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  1. Buy a Hanna Checker, Earn 10% Back!

    Buy a Hanna Checker, Earn 10% Back! Get 10x Reward Points on Hanna for a Limited Time!
  2. Replace your filter socks with the Filter Media Cup NEW VIDEOS! AquaMaxx Prism Lights and FC-Series Skimmers + Introducing the Filter Media Cup!
  3. MD Interviews Roger Vitko of Tunze

    Roger Vitko Interview: Discussing Tunze’s History, The Golden Rule, Product Development, and Trends in the Aquarium Hobby https://blog.marinedepot.com/2017/09/roger-vitko-tunze-interview.html
  4. MD Interviews Dave Fason of NanoBox

    We Chat With Dave Fason of NanoBox About LED Lighting, Building a Following, and Supporting Small Businesses https://blog.marinedepot.com/2017/09/nanobox-reef-light-dave-fason-interview.html
  5. Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode #11

    Drop-Off Tank Build - Episode #11 Here's our latest update on the office drop-off tank!
  6. NEW: Leak Detection Kit (LDK) from Neptune Systems

    I can understand the confusion because they are indeed quite similar. The main difference is the module used to connect the leak detection probes. The new LDK includes a couple of water sensors along with the FMM module. The FMM module will also accept flow sensors so you can not only monitor leaks or water on the floor but you can also monitor flow rates with the single FMM module. The ALD module was only designed to accept the water sensors and does not accept the flow sensors. The ALD also requires different water sensors because the connection/plug is different. I believe they are discontinuing the ALD if my memory serves me correctly. Take care and happy reefkeeping! Robert @ MD
  7. 0% APR Financing: Maxspect, Reef Octopus, and IceCap For a limited time, choose Affirm at checkout and pay over 3, 6, or 12 months from 0% APR for qualified customers when you purchase $500 or more of Maxspect, Reef Octopus, IceCap brand products.
  8. NEW: Leak Detection Kit (LDK) from Neptune Systems Monitor for leaks in up to four locations with the LDK!
  9. See How Kalkwasser, Reactors, and Stirrers Work! TODAY @ MD: Kalkwasser Reactor Diagrams and Deals!
  10. NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights

    We figure if you are opting for a NanoBox Mini then using the longer gooseneck will give more spread and opportunity to illuminate your 22" long tank to your liking. These new peninsula-style tanks makes lighting them a bit more challenging than a typical aquarium. I think of the lights discussed here today, the Duo remains your best option for complete coverage, either hung or built custom by NanoBox with a shorter gooseneck on the side. All of the aforementioned lights are attractive and will grow corals. I would consider the features to be comparable with each light having nuances that make it special. Like @Boggers mentioned, with NanoBox you are getting no optics (many prefer this; a lot of things in this hobby come down to personal preference), new mint LEDs, and the mounting options are included. They are very compact and have a customizable lid system. The Prime HD comes from an industry leader, so there is kind of a built-in trust factor there. They also use "HyperDrive" power which is pretty cool and efficient. A hanging kit and/or tank mount will not be included with the fixture. A lot of similarities, too. Both have an attractive form factor, both are compact, both offer robust wireless control via iOS/Android apps, both are made in the USA.
  11. NanoBox & Marine Depot!

    Initially they will be drop shipped . Once we get an understanding of what moves quickly, which colors people most prefer, etc., then we can allocate appropriate inventory levels to our east and west coast warehouses to bring delivery speed down to 2 days (UPS Ground) for most customers. We think NB and MD is going to be a great partnership! There is a lot of enthusiasm and creativity on both sides and we are super excited for what the future holds.
  12. NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights

    You'd get the most coverage by hanging a Reef Duo Plus M over your little peninsula-style tank. I noticed Dave put a gooseneck on the side of a Duo on his Instagram page, so custom ordering directly from NanoBox may be your best option. Although I assume you are asking about the Mini Tide Plus M which is more comparably priced with the Prime HD. We would recommend the 15" gooseneck in that case. We had a Prime and a Mini handy so I took pictures of the tops and bottoms of each light so you could compare.
  13. NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights

    We actually had to delay the official launch a few days. But it's been kinda neat because shoppers started discovering NanoBox anyway even before the pomp and circumstance of marketing began.
  14. NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights

    Yes sir!
  15. NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights

    NEW @ MD: NanoBox Reef Lights Mini Tide Plus M and Duo Plus M with Cool Interchangeable Lids!