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  1. Archaic37

    Tank Breakdown Sale

    Bump BNIB Vortech MP10W Quiet Drive $190
  2. Archaic37

    Tank Breakdown Sale

    Eheim Compact 1000 $20 SCA 301 Skimmer $70 Eheim Jager 100W $15 BRS Mini Reactor with MJ1200 and plumbing parts (opener included) $40 BRS Full Size Reactor $30 (connections are not BRS connections but can easily be added) comes with 2 media cartridges. TLF reactor $15 MP10 wES April 2012 Manufacturing Date 5 month old wet side Quiet dry side $120 Shipping is not included in the prices.
  3. Archaic37

    Archaic37's 20L 9/28/2015 Update!

    Here is the 9/28/2015 FTS.
  4. Archaic37

    Archaic37's 20L 9/28/2015 Update!

    A friend took some macro shots now that my tank is 1 year! Nuocmam Rainbow nem Your reef Purple monster Pink acan that has held the pink for about a year LC Incenerators Fruit Loops Pinky Dinky Old School! Tyree Desert Cyphastrea Jedi Mind Trick
  5. Archaic37

    Best App for aquarium log and tracking

    Aquarium note for android only is one of the best. You can set reminders, makes graphs of your tests and has multiple tank profiles its pretty great.
  6. Archaic37

    Beware the Shallows

    For $12 to power a diy fuge light, turf scrubber or t5 retro with some royal blue leds thats pretty good package. They dont seem practical for a full tank build with multiple color channels but beter for single channel projects
  7. Archaic37

    Beware the Shallows

    What do you think of these drivers ben? http://www.mouser.com/Search/m_Search.aspx?Ntk=P_MarCom&Ntt=177657438
  8. Archaic37

    50g Zeovit Tank....

    That's too bad about all the sps. I've had random death like that too. That green table is quite nice I'm pretty sure I picked up the same one from aquatic warehouse about a year ago. Mine rtnd one day too never found out why.
  9. Archaic37

    A 70 Rimless

  10. Archaic37

    College 40B. Ruby Red!

    Tank was transfered into this guy. I do need to update it there's been a good amount of change since that last picture http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/343784-a-70-rimless/?fromsearch=1
  11. Archaic37

    Seeking retailers

    Diablo corals may be interested
  12. Archaic37

    Voltage in Aquarium

    Eheim jager are widely used
  13. Skimmer sold. LEDs price drop to $110
  14. The leds are not wired or attached to a heatsink neither are the drivers.
  15. Archaic37

    Maxspect RipTide

    Just got mine yesterday!