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  1. eitallent


    Congratulations, Felicia and Lily! I am glad to be a proud member of the Lily Fan Club!
  2. eitallent


    Wow! Just lovely. Congratulations.
  3. eitallent

    Florida conch

    This creature is so cool. I really like how they move around the tank cleaning the sand with what looks like a vacuum cleaner hose!

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  4. eitallent

    spotted mushroom

    What can I say about this mushroom? It is pretty. I like it.
  5. eitallent


  6. eitallent


    Hello Albert & everyone. This is such a great invention! I was hoping to build one of Paul's baby brine shrimp feeders. What kind of screen is used here? Thanks!
  7. eitallent

    MY HUSBAND GAVE ME CRABS! (12g jbj nc dx)

    I hope your mandarin gets fatter. Here is a post by Paul Baldassano on Albert Theil's thread on a DIY baby brine shrimp feeder that Mr. Baldassano uses to keep his mandarins in breeding condition: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/305180-the-official-ask-albert-thiel-thread/?p=4063762 Good luck!!!
  8. eitallent

    My Atlantis - Wild & Woolly May 2015 Pictures!

    Hello, Builder Anthony. TY. He is also phat!
  9. eitallent

    My Atlantis - Wild & Woolly May 2015 Pictures!

    TY capitolcityreefer. Pile o' stuff is right. I agree about the therapy. It is better than spending money on a shrink! The sponge has not changed much. It still look like a cratered planet. There is an dark red rusty color to it now but it is still orange in the vents and some areas on the bottom where it is more shaded. Time will tell the tale. Hello, Herptile. I had a smaller one and liked it so much I decided to go bigger! Also, I did not have to lift this one up to get it to gravity feed like I did the smaller container. The bulkheads also add some peace of mind. I was just not sure that spout would stay on long-term. Plus I love macros. They are so cool. I plan on gettin some MORE.
  10. eitallent

    My Atlantis - Wild & Woolly May 2015 Pictures!

    In preparation for the new tank (yet to be set up--> 125 gallon ) and to reduce flat worm, bristle worm and other creepy crawleys I currently have in the Nano-Cube, I got a beautiful six line wrasse today. I have seen it hunting all afternoon. It has explored every nook and cranny and is a very active swimmer. He is about an inch and a half. His colors are intense blue, orange, red and green. It loves the macro forest. This is the wrasse's film debut and it was very nervous peeking out from behind the arch. Click to play the 20 sec. video:
  11. eitallent

    Green Button Polyp or Aiptasia? Neither

    They are behaving themselves right now. I have grown attached to them. They are tiny 1/4" to 3/4" at the largest. I sent you a PM. I will be happy to share with you for the pest tank! Whew what a relief!
  12. eitallent


    My alma mater! I am so proud.
  13. eitallent

    Is this a - edit: looks like Acropora Red Planet

    It looks very much like my Goniopora when it is retracted with a bit of the polyps showing. Definitely does not look like my Porites lobata or the Montipora capricornis in my tank. Try looking up the Goniopora or something similar to the flower pot family. Good luck. EDIT: Looking up images of Spongodes makes me think that is a strong possibility.
  14. Hi out there in Panama! Welcome to NR. It seems that your water chemistry under control for the type of animals you have. I hope you can get your bigger tank set up and running again after you move where your fish will have a more comfortable swimming space. Good luck!
  15. Welcome to NR, AdamWest! I am brand new to this hobby so I cannot speak to your light question. I do agree with all the previous comments that your rock work really turned out great. I will follow along to learn from the gurus! Good Luck.