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  1. xcajx

    Mushroom changed colors?

    Not enough light. Often corals will revert to that ugly brownish color then to a bleached-out look when not enough light is supplied. Check to see if the shrooms are "cupping" or reaching hard for the light as well.
  2. xcajx

    fishes keep dying

    Your tank is infested with Ich. Do not add any fish for 2 months - yup that's right, 2 MONTHS - so the Ich can live out its life cycle. Google it and you will find a ton of information. Some belive all tanks have ich laying dormant until something sparks it off. Most chemical rememdies use malachit green or another copper based substance which is a mjor no-no for reef tanks. Gotta wait it out and if you keep putting fish in there it is gonna hang around. Keep with the water changes and try to stir the top layer of sand right before. That's where it tends to hang out.
  3. I was talking about a 12 and I have a custom canopy so no drilling req'd. I honestly just don't know how to set it up so water goes from the fuge to the tank. I guessa powerhead, but how to stop it? The fuge would be in the stand you mention. The new canopy has no back so tubes could get in np. Anyone have a DIY link? Surely this has been asked before...
  4. xcajx

    Heavy Breathing?

    You got away with it, but you should really get into drip acclimating. The baster in the bag isn't very good overall. Just get a container and pour the critter and water into it the get some ailine tubing, tie a knot in one end, and drip like 1-2 drops per second until you double the water. Throw 1/2 away and repeat. This should take around 1 1 /2 to 2 hrs. Safest way and it takes many questions out if it dies. Heav breathing IME means ammonia, but you had none so it very well could have been oxygen or just a weak fish. Your tank seems to be set up just fine for oxygen so I would have to go with the latter. Sadly, sometimes you get a fish from the store that hasn't calmed down from its trip there yet. Then you get it home and shock the hell out of it again. Try and get fish that have been there at least a week. HTH, Chris
  5. xcajx

    cool algae

    Mine didn't really take off until I got a MH.
  6. xcajx

    aquascaping ideas

    Thats just an open brain tigah - I think the mirror effect is throwing you off. This week I pick up an Ancanthastrea my dealer is giving me as a gift. I'll post when I have it. C
  7. Yeah, but if you get a pico cube the trouble is plumbing the thing. Why not just get any tank that fits under the stand? Probably less $$ and no difference in the set up. Actually, Chris, can you explain to me how to set up a fuge for it? I just ordered a stand b/c of your pictures and I would like to put a fuge in the stand. I just have no clue how to get the water from A to B. Thanks, Chris
  8. xcajx

    Fish Dying

    Did you buy all the new fish at the same store? That could be it, but the one fish lasted months so i say it is the resulting increase in bioload that is getting them. You have algae so I bet your phosphates are high as well. How much LR is in there? Any other filtration? Fuge?
  9. xcajx

    Fish Dying 2

    Still not cool. Give it away. You really want to let it die a slow and torturous death? Man oh man. I know it's just a fish and I am by no means a PETA advocate, but there has to be a better way than how you have explained it. No one here recommends the fish method of cycling so you would get flamed for that alone, but what you are asking... it defies comment .
  10. xcajx

    show me your algae....pleaseee

    Here is a good one at day 9 on my cube... nice and diatommy! Hope this one helps you out, Chris PS if you need more let me know and I will hunt through my archives.
  11. xcajx

    JBJ nano cube complete !!!!!

    Awesome deal, wish I lived near you.
  12. xcajx

    Looking to buy a RO/DI & need help?

    You can use the cheap Aquarium Pharmaceuticlas Tap Water Filter. I have had one for my nanocube and have used the same cartridge for 3 months. Costs about $50 which includeds 1 cartridge and then extra ones are about $30. I have had no problems with mine at all. Do a search on google as plenty of stores carry it. I guess it all depends on how your water is to begin with. HTH, Chris
  13. xcajx

    aquascaping ideas

    Yeah, since I have a nanocube, I don't have much to work with and as I added frags on rocks and plugs, they dictated what my aquascape would be. At this point, its all about balancing the colors best you can.
  14. xcajx

    newbie advice

    So now you didn't take it from the reef, but some "other guy" did. Fair enough, still illegal though.
  15. xcajx

    aquascaping ideas

    I call my aquascape "pile 'o rocks."