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    We're Bringing Goodness and LIGHT

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  7. Understood. It sounds like you may have already communicated this to Kessil, but I went ahead and forwarded our exchanges over to our Kessil buyer so she can share with them, too. Keep us posted if you need help! My personal email is jjohnston@marinedepot.com if you need me. Jeff @ Marine Depot
  8. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your new light. We can replace it if you don't want to mess with it. Give us a call at 714-385-0080 and we'll take care of you! You are welcome to mention you spoke with me on N-R already about the matter to the representative you speak with. 😊 Jeff @ Marine Depot
  9. That is great news! Please keep my email handy if I can be of further assistance here or in the future, jjohnston@marinedepot.com. Happy Secret Santaing, Jeff @Marine Depot
  10. December Deals (Spoiler: There's a LOT!) Discounts on scrubbers, copepods, skimmers, dosers, lights and MORE! See everything on sale today by clicking HERE
  11. Happy to help and sorry for the trouble. If you can provide me with an order # I am happy to take a look today! Jeff @ Marine Depot social@marinedepot.com
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    Harry’s Reefer 350

    Fresh frozen foods PLUS a science experiment in every box! Jeff @Marine Depot
  14. Marine Depot

    1 hour left …

    1 hour left …It's the Grand Finale—Cyber Monday ends in 60 minutes! ‌
  15. HURRY! Cyber Monday Deals End @ Midnight PST Time is running out ... don't miss the best deals of the year!