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  1. Replacing fan on Steve's LED - Too damn loud!

    Steve's uses that wierd fan that blows through square tubing right? If you could rig up a fan to blow air directly down the tubes it might work. Hard to say without pictures of the setup.
  2. [FS] Maxpect Gyre XF130 NIB $150/Shipped

    Bump Price drop Blue fish mini for sale as well $60 shipped.
  3. Out of the loop, glass cubes?

    Other way around. Non tempered glass is drill safe. Tempered is not.
  4. 7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - THREE years old!

    Impossible to end up with too many nems. But if you feel like there's too many you got.to start sharing them.
  5. [FS] Maxpect Gyre XF130 NIB $150/Shipped

  6. [FS] Maxpect Gyre XF130 NIB $150/Shipped

    Bump Price drop
  7. New in box. Only wet once to test functionality. Has all the parts, manuals, etc. Got it for a build idea that fell through. $180 $170 $150 shipped CONUS. SOLD Also have a bluefish mini just the controller $60 shipped conus pending
  8. Ebay lights any good?

    Those are junk. Low light things will live but not thrive under them. Try something like an Evergrow D120 if you want a new light on the cheap.
  9. I just burned out 5 LDDs. Help.

    If at any point you ran power through backwards you weakend them. Then when power flow resumed correctly the magic blue smoke escaped through the cracks. Done that a couple times.
  10. I just burned out 5 LDDs. Help.

    We're they plugged in in the correct orientation? I blew up a couple doing that. LDD drives don't fail very often but when they do it's always spectacular.
  11. Lightimetunnel LED unit?

    I've not used this particular brand but I did a tear down of the unit under the Evergrow D120 name.
  12. Lightimetunnel LED unit?

    Same as every other black box China light. They work good.
  13. One Radion XR30w Pro or two XR15w Pro

    Between the two. Two XR15w to help with spread a little by being able to space the lights as needed. Though two primes would be right in the same performance bracket for less with built in wifi control.
  14. Multi-LED chips for pico tanks/jars?

    Blueacro has some nice multichip arrays that are incredibly tiny.
  15. 15 gallon column tank lighting

    A Par30 or par38 lamp like coral compulsion makes would be a good cheap choice.