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  1. look f the tang cops. i had one in my 20 g. it worked out fine. if they dont like it come to texas and i beat your ass. mf...
  2. look f all of you. i would put a tang in there. so if it is not your tank or he asked your suggestions. shut it.
  3. sure whynot. got a watchman in there too. they do fine. been there 3 months...
  4. been running for 8 months.
  5. Who cares if he has a tang. If you dont like go suck a nut. bunch of crying Mf in here.................... good looking tank, man. Add a yellow tang too. F all you crying mfers.. my tank, i do what i want.
  6. she is alright.
  7. nice tank. can you take a picture far away. i would like to see the whole set up. all your pics seem to be so close. j
  8. man that is a clean set up! post a pic of it far away. i would like to see the whole tank. what lighting do you have on it? check my tank under my screen name. j
  9. my 6line gets along great w/ my fish..actually its the wimp of thank. the clown is the mean one! i have: tang small one clark clown blue damsel scooter blenny shrimp striped wrasse all live fine.
  10. i would have bought a house and have gotten a 100 gallon tank.