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  1. There have been a ton of ancient threads being brought up recently there was two just yesterday from like 09 or something it's really weird
  2. Archaic37


    I love local reef clubs
  3. Does anyone have suggestions on what I should be feeding them? They munch on the chaeto in their tank and the pick at the sponge which has some algae on it. There are 11 in total (born 11/26)
  4. So turns out the molly I got was a female.. It was also pregnant! I have 8/9 babies in their own tank.
  5. Thanks, I realized how bad my original scape was. I had an scaping epiphany the other day and the new FTS is the outcome of that epiphany lol
  6. Now you see me... Now you don''t! Yes the blur inside the cave is actually him. He was digging when something spooked him and darted back inside but I was lucky enough to capture his"dust" that he left behind.
  7. Well after a 3 hour drip acclimation and putting the little guy in the tank he has been just fine since I put him in there on the 16th
  8. I went ahead and got a llittle lyre tail molly yesterday. Drip acclimated him for 3 hours and then put him in the tank.
  9. It is so weird how they survive better with minimal drip acclimation. Since I have a 29G with a bunch of mollies I will try to take one or two and acclimate it to salt
  10. Simply dropping them in the tank was the successful one correct?
  11. Were they sailfin mollies or just any type of mollies?
  12. Thats good to know, I will probably drip acclimate them to water that is 1.012 wait two days then drip acclimate them into 1.024 water
  13. three parts to this question: 1) Can any molly be acclimated to saltwater or solely sailfin mollies? 2) How many mollies (a pair would be nice) would I be able to fit into a 8 gallon tank? The tank has no fish currently. 3) If they are fine in a small tank, then how would I go about acclimating them to saltwater. I have read that a slow drip for 12 hours can do the trick, some even say 3 hour drip will be fine. While other sources have said that it would be recommended to acclimate them over a couple week time period, slowly raising the salinity .004 on a daily or every other day basis (At a rate of .004 increased salinity on a daily basis that is 14 days, with .002 daily increase the acclimation will last 28 days.)
  14. Yes candy cane corals are peaceful and can be right next to each other. They have feeder tentacles (maybe (1 4" long) which are exposed at night time but they wont sting other corals.
  15. Yes I have a plexiglass lid that is cut to fit around my ac70. The only thing I can think of is that my room mate didn't put the lid on as well as it should have been