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  1. Yeah, Im starting to think that its because I replaced my substrate and it restarted the ammonia-nitrate cycle. I think the bacteria growth caused the alk to drop. I measured it at 5.6 dkh at one point when the STN was at its worst. I'll back off my alk dosing when it seems to be fully cycled. I'm still keeping very close tabs on this tank, doing ca, mg, alk, nitrate tests daily. And i also managed to make the eshopps overflow nearly completely silent!
  2. I installed the jebao dosing pump today. I have it programmed to dose 8ml of my calcium solution, 8ml of my magnesium solution, and 40ml of my alkalinity solution every day. I had to break off my montipora to dip it in coralrx to stop the STN because I had two anemones on the same piece of live rock. It seems the STN has finally stopped! But now my montipora is in pieces
  3. Having some issues with coral health. I accidentally exposed my red ridge sponge to air when the mame overflow was acting up and it started to die. Im not sure if the sponge released some toxins or what but my purple pocillipora died and my montipora is starting to bleach. I checked my parameters and my alk was low so I ordered a jebao dosing pump to help stabilize everything. Hope there is room in the stand!
  4. Yeah exactly. I did a ring of silicone around the bulkhead.
  5. I have the same box and i just put silicone around the edges before i installed it. Let it dry for a day and it never leaked whatsoever
  6. Thank you! It was definitely not the cork. I tried with and without, also using the mame silencer cap.
  7. Here are some quick pics. Ignore the tube going into the tank. Its just temporary until my return pipe comes in. Also ignore how low the water level is. Im going to install a baffle in the overflow to raise the uptake point of the water. Overall I think the box looks pretty good. Im much happier with its performance. The plan now is to grow some large corals in that corner to try and hide the box
  8. Fuge is doing great. I removed about half of the chaeto that was in there and added some snails that already did work on the microalgae building up on the glass
  9. So you decided not to do the mame? I love the look of them, but I just had too many issues. I wanted this tank to be as low maintenance as possible so ultimately the mame didnt fit my needs. I needed something that would accept a wide range of flowrates, work reliably with lots of wave movement, and not build so much algae. I'll post a pic of the new box tonight.
  10. Yeah I did the small eclipse overflow. It looks decent, but its really loud. I need to figure out how to make it quieter
  11. Update: The mame overflow is out. I changed every variable: hose distances, flowrates (50-600gph), inlet height, etc, but nothing seemed to make the mame work correctly and self-start its siphon. I even tried a different used mame from another member on here but that didnt work either. Not sure what was wrong, but I woke up to a bad spill yesterday morning so I decided to drill the tank and install a small eshopps overflow box. No pics yet of it installed but Im just happy to have a reliable overflow that will take a range of flowrates without issue. I'll post some pics once i get the new return pipe installed too.
  12. Looks really good. Love the base rock
  13. Update on my refugium: The chaetomorpha which started out as 2 baseball size clumps has nearly filled my refugium (~6 gallons) after about 2 weeks. Im super impressed with the chaeto. Still very little display algae. Now I need to add some snails to my fuge to clean the other microalgae from the glass.
  14. Thank you! Ive always wanted a setup with a bigger sump than display! My brother's mame works flawlessly at a range of flowrates. Mine just happens to be a lemon. Something is wrong with the venturi tube.
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