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  1. Here are the pumps. I have an acrylic plate they mount onto and wired them into a junction box. Moves 800 ml/min. I used it to remove a gallon of tank water and replace with fresh salt water. They did this task in about 6 minutes.
  2. Not trying to push it on you. If it’s too expensive for its age make me an offer. ?
  3. No date. All equipment has been in use about 2 years. The Sicce is newer about 9 months old. Located in Toms River, NJ.
  4. Is it too OG? If you read my build thread you will see I had the equipment for over 2 years before putting it in use. Just FYI. Thanks!
  5. 2 - 1/4” 12vDC Push Coonect Solenoids up to 145 PSI all plastic 2 - Flot Valves 2 - 12v DC DPDT Relays 1 - 12v 0.5A DC Power Supply M1 is sold.
  6. Yeah aside from that and the $5-10 stuff. I’m hoping to sell in groups as much as possible.
  7. What’s left: Ecotech Radion Gen 2 Pro - $220 Aquamaxx WS-1 - $90 Jager 50w - $10 Peristaltic Pumps(800ml/min)- $30 Custom 22 gallon Rimless Tank - $175 Custom 10 gallon Sump - $75 3/4” Gate Valve - $5 Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit - $15 Relays/Power Supplies/Solenoid Valves/Float Switches- $10 Message me for more information; I will send pictures and any details you need.
  8. I’d meet up with you. I’m picking up a puppy in Delran at the end of the month. Really want to get this fish into a good tank. DM me I don’t log in here frequently.
  9. Bump still need to find a good tank for her. I also have one Duncan coral, Rastas, Sunny D’s, and some other Zoas that I will include with the fish.
  10. It’s the female in this picture. Bought the pair in 2016. He went carpet surfing and I am now breaking down the tank. She’s eating frozen PE Mysis and SA Pellet. Pick up in 08753 NJ. $75 OBO
  11. My build thread was over 2 years before I got my tank wet! You are doing just fine. Stay focused on the end result and don't rush it. It's going to be worth the wait for all of us I am sure. https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/337494-bubbas-diy-218-gallon-coast-2-coast-coral-en-route/
  12. I tried cleaning the tank up; it has been on the back burner while I focused on purchasing a new house and trying to sell this house. Turns out we won't be selling we will be renting this property and moving. That will give us a month to move out which is great news for the fish tank. I've got a decent spot for this tank at the new house; eventually it will be a 6' peninsula room divider if life goes as planned. So I've lost some coral and others have proliferated. Rastas are growing like weeds along with all of my zoas except my favorite sunny ds; can barely keep them alive. Couldn't keep the Xenia alive. I lost a torch and wall hammer to brown jelly; the wall was stung by the anemone and the torch just slowly melted while the torch next to it was perfectly happy. Really confusing how similar corals can thrive or die right next to each other. Going to replace filter media today and check out the lfs. Not planning on adding anything until after the move sometime in July.