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  1. They will come out once settle down in your water. They don't like much flow so they will let go if put in the strong flow spots.
  2. This is one special baby. it has purple tops. I don't know where the purple coming from because I have red, pink, green, yellow and orange in the big ones....color morph?
  3. I really like the yellow with red... so neat. 1 of my big ones has yellow orange green...
  4. Those are nice. Imagine the baby with all of their colors 🙂
  5. Dime size. This one has potential
  6. My biggest baby is almost a Quarter in size. I feed that mofo almost daily the lps pellets. And it has been 3 months easily. The one I don't feed are barely growing. I have some nice babies but so far nothing is as nice as 1 of the parents
  7. How big is the 2 years old baby? They seems to grow so slow if left alone unfed
  8. Baby is not as nice. almost as big as a quarter now
  9. Last night picture of one of the parents 🙂
  10. Sounds like the one I have. 🙂
  11. I have a mixed reef so it is pretty hi flow up top. All the rocknems are bidding near the bottom oo hind behind the rocks 🙂
  12. Thanks for updating the pics. Some how my phone can't post pics atm
  13. I feed mine table shrimp chopped or pellets. They eat all