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  1. Eclipse Yellows for trade

    Ok, so I broke out the Icecap moonlight tonight and took a few pics, also tried to get a better macro shot of them in the normal lighting. The light spectrum over my tank is the equivalent of 10K, I'm running T-5s so I can't really give you an exact. Hope you guys think these pics are better:
  2. Eclipse Yellows for trade

    Which Zoaid post? I have not seen a single yellow eclipse that looks like the first pic, IMO photoshopped or heavy actinic, which I do not have. Here's a shot with my actinics on...not that great of a shot, I'll take more tonight if I get the chance:
  3. Eclipse Yellows for trade

    Someone sold a frag of them on ebay for $285.03 for only eight polyps not too long ago. I suppose that if you're not into zoanthids all that much you wouldn't think of them as too spectacular, but the people on CZ seem to be pretty into them. You can look around for other peoples' pics too...under different lighting they look cooler
  4. Eclipse Yellows for trade

    I am located in MO but will ship any method. If I ship USPS I cannot guarantee live arrival but on the others I will be happy to Here's a pic I just took tonight, please excuse the dirty glass.
  5. I've got a large rock of eclipse yellows that I can break frags off of. I'm looking for the following: -True Armageddons -Fraggle Reef Armageddons -PPRPE (Dali PE) As the title says, I can do reasonably sized frags, like 10+ polyps easily. At the moment I am only looking to do trades, no selling. Please PM me or post here if you're interested. Here are some pics of the colony RIGHT after it was put in my tank: I forgot to add that I'm not on here too much, but if you'd like to see some feedback head over to Club-Zoa
  6. The majority of these can be found on zoaid for those of you who aren't sure what name corresponds to what zoanthid Baby Got Back Blue Kisses Raspberry Limeaids Pirate's Booty Ruby Red/Red Wine Variable Star Pink/Yellow Paly (in future submissions gallery) Electric Strawberry lunar eclipse (there are many different morphs, please post pics if you've got some) Pink Limeade Pink Elephant Raskal311's Paly Sparkeling Bubble Gum If you have any of these please send me a PM or post on here, pics will be required
  7. Going to Setup my Nano Lagoon

    Check out this thread...this guy is in my local reef club and is a GENIUS! http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthre...threadid=912003
  8. Fish @ Waikiki Aquarium

    Pic taken this summer at the Waikiki Aquarium on Oahu.
  9. Baby Hedgehogs

    They only quill up when scared or annoyed. The rest of the time their quills are down on their backs. The feeling is unlike any I've experienced, it's like soft and slick sorta.
  10. Baby Hedgehogs

  11. Baby Hedgehogs

    I am a regular poster on CnQ Yes Tigahboy, I can ship them via Continental airlines. I'd really rather not trade for anything unless it's a buttload of zoo frags because I'm trying to save up to rebuild my computer
  12. Baby Hedgehogs

    I've got a litter of 5 babies that will be ready to go in early March. They can be seen here: www.tlchedgehogs.com/Babies.htm if you have any questions please email me at grip_dagen@softhome.net. If you'd like to buy one please fill out an application form
  13. My new nano pics

    Nice! Can't wait to see it when you get corals and fish in there
  14. Anyone Want A Frogspawn??

    Emailed you!
  15. Frogspawn For Trade!!

    I emailed you Nick. I think I might have what you're lookin for!