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  1. Copepods: Our lowest prices EVER + Another JBJ Tank GIVEAWAY! The Seventh Day of Fishmas
  2. ๐ŸŽ„ Kessil A360X Giveaway + 24 Hour Sale on Somatic ๐ŸŽ„ The Sixth Day of Fishmas
  3. Marine Depot

    Good Tidings from DrTim's

    Good Tidings from DrTim's The Fifth Day of Fishmas
  4. The Season of Giving โ€ฆ Frags To Friends! The Fourth Day of Fishmas
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    We're Bringing Goodness and LIGHT

    We're Bringing Goodness and LIGHT The Third Day of Fishmas
  6. Holiday Gift Guide | Stocking Stuffers | JBJ Tank Giveaway! The Second Day of Fishmas[/SIZE]
  7. ClariSea Solves The Biggest Inconvenience Of Mechanical Filtration Our video review of the Gen2 ClariSea Automatic Fleece Filter by D-D
  8. Green Monday: 10% off most items + Fishmas giveaways! The First Day of Fishmas
  9. Understood. It sounds like you may have already communicated this to Kessil, but I went ahead and forwarded our exchanges over to our Kessil buyer so she can share with them, too. Keep us posted if you need help! My personal email is jjohnston@marinedepot.com if you need me. Jeff @ Marine Depot
  10. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your new light. We can replace it if you don't want to mess with it. Give us a call at 714-385-0080 and we'll take care of you! You are welcome to mention you spoke with me on N-R already about the matter to the representative you speak with. ๐Ÿ˜Š Jeff @ Marine Depot
  11. That is great news! Please keep my email handy if I can be of further assistance here or in the future, jjohnston@marinedepot.com. Happy Secret Santaing, Jeff @Marine Depot
  12. December Deals (Spoiler: There's a LOT!) Discounts on scrubbers, copepods, skimmers, dosers, lights and MORE! See everything on sale today by clicking HERE
  13. Happy to help and sorry for the trouble. If you can provide me with an order # I am happy to take a look today! Jeff @ Marine Depot social@marinedepot.com
  14. How to Mix Saltwater for Your Aquarium: A Step by Step Tutorial Our best tips to save time and make mixing saltwater go smoothly!
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    Harryโ€™s Reefer 350

    Fresh frozen foods PLUS a science experiment in every box! Jeff @Marine Depot
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    1 hour left โ€ฆ

    1 hour left โ€ฆIt's the Grand Finaleโ€”Cyber Monday ends in 60 minutes! โ€Œ
  17. HURRY! Cyber Monday Deals End @ Midnight PST Time is running out ... don't miss the best deals of the year!
  18. ๐Ÿšจ Cyber Monday Alert ๐Ÿšจ Popular items are selling out โ€” DON'T MISS OUT! Unlock shopping incentives when you spend $300+ ALSO: Check out Marine Depot's EXCLUSIVE Doorbuster Bundles ยป
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    Cyber Monday Deals Are Here

    Cyber Monday Deals Are Here Don't wait till tomorrowโ€”almost everything's on sale right now! SALE ENDS TOMORROW @ MIDNIGHT, NO RAINCHECKS!
  20. Exclusive BLACK FRIDAY Bundles You Won't Find Anywhere Else!Buy together and save! Add to cart to unlock the savings!
  21. Black Friday: Stars of the Sale + Fast Movers! Happy Sunday! Get these deals before they're gone!
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    Robert's Top Picks for the Holidays

    Robert's Top Picks for the Holidays We have many exclusive Black Friday deals and doorbusters you won't find anywhere else - we've pasted some of our favorites below (keep scrolling...) Black Friday Doorbusters Add items to cart to unlock discounts! Ultimate ATO + HydroFill Ti ATO Reservoir - SAVE $50 100 GPD RO/DI System + Filter Kit + TFC Membrane - SAVE $40 Calcium Checker + Alkalinity Checker + B-Ionic 2-Part - SAVE 10% Phosphate Checker + GFO Media - SAVE 10% Brightwell Aquatics Calcium + Alkalinity + Magnesium - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics KH Buffer + Calcium + Magnesium - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Color Coloration + Coral Tissue Nutrition - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Bio Plate + Beneficial Bacteria in a Bottle - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Marine System Cleaner + Beneficial Bacteria in a Bottle - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Bio Cubes + PO4 Cubes + NO3 Cubes (500 mL sizes) - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics PhosphatR Regenerable Resin + Xport PO4 Cubes (250 mL sizes) - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Koral Recover + Frag Recover + Fish Recover (500 mL sizes) - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Koral MD Frag Dip + Koral Recover - FREE ITEM Marine Depot Refractometer + Brightwell Aquatics Calibration Fluid - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics ReefBlizzard-L + ReefBlizzard-S (50g sizes) - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics Vitamin-M + Vitamin-C + Koralle-VM (500 mL sizes) - FREE ITEM Brightwell Aquatics CoralAmino + AminOmega + Lugolโ€™s Solution - FREE ITEM FREE Media Reactor w/ select Vertex and Somatic Purchases - FREE ITEM FREE AquaMaxx BioPellets with BioPellet Reactor Purchase - FREE ITEM AquaMaxx Eco-Rock + Reef Welder Epoxy - SAVE $15 FREE Coral Flashlight with Purchase of Frag Tank and Fragging Tools - FREE ITEM
  23. Today is the Greatest Sale on Earth! Black Friday is O-fish-ally Here - ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!
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    William convinced his friend to get a Nano

    The anticipation! The excitement! ๐Ÿ˜
  25. OH MY! 10% off Radion XR15w | 10% off VorTech MP40wQDEcoTech Marine deals were just unlocked for Black Friday!