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  1. Evan's SPS 120

    Things are going pretty well. I changed the wide angle lenses to the narrow ones. Seeing if It will get some more par down low since my whole aquascape is shallow.
  2. Evan's SPS 120

    It has been a couple of weeks since I switched back to Radions. All I can say is that colors are incredible! Growth is stunning as well. I feel like all T5s did was stunt my growth and pale my colors. My reef has never looked so good in a year.
  3. Evan's SPS 120

    Digging this side view
  4. Natural Sun question

    I personally like to have a peak rather than hours of the same spectrum. It’s more or an aesthetic thing for me. But it does give some variation of light to the corals and is much more natural. The sun doesn’t hang for hours in the same place
  5. Evan's SPS 120

    FTS October 2017 Reef Raft Orange Passion UC Ultra Pink Milli
  6. Natural Sun question

    Sorry, I didn't realize initially what light you had. I am not sure, sorry
  7. Evan's SPS 120

    Evan's 120 SPS reef....... 2.0 Coming soon to a theater near you
  8. Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    Where oh where is Mark?
  9. 120G SpS Tank

    Any updates here?
  10. No Color On My Rocks

    Maybe I am just being too impatient.
  11. No Color On My Rocks

    I am wonder why my rocks don’t look like there is much life on them. My reef has been going since October 2016, all SPS, but my rock work hasn’t colored as much as other people’s reefs. My rock was dry when I started, and it got brown and a bit darker, but there doesn’t seem to be the biodiversity on the rock. No coraline algae of different colors and densities, etc. I have sponges (yellow, pineapple, purple) but not a lot of color. What am I doing wrong or not doing?
  12. Evan's SPS 120

    I thought I would make another update, but first I want to say that pictures will come in the next week or so. Lighting I've learned three things since going back to T5s. 1. Spectrum. 2. Photoperiod. 3. Fixture height. The last one has been the one thing I've not really worried about since starting this reef in October. Having the fixture so close to the surface of the water, even though my aquascape is so low in the tank, has been inducing photo-inhabition. I have been frying my corals since October. That's why things haven't been growing or coloring up. They have been in survival mode. And that is why I have had such a weird mix of some corals turning brown as can be and some are pale, clinging on to life. A week ago I hung my ATI fixture with my father. Since then, color has been getting incredibly better everyday. I am complete shock. For example, one of my milleporas which is supposed to be red has always been a dull green and pink. In the last week that green has started to fade and I can see some bright pink and even some red coming from deep down in the tissue. This is applicable across the board. So, the answer to my woes? Having the fixture hung at 10" above the water line and not 1.5". Rookie mistake 101 over here!
  13. Never say last tank...

    Sounds super awesome already! Also, Happy 4th Jackie!
  14. Never say last tank...

    Sweet! What kind of anemones are you going to keep?
  15. Evan's SPS 120

    So I was just watching BRS' new video: And I realize that my light is way too low to the surface of the water, even though my aquascape is very low down in the tank. I've reduced the duration of my photoperiod to 6 hours two Blue+ and 3 hours of two Blue+, one Coral+ and one Purple+. Should help my pale colors and slowish growth rate.