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  1. A Par30 or par38 lamp like coral compulsion makes would be a good cheap choice.
  2. If you want a diy strip light for the tank blue acro makes some nice LED strips for the job. https://blueacro.com/acrostrip
  3. Just dim it down some. It should work fine
  4. Good luck with sale. Very nice deal.
  5. Depending on the tanks width a single D120 evergrow (it's the same fixture as the marsaqua) should be fine. eBay has the best deals on them.
  6. What's the budget and what size tank.
  7. Well yeah. Saying they licensed the technology from maxpect is just fancy jargon for paying to have the product made with a different name stuck on it. It's really not all that different from generic products (I.e. Backyard Grill brand charcoal is Royal Oak charcoal repackaged for Walmart). Now if only they could make them smaller.
  8. Not sure how it's a take that to jecod unless these come out cheaper. This will bring the number of cross flow pump companies on the market to 4 by my count. Maxpect, Jecod, Macro Aqua, and now Icecap.
  9. Looks cool. Are you going to darken up the baffles so algea doesn't grow into the unreachable areas?
  10. The typhoon is the controller the hurricane is based on.
  11. It's a small tank so it's not like it really needs that much light anyway. $10-$20 is a little low though. Even pest corals want proper lighting. Just needs a decent par38 lamp to light everything.
  12. I would keep the ultra Marines. They are in the royal blue wavelength that gets some of the best flouresce.
  13. Those are largely harmless. Though I doubt they will do much for flouresce as sub 430nm LEDs tend to be overpowered by other LEDs.
  14. Epicyclic gearing could work for a spinning frag tree. But selecting an appropriate propulsion system would be paramount to ensure the rack doesn't spin to quickly and either fling frags around or jam up. I suspect that it would get very complicated very quickly though.
  15. Not far from Charlotte myself. Work today (Belmont Walmart) was fun. It was like black Friday but with groceries.