two chambers sealed off and with seperate returns? maybe I've misunderstood what are you wanting to achieve by splitting the overflow? good luck - Im currently trying to decide my rear chamber set up for a 15" cube, I have the tunze skimmer as well - good choice if you want to skim light, they claim to be gentle
  3. Boyu HS 60 - anyone using this all in one with MH?

    some more info.. BOYU - HS 60 Features & Specifications 45 gallon / 180 L capacity Size: 52 x 58 x 63 cm Smooth rounded corners / 270° viewing angle 150 Watt HQI / 20000 K° or 14000 K° Polished Stainless Steel Reflector Dual Fan Cooling System 6 Led Moonlight 450 GPH flow rate Power Protein Skimmer Power Denitrator Integraded 9W UV sterilizer 150W Submersible Heater Complete hidden 3-stage Bio-Mechanical filtration Filtration media included: Sponge, activated carbon, ceramic rings and bioballs Innovative aquarium cover with variable sliding and elevation adjustment technology Sealed Polycarbonate ( Acrylic ) lens/chamber protects lamps, ballasts and others electronics components from moisture, water contact and corrosion surely someone has seen them?
  4. hi all, just looking at this tank and was wondering if anyone has seen/used one? goes by the name of boyu HS 60 although might have other brand names..? has a 150watt mh etc http://boyu.us/eng/reef-aquarium/HS-60.htm any ideas? looks nice and pretty.. cheers!
  5. Orange Sea Star

    If you would like to see other nano reefer's experiences with the orange fromias, there is a comprehensive thread on this topic. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...fromia+starfish
  6. powerhead? what powerhead!

    This macro algae took over one of my powerheads!
  7. new 1.5 gal

    Update May 08 Unfortunately this tank is no more, I transferred the livestock from this tank to a new tank in November 07. The tank was running fine, but I decided to consolidate my nanos into one larger tank to reduce on space. please see the new journal http://www.masa.asn.au/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=489254#489254 as a conclusion to the 'experiment' that this tank started out as, I think I'd say it went well beyond my expectations! the tank ran from December 04 - November 07 with the same CBS, morphs etc, and had a great range of hitch hikers that flourished in the tank. it was a hard decision to pull it down, because I was kind of proud with how well it had been going, but it is packed away in a box just waiting to add rock and water if I can find the right place to set it up again. opps I must have forgotten to update this journal - please see its 'other' journal on the Reefing the Australian Way forums for updated pics from 2005 and 2006. http://www.masa.asn.au/phpBB2/viewtopic.ph...&highlight=
  8. my 1st nano - green boyu cube

    Update May 08 Unfortunately this tank is no more, I transferred the livestock from this tank to a new tank in November 07. The tank was running fine, but I decided to consolidate my nanos into one larger tank to reduce on space. please see the new journal http://www.masa.asn.au/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=489254#489254 this tank was great and a fantastic learning experience for me as my first venture into marine aquariums!
  9. my 1st nano - green boyu cube

    wow I couldnt believe it when I realised I havent updated this journal since 2004...! I have been updating on another forum but didnt realise this one had got so far behind! so the years at a glance... May 2005 - added new lighting into the hood - brings it up to ~30 watts 2005 - swapped the damsel for a bicolour blenny, which later went MIA, and replaced with a sixline wrasse made a new thread for tanks 1st bday 1st bday post 2006 - Moved house, lost the sixline 2007- moved house again, lost tiger the percula clown to heat issues (very sad) and replaced with black ocellaris various corals added, most useful was the addition of some lovely rhodactis fluffy mushrooms which has served as a substitute anenome for the clown. Also got some great red macroalgae that I really like. the tank has a really 'grown in' look now. I think its done well considering it's such a low tech, minimum equipment type nano. maintenance has always been a weekly waterchange of around 9 Litres (1 bucket) using natural saltwater. and some pics! i think this is a candy cane - it appeared from the liverock as a single polyp, and has slowly grown and grown! a closeup of 'shrimpy' (now the oldest living tank inhabitant) and tiny new ocellaris, 'harvey' and my first ever coral - the red mushrooms, still going strong!
  10. Clown in feather duster for contest

    awesome shot!
  11. GruntSculpin's 33

    Great project, what lighting did you decide on? I'm thinking a 2 x 18 x 18 might be my next tank...
  12. 8 month update - 1.5gal pico

    Ok sorry its been so long between updates.. had finals a few weeks ago but now I'm graduating! whoo hoo! so heres my lil pico, almost a year old now, wow time flys. to recap on the set-up: 1.5 gal tank 9 watt PC light fixture small HOB filter (running empty - no media) Heater LR Livestock: Coral banded shrimp, various shrooms, 2 small snails (new), various macro algae/micro fauna hitch hikers I started it December last year, so its almost a year old!! still have all the original livestock, this tank hasnt skipped a beat! full tank shot (note water bottle for size reference ... and top off!) and a close up As you can see, tank maintenance hasnt improved much (blame exams!) and now that ive got snails I dont even have to clean the glass. I do a small water change when I remember (every 2 weeks roughly) and my b/f is in charge of topping off. The shrimp is fed pellets once a week and moults regularly, and has grown alot this year! not sure what the plans are for this tank now... probably just leave it as is and see if it can ride out another year! I did toy with the idea of upgrading the HOB to a higher flow model but at this stage I'll run with the existing one. I also put in a few loose zoas a few months back but they didnt make it (they werent in great shape to start with though). Ive got some larger colonies to spare in my nano now so I might try them again soon. Cheers!
  13. Devastated Reefer

    I would be devastated too.. I've had mine for a year and know how upset I would be if anything was to happen to my clown and six line Best wishes and good luck, hopefully the rest of the tank survives ok
  14. Offical Starfish (Fromia) Thread

    CGNano - thanks (BTW its Carl-y, Im a girl!) So far my fromia is still doing fine back in the display.. SH - In my experience, brittle stars are pretty hardy. I had several hitch hiking brittle stars survive my cycle. Some of them are still alive today. they tend to be alot easier to feed - the ones in my system readily accept any meaty sort of food im feeding (shrimp, clam, brine etc).
  15. Offical Starfish (Fromia) Thread

    well.. I'm pleased to note that a glimmer of hope remains... Three days ago I thought starfish was on his way out so transferred him to the Q tank where he could disintegrate in peace.. but lo and behold, the starfish hasnt got any worse, and even looks to be healing (the open end of his broken leg has closed up). I felt sorry for the lil guy in my bare q-tank so he's back in the display. So maybe it was an injury to the starfish? perhaps my new hermit munched on his leg? or he got injured while I was moving rocks around in the display? fingers crossed he continues to improve... I'll keep this thread updated