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  1. I'm running an Eheim Compact 2000 and couldn't be happier. Much quieter than my Tunze Silence pump.
  2. BTW, where you at in SoCal? I live in Torrance and have the same tank.
  3. I was running the Tunze 1073.020 Http://
  4. Ditch the Sicce pump and get and Eheim Compact 2000. I had the Tunze version of the Sicce pump and it there was a noticeable hum so I switched it out to the Eheim and I'm so much happier. The Gyre is a little much for a 34g tank.
  5. I think substrate depends on what type of coral you're planning on keeping. If SPS, you'll want a bigger flake because SPS require more flow.
  6. Thank you. Here are a few of the ones I picked up recently.
  7. How can you tell if a Flower nem is male or female?
  8. I bought some stuff from you guys at RAP and found this thread. Amazing setup you have there. Next time I drive by you area, I'll have to stop by and buy. Thanks again for the goodies.
  9. Might as well get a pair of flame angels for that price.
  10. My bubble algae is getting out of control. I've tried emeralds, sucking them out manually and picking them off manually. What are my other options to get rid of the algae?