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  1. long tent plate coral in trouble!!

    it seems like the more i wait..the more skeleton it shows
  2. long tent plate coral in trouble!!

    well...feeding it didnt work...didnt want to take any i guess....i can see more of its skeleton..sigh i dont know what to do
  3. Clown sits in the corner

    if the clown was jus introduced...this should be normal...and for getting a anemone, ones tank must be mature enough to house one
  4. long tent plate coral in trouble!!

    have only 65w of PC on a 20g..is that too little?
  5. Hey guys, i believe my plate coral is near deaths door....it seem to shrunk and by now i can see a lil of its skeleton...is there anyway i can save it? i have yet to feed it...hasnt been eating for a couple of days...any suggest/comments would be appreciated thanks in advance, Duc
  6. My 29 gallon...(dial-up unfriendly)

    wow i must say thats one heck of a beautiful mandarin
  7. Green Bubble Algae??? What should I do?

    bubble algae = good water conditions
  8. My Neon Goby

    alright alright dont make me show off my helfrichi LOL
  9. Manderin Code Cracked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    their dorsal fin..males are longer
  10. Best 20 gallon long fish?

    20g for a tang is too small...need a bigger tank atleast 50g
  11. Noo0o0o not the mandarin!!!
  12. Best Starter soft corals

    i started with green hammer...its freakin HUGE now thanks to PHYTO =D
  13. 24" jali PC fixture

    anyone know a site that has them? thanks
  14. Kenya Tree (Capnella sp.)

    its a nice coral...very hardy
  15. 2.5g as my FIRST nano!

    you should get a 25w heater....at night the temp in the tank can change and will stress out your tank..aswelll i suggest getting the pico filter made by Red-sea..aswell your rocks will help with the bio filtering...you seem to have your lights covered...for water flow again the red-sea pico filter and get a small Powerhead like the 201...you could get a clown...small one but when it grows your gonna need a bigger one...how about suggesting a small little fish like a red cap goby?