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  1. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    My build thread was over 2 years before I got my tank wet! You are doing just fine. Stay focused on the end result and don't rush it. It's going to be worth the wait for all of us I am sure. https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/337494-bubbas-diy-218-gallon-coast-2-coast-coral-en-route/
  2. I tried cleaning the tank up; it has been on the back burner while I focused on purchasing a new house and trying to sell this house. Turns out we won't be selling we will be renting this property and moving. That will give us a month to move out which is great news for the fish tank. I've got a decent spot for this tank at the new house; eventually it will be a 6' peninsula room divider if life goes as planned. So I've lost some coral and others have proliferated. Rastas are growing like weeds along with all of my zoas except my favorite sunny ds; can barely keep them alive. Couldn't keep the Xenia alive. I lost a torch and wall hammer to brown jelly; the wall was stung by the anemone and the torch just slowly melted while the torch next to it was perfectly happy. Really confusing how similar corals can thrive or die right next to each other. Going to replace filter media today and check out the lfs. Not planning on adding anything until after the move sometime in July.
  3. Aquamaxx WS-1 Skimmer Issues

    I took mine apart recently and found a bunch of salt creep in the inside of the air intake. It was most likely the reason for the inconsistency of skimmate. I've got it cleaned up and it has been pulling a lot darker and much more consistently.
  4. Tank is hanging in there. I've been swamped with work and we maybe moving so progress has come to an end. June 30th closing date so some decisions need to be made. I may get into an all in one tank to make the move easier then upgrade down the road when renovations are done.
  5. Hammer vs BTA

    I figured it will be brown jelly in the morning if I don't step in. I cut it through some healthy flesh and am giving it an iodine dip. I'm going to superglue the tissue where I cut so nothing is flapping around on the edge. Fingers cross it will hold on. I forgot how much of a bummer it is to lose coral.
  6. Hammer vs BTA

    So the hammer started turning into brown jelly and half of it disappeared overnight. Should I try cutting it or should I just consider it lost? I'd guess it got infected after being stung...
  7. Hammer vs BTA

    I'm thinking I may dose some iodine into the tank and hope it comes around.
  8. Hammer vs BTA

    I have had this BTA about two weeks. Added it and it ended up settling in right next to my wall hammer. I kept a close eye on both and it appeared the anemone was avoiding the hammer and both were inflated and happy for two weeks. Today I see the hammer coral is beat up; happened overnight. I see some exposed skeleton and it is retracted on the side next to the nem. I've got them seperated now and am just wondering if the damage on the hammer is going to progress if I don't step in. Do I need to frag the hammer or will it recover if it stops getting stung? it is crazy the BTA didn't sting the hammer for weeks then decided it didn't want to share the space anymore... thanks for any help!
  9. My Midas Blenny is the most passive of all the fish in the tank. It is the first to run to its cave when I put my hand it; often changing colors trying to camouflage although it seems to be getting less stressed the more coral I put in there and the more I am digging around. The female clown chases me around the tank and takes bites at me and the peppermint shrimp does the same trying to clean my hand. Everyone else minds their business. The blenny has taken bites at my clowns and both had little bites in their fins and they give it right back. Since they have all been in the tank for a while now they don't look twice at each other. It would be my absolute last concern when thinking about buying a Midas Blenny.
  10. I am blown away everything is opening up. I've bought things locally and they were into my tank within an hour and took days to open; zoas specifically. Every polyp on these zoas are open even the monti has its polyps out. The 4 duncan heads look the most bothered. Tank is starting to fill in. Time to start attaching corals to rocks in about a week.
  11. Man two of these colonies are huge! Even the zoas are like mini colonies. Once they start opening up I'll post some pictures. Everything looks good. Excited to find freebies.
  12. The midas blenny is my favorite. It curls into the smallest holes in the live rock and just hangs out. Whenever I walk by it swims out to say hello. It is really nice to watch swim; it was lazy at first but as it got comfortable it began to swim much more. They also change colors when they get pissed off.
  13. Playing with a toy cup that is clear yellow. Definitely cuts through the blue which is cool. I think I'm going to invest in a 35mm and some nice filters. We'll see how things go.