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  1. Any local reefers?

    Sent you a PM Jim
  2. replacing a SQWD

    Jason, Try a wye instead, Lot less friction but finding them in smaller sizes might be tricky. Good luck, Jim
  3. Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    Nope never a glove here! Just Bareback Jim
  4. Are you going to MACNA?

    I can't even spell MACNA Jim
  5. Overflow Box Help

    I wouldn't have mounted my return in the overflow box. I would think you would get a better flow pattern if you drilled the retun on the opposite side of the tank. That way the water is draining for the exact opposite end as the reurn hence more flow. Just my .02 Jim
  6. Tank Drilling

    Don't be afraid. Use the Dremel on its highest setting and go slow. Don't use lots of pressure and cool the bit with lots of water. I have done some drilling myself and have had no problems. Jim
  7. What skimmer to use?

    Kappa I read the whole thread I was fasinated. I think I will be building one of those in the future. I boughtg a tank today. It is a Mini bow but it is glass not acrylic. I got an AC 150 and am runnin a mini jet 404. I know I need to mod the lighting but that will come next. Dodgerblew I have been runnin a 120 gal reef for about 8 years now and I know if I neglect skimmer maintance I am in deep poop so I understand. Thanks again guys for the input, Jim
  8. What skimmer to use?

    Thanks guys for the info. I have been keepin the big boys for about 8 or 9 years and I don't think I would ever go skimmerless on say a 90 gal reef. I think I wil hae to go skimmerless and see how things go. Thanks again, Jim
  9. What skimmer to use?

    Tryin my hand at a nano and have question abut which skimmer to use. Is skimmerless the way most people are going? If you're using skimmer which ones fit on a 5 gal AGA tank? Thanks in advance for your comments, Jim