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  10. Hi lkoechle, It's Friday, it's "take your dog to work day" @ MD ... and then this heartwarming praise pops up in my inbox. Thank you so much!!! I know Manny will appreciate your kind sentiments as well, so I just chatted him over a link to this thread. We love helping out fellow fish keepers and are truly grateful for your business. Hit us up anytime you need anything. Sincerely, Jeff @ Marine Depot
  11. Almost all of these 2-parts supplements will contain a small amounts of minor, major, and trace elements. It’s difficult to answer the consumption or accumulation of these trace elements because each aquarium is different. Organisms and other tank inhabitants will consume traces differently, and some will even be skimmed out by your protein skimmer. It is recommended that you do your regularly scheduled water changes as it replenishes these elements and provides many other benefits naturally. For hobbyists that rarely do any water changes, separate trace elements additives are available to replenish them. The AquaMaxx Synergy is very comparable to the ESV B-Ionic, and we’ve been using it for years with great success. Please check out our Reef Chemistry Calculator: Both the AquaMaxx Synergy and ESV B-Ionic, as well as other brands are available in the drop down box. You will see that the dosage amount between the Synergy and B-Ionic are the same dosages. As for mixing the two products, we wouldn’t recommend doing that for any product. Please finish your ESV, then continue with the AquaMaxx Synergy after you run out.
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  13. Fish Facts with Quality Marine, Episode 1 - Reef Safe Triggerfish Check out Episode 1 of our new series with Quality Marine!
  14. Hi Ricordia, I am sorry to hear about your tank but it sounds like you have some great plans. We actually have a couple staffers here who are using the IM 20s for their nano reefs and they're looking great. You are right that it doesn't come with a lid but IM do offer their screen top kit which should work out if you are only keeping inverts. The zoas wouldn't need too much light so you have a variety of options from simpler strip lights like the Current USA Orbit Marines and AquaMaxx Nemolights or you can go big with something like the AI Hydra 26 or Ecotech Radion XR15. Currently one of our staff has a couple colonies of zoas in his Nuvo 20 with two AI Primes and they are looking very happy.
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