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  1. i have those in my skimmer i was wondering the same.
  2. i need a bigger return pump!!!
  3. have a few frags of some button polyps and they used to open up real nice for like a month and now droopy and fold back to look like penis heads. their open they just look like their over opened.. whats going on? water? light? food?
  4. ok i got a custom built by my father 20 gallon nano wet dry with half bio balls half live rock BAK PAK2 skimmer 55x2 pC lights 20lbs live sand 50lbs live rock clean up crew 2 lazy ass turbos 5 hermits 1 is MIA though a peppermint shrimp 3 frags 1 button polyp 1 yellow polyp 1 i think its a organ pipe FISH 1 blue tang the size of a nickel a chocolate chip who i have to keep tabs on cuz he is a good eater:( any comments am i on the right track?
  5. 2x55 how much dude give me a really good price and ill pick them up tomorrow so they dont start collecting space in your closet. give me the poor college student discount. i am in irvine.
  6. sup dude hey i live in diego if ur willing to let the lights go for 50 ill pick em up today.