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  1. Vokda dosing? Man I have been out of the loop.
  2. were is the tat, on you leg??
  3. Love the RBTA Now did you get tip so bubbly... i have one and the tip are not bubbly
  4. 15 tall Orbits 2x40 Shrooms,zoos, and frogspawn Two fish
  5. 20h

    Thanks I need to get some more live rock. I only have about 14 lbs.
  6. Hey i feel like a dumb a$$. i started to read an found the answer.
  7. Hey Budda, i was looking through the plans and i was wondering how do you get the bubbles in the skimmer thanks
  8. I want the WPI because i would like to do what KrackerG did to his CLS light. http://my "CUSTOM"SeaLife 20" 70w MH retro conversion
  9. Hey Everyone, I am not sure if this goes here or under DIY. But here’s the question, were can I get a 70 watt WPI ballast for a DE metal halide bulb. Thanks Everyone,
  10. Hey Everyone, I have a question. I what to know what what is better to use over a 10 gallon reef tank ( hope to grow SPS some day). A 70 watt HQI DE or a 175 watt SE. Thanks Everyone
  11. Hi everyone, I have two questions: First does anyone know were i can get a hood or retro kit that has two 18 watt PC lights. The second question is can i take a 36 watt hood and put 18 watt PC lights in them. Thanks everyone, Robert
  12. I have a 10-gallon FO tank, it has only been set up for about 4 months. The lighting is no good at all. I am going to get a 96-watt Quad retro from Coralife. I what to know if that would be enough light for an Acropora Nana SPS. Thanks Robert
  13. I wanted to know if anyone ever used halogen lights on an aquarium. Or even if you can use them at all Thanks