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  1. do you guys remove their exoskeleton in the tank?
  2. what do cleaner shrimp eat?
  3. hmmmmmmm bigbris1 makes me wanna get a small tang for my 20 lol
  4. im limited becuz of my HOB skimmer....lets say 12"
  5. copepods are good...good source of food for fish
  6. wats the smallest you can make and what price?
  7. a picture would help
  8. is 5 harmful in a 20g tank? or its ok......
  9. currently Salinity-1.024 PH-8.3 Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate=5 how can i lower it?
  10. i wouldnt get anemones yet...tank is still young...just go with softies...and the clown would be ok
  11. nice background juilet
  12. whats the thought of having 2 cleaner wrasse???read somewhere that if you have to they'll kill each other...other i read said if you get 2, they'll set up a cleaning "station".. suggests or comments?
  13. whats the method for removing bubble algae bubbles...i got tons of small clear white ones and i want to remove them before they turn green and stuff
  14. PM me with price shipped.. thanks