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  1. We did have a very mild spring so everything got an early start. Last night I stir fried our own potatoes, zuchini, sugarsnap peas, kale, garlic and onions. I was eyeing that naughty Cowry to throw in as protein. It ate a green clove polyp frag that I had on a frag rack. I was sure he could not reach it but it has a long proboscis! He is in the sump again. Make way for ducklings!!!!
  2. eitallent

    The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    The tank looks fabulous already. Under you salty expertise it will be lush and filled-in in no time! The color of the stand is gorgeous and so appropriate. The white background is stunning too. The tree in the right hand corner gives it a Japanese garden feel. So pretty. You said you wanted to find Blue mushrooms. I'm not sure this is the coIor you want but I have blue mushies and papaya cloves (pastel peach and green) I can send to you as a tank-warming gift. Let me know if you would like them.
  3. eitallent

    Gentlemen Prefer Cubes

    I just caught up on the last three weeks of this thread and I am a bundle of nerves and emotions! Sniff, sniff... The Seasons video had me a bit teary eyed. As soon as the pictures of the kitties showed up I was immediately cheered up! Kittens!! Then the sight of the practically empty tank had me ... Now I am headed over to the new thread and I'm all like ... See you at your new place!
  4. The peeping has got to be heard for the total cuteness to be appreciated! http://mugcove.smugmug.com/Farm/i-vFcFbDV/A
  5. I saw the pictures in your thread of the lemons in your delicious cocktail mix! I have a Meyers lemon in a pot too. Unfortunately, the geese thought it tasted great and nibbled all the new leaves this spring. Naughty Nibblers! The lemon is making a come back but we will not have lemons this year! Here are the chick frags a little more grown and cuter than freshly hatched.
  6. eitallent

    Dr. Felicia's Predator Paradise - Retired

    I loved catching up on your thread Felicia! Such an audio/visual treat! This is why Nano-Reef is dangerous to my time management. LOL Your lionfish are spectacular in color and texture. The Zebra LF is my fave for color variation. Your tank is looking so balanced and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. BTW I am missing me some Lily pics! Please.
  7. eitallent

    Beware the Shallows

    This thread moves so fast I had to stop reading yesterday to fix dinner and finish this morning! It is well worth it. I always learn a ton from you Ben. I really enjoyed your video. You really are a Jedi Master with catching fish. I would have a lot of trouble doing this in my 125 gallon. Edgar!
  8. Things that take up my time away from the reef. Garden haul...
  9. I can't spank it for something that is in his nature to do, so I used love to discipline! Now all is at peace and harmony. Thank you, Felicia! You never know how critters are going to behave until they are in your tank with your specific conditions. Naughty or not she is so cute I can't stay angry at her.
  10. Thanks to all of you for you sympathy. I am so glad that no other fish have shown any signs of illness. Every one looks great and growing. Yes! It almost looks like it is chewing. Naughty naughty!
  11. Hello friends! It is June already! Thinkgs are hopping and not just in the tank! I have baby chicks, ducklings and peacocks hatching. I've got babies in brooders, hatchlings in hatchers and fertile eggs in incubators! LOL You could say things are busy, busy. In Castle news a few citizens have been naughty nibblers! The little Molly Miller Blenny was hiding an dark secret. She is a midnight muncher of Rock Flower Anemones!. According to an article in AdvancedAquarist.com the MMB is an omnivore. Most people ( i was one) are under the impression that they only eat algae. But no, they also love Aptaisa. It seems that RFA taste like Aptaise to my MMB because she would sit all night next to several RFAs and eat them. They had their tentaicles almost all gone by the time I got on to her nightly raids and moved her to the 34 gallon tank refugium. Another naught nibbler is the Atlantic Cowry. Every site I looked at said these guys eat algae. Boy do they ever! Unfortunately they also love Palys, Zoas and Yellow polyps. I noticed some beautiful blue zoas and lime green Palys were completely gone form their plugs and the only thing different was the beautiful, shiny Cowry innocently resting nearby. I doubted this could happen! All doubts were gone when I caught it actually eating the flesh off one of my gorgs like it was corn on the cob. I removed him to join his partner in crime to the fuge. Here he is in the fuge slurping up a stray Yellow polyp foot first off the glass.
  12. One of the littlest Chalk Bass is dying. It is seeking shelter in low flow areas and can barely stay upright. At one point, it was belly up but it has righted itself. Its fins are in perfect shape. There are no wound marks on his body anywhere. He is "breathing" fast and I can see his gills are red and nothing seems wrong with them. I notice that his belly seems bloated compared to the others. Is it possible for a fish to die from bloat? Edit to post above. No other fish were or are picking on him.
  13. eitallent

    RollaJase's 30G Custom Cube - Tank Torn Down

    I just went through a total filter/ RODI membrane refresh. I have noticed a lot less algae growth. You are probably on the right track with the TDS removal. Whoa! Those are some nice B-day gifts! Snazzy.
  14. eitallent

    Gentlemen Prefer Cubes

    Aaah! Dat's some bad breath, Dude! What a terrific pic. Perfect!