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  1. Peperomia

    Crab ID?

    This crab has been living in a tank at my store for quite a while now, I finally caught him during a rescape. He seems to leave fish alone but eats coral and killed an urchin. Any idea what species this is?
  2. I just got a shipment of invertebrates from saltwaterfish.com. Most everything is doing well, except for one astrea snail that hasn't moved at all. After watching for a bit I realized that it has something bored into its shell. It looks like a feather duster, mostly a dark color with some light rings on the crown. It was only out for maybe 30 seconds before another snail got too close and startled it. When it pulls in, it completely disappears into a hole in the side of the snail's shell. Any ideas what it is and if that snail has a chance? And could my other snails be at risk? You can sort of see it in this picture, on the right side of the snail. http://imgur.com/myxw4 When I used the flash it pulled in put you can see the hole in the shell, the dark spot. http://i.imgur.com/71JWy.jpg
  3. Peperomia

    Biocube 29 Stocking Ideas

    I already have all the fish but the cardinals in my 55 gallon, the clown gobies hang out together occasionally and certainly don't fight. My Hector's has always been a very good eater. The cardinals were the ones I was really hesitant about. I do really like them, I may get them for my 55 instead.
  4. Peperomia

    Biocube 29 Stocking Ideas

    I recently bought a 29 gallon biocube (I got the brand new tank and stand for $169 total!) and I'm working out what fish I want to put in it. It'll be my first reef tank so I'm pretty excited. I'm thinking about moving some/all of these fish into the biocube from my other tank: 1 Starry blenny 2 ocellaris clownfish 1 yellow clown goby 1 green clown goby 1 Hector's goby Plus possibly adding a pair of banggai cardinals. So what do you think? Should I remove any, or make any substitutions? None of this is set in stone of course!