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  1. 2 months or so. I have some bigger ones like a dime/ nickel size but they stay at location hard to take pictures off. This one right up against the glass 🙂
  2. ngvu1

    Sold - Ecotech MP10qd non wireless - Sold

    What is oof?
  3. Check if you have something like shrimps bothering them at night. I lost 2 nice ones for a peppermint shrimp.
  4. Damn, bigger than a DVD. That is like 6-7 inches in diameter. My big one is only over 4 inches and I thought that was huge lol
  5. I have one that is like a dime size when open up now. the rest is like 50-80% size of it.
  6. Did you have any tank raised tank bred rocknems?
  7. Well, I'm no expert but these rocknems are doing a lot better and grow a lot faster if being fed. Assuming water condition is OK and nothing feed on them like peppermint shrimps....
  8. Any one got rocknems from www.saltcritters.com before? They have crazy nice rocknems pictures Thanks
  9. I'm curious how the gold, silver and bronze look. Are they metalic, like the lepto kind of , gold,silver, bronze or kind of ?
  10. My other big one behind the rocks looks like this one 🙂
  11. I have seen the babies for a month or 2 now and I spot feed the ones I can. They are doing good so far. I won't claim victory until they are bigger than a dime. So far the green one is the biggest but it is only 1/2 inch in diameter. I keep finding new ones here and there and some actually moves around. I have not lost any yet
  12. Mine came from you to Sandy. :-) Well, I know Ramiro took the money but you do all the work. LOL