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  1. It's doing just fine! Still running on auto-pilot. My goals this year are to put more effort into the tank, I'm doing a water change every couple of months and i have't tested my water in over a year I'd bet. It's time to get serious again!
  2. We has BABIES!!! If my math is right tomorrow or Saturday should be hatch day! After all these years, this is the first time they've bred. Very cool stuff.
  3. naaa, I'm still kicking. Just not as active. I was telling someone in another forum last night I haven't done a water test since sept of last year and only maybe once other time in 2017. I should work on that... maybe.....
  4. It was cold, i was bored, I took a few shots. Tank has been doing really well, just running on auto-pilot.
  5. Well the reef is doing just fine, still really haven't bought much coral for it but the ones i do have are doing just fine. I did have a snafu a few weeks ago from me being lazy, the skimmer overflowed back into the sump, which caused the skimmer to overflow even more turning the sump into a giant foamy mess. Tank looked like crap for about a week. I ended up with a few burnt tips on some of the coral. I just ended up tearing down the sump, cleaning everything (it was due anyway) and doing about a 50% WC. I can't remember if I passed this along or now, but after fighting 2 years I'm happy to say I'm bryopsis free. Got a few shots in today as well, didn't do a FTS as we have all the xmas stuff all over the place and the wife would have a melt down if I posted a pic of the mess. Wrasse A key player in the bryopsis removal - One Spot Foxface This guy has exploded with growth Cornbred something or other My Blue Berry Fantasy - Getting really big considering it started as a spec. Full resolution can be seen here https://paulledfordphotography.smugmug.com/Reef-Tank/n-6tFFjv/
  6. Well, it's been awhile since my last update, and since it's been a rainy weekend I decided to pull out my gear. Tank is doing pretty good, still knocking out the last of the bryopsis and only have a small patch or two left. Picked up a one-spot foxface and he rather enjoys the stuff. Other than that I really haven't added much to the tank, been buying lenses instead. And you thought reefing was an expensive hobby. :facepalm: Photobomb..... I shut the pumps off for a FTS, that's why the water looks low. A quick one of the nem that just keeps splitting..... *sigh* And a few corals. Colors are great! That's it for now, was fun shooting the tank again, it's been too long.
  7. Yeah, neon dottyback. I would say 80% of the time he's fine, the other 20% of the time he's a total PITA and always pesters new additions to the tank for a few weeks.
  8. Working on grabbing a few updates this week, but did get a few new shots of the fish. Most behaved well in front of the lens. On a separate note, I did finally do another water test last week, first one since last October, everything still the same except the Po4 is back where I want it at .03
  9. Sorry people! I'm notorious for not following up on some posts I make. Briefly, the tank is up and running for just over 6 months now, it has a build thread and I'll link to it at the bottom of the post. I really haven't stocked a lot into it yet, just letting it get established nice and slow. She's running on auto-pilot for the most part. As mentioned above, the rock it BRS reef saver rock. I used up 1 and a half tubes of aquamend putting it all together. Build thread - http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/360682-tinpanvas-reef-part-deux-60-cube/
  10. Been out taking lots of photos last few weeks and picked 5 to share, just for fun. Sometimes you just need a break from shooting the tank.
  11. Tinpanva

    Icy Blue

    Creative shot of the quarry on Belles Island in Richmond


  12. Tinpanva

    Autumn Walk

    Another shot on top of Libby Hill, enjoying the fall colors


  13. Tinpanva

    Libby Hill

    Another view of RVA, this one on top of Libby Hill overlooking tobacco row towards downtown.


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