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  1. Pic taken this summer at the Waikiki Aquarium on Oahu.
  2. pokgirl, do you still have the snails? Do they eat algae? How many do you have? I have a major algae outbreak and I NEED a major cleanup crew! Thanks!
  3. It's absolutely wonderful:) A reptile shop around here carries it! I have the nano issue and the seahorse issue, and I love them both. The pics are AMAZING!
  4. I am using distilled water. I already checked the rear area and there's nothing. I don't check phosphates, but I suppose that I will need to get a test kit. What causes increased phosphates? Params are as follows: pH:8.2 Nitrites:<.03 mg/l Nitrates:12.5mg/l Ammonia: 0
  5. My JBJ Nano cube has been up for a few months now, and in the past few weeks I have been seeing a MAJOR outbreak of algae, namely red slime and detritus. I have one hermit crab and one sally lightfoot crab in there(gonna move the sally to the bigger tank of mine when it gets too big). I also have lots of pods. Lighting is stock. It's not affecting any corals, but it REALLY doesn't look pretty. How can I fix this problem?! NOTHING works-I use a turkey baster and then the next day the red slime takes over again! I HATE THIS! Can ANYONE help me?!
  6. WOW, that's a HUGE worm!!!!!!! How big is your tank? I wouldn't stick my hands in there again!!!!
  7. I am aware of what I'm looking for. I am just having problems finding it. I know that the nano-cube doesn't require a special bulb. I can't find one that has low enough wattage and has straight pins. Thank you for your help.
  8. I have mushrooms and GSPs right now, which are just fine for my tank. I purchased a pipe organ coral, and the people at the LFS store that I went to suggested that I get a 10 000k bulb. I HAVE NOT BROUGHT HOME THE PIPE ORGAN CORAL. I want to get the new lighting FIRST. Do not make incorrect assumptions SLO Reefer. I am not being careless, I left the coral at the LFS until I could make a proper environment. Thank you Jean-yus for your suggestion. I will try my luck there:)
  9. I have looked all over on the internet and cannot seem to find a replacement bulb for my JBJ Nano Cube. I have the standard 50/50 in right now, but I am looking for a 10,000k bulb. If anyone has one of these or knows where to find them, PLEASE POST HERE. I purchased a new coral and I need to upgrade my lighting for it. Thank you very much. Hopefully you guys can end my frustration:)
  10. I have a red bumpy shroom, but it's not BRIGHT red, more of a crayon red. What about rics?
  11. Could you guys maybe put together a list of corals that would be good for a nanocube? What about # of cleanup crew? Thanks!
  12. I have never tried those. Are they easy? I like mushrooms and star polyps. I think I will try some xenias. Can you provide any pics of yours?
  13. What are some good beginner corals? I have a 55 gallon tank that has two frags of star polyps and two mushroom frags, and they're hardy, but what else would be a good for a nano tank that I'm planning? Also, I was thinking about switching out the lighting in the nano-cube (JBJ) and putting in a 10000k/actinic light. Is this a good idea?
  14. I've been doing a bit of reading on this forum about what to do to the nano-cubes made by JBJ. I think that I will use a dremel to cut teeth for overflow to solve the surface scum problem. I am going to change the lighting fixture. I have a question about the filtration. Some of you have suggested putting hunks of LR in place of the bio balls and removing the floss stuff. Can anyone explain why I should do this? Also, what other mods should I do to the filtration?
  15. I am saving up for a nano tank and I am wondering what kind I should get. I first thought about a JBJ nano-cube, but there are a few threads that I've read that say that these aren't such a good idea. Can anyone provide me with some suggestions and links as to what brand/tank they suggest?