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  1. Odyssey350kc

    Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    Forgot to mention I put in a titanium grounding probe in the sump about 10 days ago. It makes the meter read 0 but I took it out today because it just seemed to make the coral look worse, which i was told could happen since it is allowing electricity to flow through the tank as opposed to just being in the tank. like a bird sitting on a wire.
  2. Odyssey350kc

    Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    Wow sorry i missed all the replies, the tank has only gotten worse. 1 - i tried with another meter and got the same results, I also used the same 2 meters to test my buddy's tank and his read less than 1 volt. 2 - It is a brand new house less than 3 years old, everything is properly grounded including the water pipe. 3- The tank is located next to my tv and runs on the same circuit. I will try running an extension cord to an outlet with nothing else on that circuit and see what that does. Oh I am well aware that this in not possible - hence why the confusion. I Tried 2 different meters and got the same results. Seems weird 2 top quality meters would be giving false readings. I wish I knew the answers. Also on another note I Had a Triton laboratory grade water test done and the only problem they were able to find was elevated levels of lithium. not sure what would cause that.
  3. Odyssey350kc

    Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    The table it is sitting on is wood, and moving it would be very difficult as the entire overflow system is plumbed through the table. I might be able to pick up the tank and put it on a rubber mat but only as a last resort as i would have to empty the entire tank.
  4. Odyssey350kc

    Electrical Nightmare - $20 reward for solution

    I checked for stray voltage because all of my coral is slowly dying. Everything else in my tank is near perfect water quality wise, I have had professionals left and right baffled at what is wrong with my tank and someone had said sounds like stray voltage in my tank. I grounded my meter to several ground holes on different power strips as well as directly in the ground on the wall outlet. I will try tomorrow with an analog meter.
  5. I will paypal anyone $20 if they can find a real solution to my problem. I will be installing a titanium grounding probe tomorrow, but this is not a real solution just a band aid. Watch the video for details. After the video I spent close to an hour trying different things. the only time I was able to get any reading in the water below 1 volt was by switching off the breaker.
  6. Odyssey350kc

    Odyssey's 40 Breeder (dying off)

    Yes I calibrated my refractometer. It is an open top aquarium, but we do not use many chemicals or air freshners in the house. I am very careful what i use near the tank.
  7. Odyssey350kc

    Odyssey's 40 Breeder (dying off)

    Did that for about a month after I ordered pods, didn't see much of a change. I wouldn't say I have no algae, it grows on the glass and there is always little bits around but it newer gets out of hand. I did turn off my GFO and carbon hoping that will help. Also feeding pretty heavily .
  8. Odyssey350kc

    Odyssey's 40 Breeder (dying off)

    Ok so A summary of the past month 9-12-17 - Lowered my light output to a maximum of 40% for a few hours during the day 9-12-17 - Turned flow all the way up on my mp10 pump and added another small powerhead for more flow 16 gallon or roughly -20% water changes once a week using reef crystals. Blast all rocks out with a turkey baster before siphoning out water. Lowered my alk to 9.5 as of today (see pics) Raised my calcium to 440 as of today (see pics) Added poly-filter 3 days ago - turning a slight brownish green color - package says that means it is removing organic material Broadcast feeding roughly half a cube of mysis and maybe a teaspoon of dry coral food per day. Turned offf my gfo / carbon reactor I have seen no improvement in any of my corals, in fact most still seem to be getting worse. Any other ideas?
  9. Odyssey350kc

    Custom mixed frozen food

    You guys are right there with me. That is the exact ice cube tray I was gonna buy. Then I remembered hearing something about rods foods. After looking it up I realized that's exactly what I want without all the work. Haha
  10. Odyssey350kc

    Odyssey's 40 Breeder (dying off)

    So why do all of these salt companies continue to manufacture these salts with such high alk and calcium if it kills corals. I have trouble believing that companies like instant ocean would put out a product that people have used for years without issue, in fact was recommended to me by many members, that is so problematic.
  11. Odyssey350kc

    Custom mixed frozen food

    I was wondering if anyone ever mixed their own frozen food. I was thinking about what a pain it is for me to chop cubes in half trying to get just the right amount of mysis shrimp.And the idea came to me why not thaw it out and pour it into a smaller mini ice cube tray, then immediately thought why not mix other frozen foods together to make an all in one cube with cyclops, mysis, algae, and coral food that could be fed once a day with everything i wanted in one convenient cube.
  12. Odyssey350kc

    sponge killing dendro?

    im not sure what these masses are on the heads of my dendro coral, but im wondering if they have something to do with them dying?
  13. Odyssey350kc

    Odyssey's 40 Breeder (dying off)

    Another thing I have noticed about my tank is that I have no coraline algae after 3 years you would think some. But no.
  14. Odyssey350kc

    Probe cleaning

    Can I clean my PH and Temp probes for my reefkeeper with vinegar like i would clean my powerheads?