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  1. Looking for a sump for your 10-30 gal? 3 chamber fuge with bubble trap baffle. 23" long 13" tall 8 wide chambers of about 5" return - 8.5" fuge - 7.5" intake/skimmer CNC Machined- Plexiglass acrylic only the best. BRAND NEW $100 dollars not included but additional accessories available: filter sock used mag 7
  2. I'm lookin for free zoos! (frags)

    LOL you softies... Reiterate what has been said on this board for years... if you cant afford coral you cant afford the proper upkeep. Chemicals, skimmers, clean up crew replacement, equipment, hell salt for that matter. Just the other day I had a power outage for 26 hours and you cant just give up on the tank so I go and rent a freakin generator for the fishtank. You want something low cost and low maintenance buy some goldfish... hell even fancy goldfish for that matter. Im tired of parents buying kids saltwater tanks and not giving them enough A. money B. knowledge C. time All it does is causes some kid to have a fish tank that wonders why his nemo dies every two weeks.
  3. yeah i had dibs is it sold?
  4. WTB: 24" 65w Dual PC hood in so-cal

    i got one but your going to need to replace the actinic bulb soon. 80 plus shipping. i can CA overnight it. i can take pics when i get home. this things is like new used for like a month. hell i still have the box
  5. I'm lookin for free zoos! (frags)

    you want to know whats wrong with asking for free frags? its stupid the shipping cost is more then you can get a Freakin colony at a LFS... so just buy them there.
  6. would you meet me halfway? say oceanside?
  7. WTS 40lbs LR in San Diego area

    put it on sdreefs.com
  8. NEW Canon PowerShot A75 PICS!!!

    you should get some coral to go with your rocks.
  9. De-mystifying the Mandarinfish

    my friend dannyboy has had one in a 20 for like ever... but then again inside the tank is packed with chaeto he just placed it in the rear corners. the pods have a safe haven to produce. i dont know about the 2+ year mark but im sure hes on 1+ year.
  10. CPR bak paks SOCAL

    113 pending
  11. 18gal beautiful all glass curved corners via aqua tank. 2x36w power compact. lifereef overflow box and 900 gal EHEIM return pump with SCWD returns. 10gal sump with filter sock. beautiful black 3 foot stand will throw in live sand and some water u just need some rock and your set will throw in some extra goodies. $175 firm pickup only obviously
  12. CPR bak paks SOCAL

    used of course... ok PM clear
  13. CPR bak paks SOCAL

    I have two cpr bakpaks for sale $65 plus shipping each. local preferred. no pics but its the one many reefers have come to love and trust. I have one of each of these. https://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp...dproduct=CR1113 https://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp...dproduct=CR1111
  14. Are my zoos Dieing??

    it is fungus they are dying i could never save them... i tried blasting them with water current to take the fungus off... it slowed down the dying process but died anyways
  15. JBJ nano cube complete !!!!!

    interested whats the lighting on the jbj anyways?