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  1. •The Magic Kingdom 3g Pico• Retired

    Up to you I guess. Here is some info on the fish tho http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_di...amp;pcatid=2562
  2. •The Magic Kingdom 3g Pico• Retired

    Auto Top Off is just that. Its an automatic top off of fresh water for you tank. Yeah sure, just make a batch of saltwater and put it in a 5 gallon bucket and go for it. Good luck
  3. Surface Skimmer or no Surface Skimmer

    Yes you should. I have a 5.5g and im battling surface scum now .. its a pain to get rid of. It removes the oil build up from the top of the take.
  4. LED Lit Tank Coral Growth Thread

    Nice setup with the LEDS.. I be glad when you get that frag tank going so u can get rid of that egg crate .. kills the tank with that.
  5. 5.5 gallon voyage into sw!

    Looks good, I have almost the same setup, just no rocks (frag tank). Is that reef sand or play sand??
  6. Why do so many people "get out of the hobby?"

    I got out for a few years because my 29g crashed and I was unsuccessful with an AP12g at the office. So I turned it in the a FW with guppies and just recently started a 5.5 gallon "frag tank" at home. Man how things changed over the 2+- years. I have a 50g @ home that is housing the old LR from my 29g display and sump. The tanks are in the basement. We will see what the future holds for me.
  7. One dead zoa?

    Get an eye dropper and flush it with some water, worked for me in the past.
  8. R65

    Looks good! I would add a back gound and some more liverock before you move the fish and coral to the new tank. What kind of light are you running?
  9. Hey guys and gals! I have a 12 Aqua-Pod cube..oh started a little over a year ago. But when I started it I use a few pieces of LR from my 29 gallon sump. I clean all i of the micro algae I could see off. Of course I did not get it all. I have been removing it manually but that's not getting ride of it. So is there any fish or invertebrate that i can get to eat the algae for a 12 gallon cube?? Thanks!
  10. Need Help ASAP, Leather Coral is dying!

    ok, got some pics.... and a bump
  11. On Friday my heater went bad in the worse way....it just stayed on. Water was over 90f, lost the hammers and the frogspawn, but know I losing my Yellow Leather. I is start to deteriorated!! I need to know if it can be saved or should I just take it out and put it in a bucket and let it go....I dont want it killing and thing else. And yea I have started water changes skimmer running, no feeding lights off. Zoo's, Shroom, the other Leather and Toruch look fine for know. Im going to try and get photos so you guys can see, Any help is grateful Thankst
  12. Who got a new tank for Christmas or channukka?

    I got a Current Nova 18" with 2x 18watt light for my 12 Gallon cube! \o/
  13. Vodka dosing week 3 YUCK

    Vokda dosing? Man I have been out of the loop.
  14. 11 months and goin strong!

    I have a 12 gallon AP but I have heat issuse, I added 2X9 watt PC to the back for my fuge and the heat is about 81-82. Did you have a heat issuse?