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  1. I have an extra bulb that i am not going to use. it is brand new and still in the package. 55$ and i will pay for the shipping via ups ground here is the product. http://www.catalinaaquarium.com/product_in...roducts_id=1049 thanks Justin

    anyone got one. probe, power pack, and controller? thanks, justin.
  3. 12 gallon JbJ parts

    i gutted my 12 gallon jbj and do not need the following: fans 24w 110v/50hz ballast i have included an extra reflector and clips from another light. 12 gallon. i will sell it all as one unit. 25$ and will ship for free anywhere in the usa except AK and HI. thanks Justin
  4. 2 month and half

    look f the tang cops. i had one in my 20 g. it worked out fine. if they dont like it come to texas and i beat your ass. mf...
  5. Office Pico

    look f all of you. i would put a tang in there. so if it is not your tank or he asked your suggestions. shut it.
  6. Tigahboy's 15S [LPS-only]

    nice tank but you can tell photoshop was used quite a bit.

    not sure of the brand of bulb. it has been running for about 8 months. 20k. no trades as of now. thanks.
  8. chino, did you try to call them. found this on their website. For help with placing an order on the website, shipment tracking, or billing questions, call us at 1-800-970-2782 Operator available from 11am-5pm PST Monday to Friday

    it is a 20k bulb. if you are interested in the unit. i think the best way is pay pal. my email is brap1 at hotmail dot com. i have good ratings on ebay with the same name without the dot com. Justin
  10. ***SOLD*** EDIT: 150$ SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN THE USA EXCEPT HI OR AK. i can only take paypal.. i do not need this unit. i have had this unit for 8 months and do not need this light anymore. the ballast is in the light fixture. plug and play. comes as is. you will receive: light fixture 250 mh de bulb mounting hardware/wires. $160 includes ups shipping to anywhere in the usa, except HI, AK. i am in texas.
  11. 6 gallon

    sure whynot. got a watchman in there too. they do fine. been there 3 months...