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  1. 15% off Chaetomax — Special Introductory Offer! Why does red light grow chaeto better?
  2. Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode #12

    Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode #12 We're adding the Apex in today’s video!
  3. Neptune Systems: 0% APR Financing for a Limited Time! Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with rates from 0%-30% APR!
  4. And the winners are ...

    Connecting the Trident to your Apex along with the DŌS will not only allow you to monitor your water chemistry but also adjust it automatically by dosing supplements based on the Trident's readings. How this is achieved we don't know exactly; perhaps chemistry calculations for popular supplements will be pre-programmed or maybe it's configured manually by the user ... or both? Time will tell!
  5. And the winners are ...

    Something like that! We talked to Neptune Systems @ RAP last weekend and they told us Q2 2018. They want to have loyal Apex users beta test the heck out of these devices before they come to market. Improving the indicator lights on the front of the Trident and possibly offering some sort of mount were a couple of topics that came up in conversation. We are adding a bunch of Neptune gear to our Drop-Off Tank so we'll be ready! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  6. And the winners are ...

    And the winners are ... Marine Depot Best of 2017 Award Winners!
  7. MD Interviews Royce Suzuki of Innovative Marine

    They must have liked it! It was among the photos they provided to accompany our blog post. Thanks for checking it out! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  8. We Catch Up With Royce Suzuki of Innovative Marine To Discuss Design, Inspiration, And The Secret To Keeping A Healthy Tank
  9. Pre-order the successor to the Razor — the all-new Razor X! PLUS new gear from ATI, Innovative Marine, and Aquatic Life!
  10. Be Algae Free and Earn 10% Back Rewards! This week get 10x points on Algae Free!
  11. It's time for Rocktoberfest!

    It's time for Rocktoberfest! Build the perfect aquascape with AquaMaxx!
  12. Don't miss 10% back on Innovative Marine - ENDS @ MIDNIGHT Now is the perfect time to start up a new nano!
  13. More goodies we’ll have on display at Reef-A-Palooza 2017! Come to RAP this weekend to mingle, shop, and learn!
  14. Buy fish and corals in our booth at Reef-A-Palooza! Every livestock purchase includes a FREE gift!
  15. Win a Red Sea Reefer Peninsula Aquarium! Come to Reef-Palooza on Saturday for your chance to win!