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  1. Wtb powerhead for 12g

    The sw8 will be blowing a lot of water out of the 12 gal tank even at the minimal settings. I thought the SW-2 would be perfect for that tank size.
  2. Neptune Apex Jr.

    I was trying post the picture but I just found out the picture was not showing up until now.
  3. Neptune Apex Jr.

    Price: $200 shipped Great condition. This is the latest gray and white version with the silver display. Please PM me if you have any questions
  4. WTB: super cheap ato

    I have one for $30 too, but you need an Apex to use it :-)
  5. Apex Full - $330

    Everything works good. All ports on EB8 are working. Please send me an PM if you have any questions Comes with 1. Lab grade ORP, PH, temp probes 2. EB8 3. Display 4. cables
  6. Apex stuff

    All prices include shipping and paypal fee. Please send me PM if you have any questions 1.[$100] ALD with 2 probes 2.[$080] AFS 3.[$065] PM2 4.[$030] MPR (Probes holder) 5.[$020] Temp probe ///////////////////////////////
  7. Sicce XStream-E Wave Pumps are small profile and are very reliable...OBO
  8. Yes price is shipped to your door. AI 26 sold and shipped
  9. 1. Sicce XStream-E Wave Pump ($175 each or $300 for both) 2. AI HD 26 ($250) 1. 2.
  10. Price includes shipping to your door and PayPal. Please PM if you have any questions 1. ($400) Apex classic standard (new seal still on) 2. ($215) Black AI prime HD with tank mount (just open for pictures) [/img] [/img] [/img]
  11. WTB: Zoa's & PA;y

    😄...Good list
  12. misc parts for sale

    Great seller, stand up reefer to buy from...Buy with confidence!