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  1. anything under 40g is nano.... and even then maybe 50>
  2. Yup. I the 2x I have get a little warm but for the price and the results I get in color and growth it's totally worth it.
  3. uhhh what??? I have 0 clue why people are voting flow... SPS tank that is only 25g people..... MP10 has a 1500gph flow rate.... not including whatever the return pump flow is. LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT. AI Primes produce decent light but they are not that strong of a unit. They are like what... 45watts max? And that is if you are using the whites at 100% which I doubt you are. 60% of 1500gph is 900gph over 25g of water making it a 36x flow rate. If you are already are having shadowing issues I vote light. Am I missing something here? Is flow more important than light?
  4. Sunblaster 24in T5 with reflector. As simple as it gets, cheap, and doesn't hurt the eyes as far as aesthetics go. I run two with my lighting. T5/LED combo is my go to for lighting. Not NB LEDs so I'm not sure how you would mount but these 24in fixture with bulb are super super light weight. Maybe you could fashion it on the back side of the NB? .
  5. You don't get replies because you don't take any time to research and you also don't seem too keen to read what advice people give you. Maybe there's been a little too much of the boy who cried wolf? This isn't a place to expect an answer. The forum isn't Google. It's actual people taking the time and day to read and respond to inquires of other actual people. So by continuously ignoring advice, clogging up the thread because you want people to see your post and respond to it, and at the cost of marine life... I think is really starting to rub people the wrong way. This isn't Facebook or Instagram, it's a place to share and enjoy the hobby. Please be courteous to its members and actually take in what people say along with be mindful of clogging the feed. There are others that would like their threads read and responded to as well. Making a new post every time is sorta like cutting in line and has gotten to the point of "what now?". But seriously, you really are starting to rub people the wrong way. Soon enough no one will respond to your post. Cheers,
  6. Apparently they make 3m thin yoga mats ๐Ÿ˜‚ would def hurt my ass bone
  7. @EvilFish I guess a thin yoga mat cut to size is what you need lol
  8. Really? In all your life all yoga matts and mouse pads are the same??? 100% disagree UNLESS that's either a thick ass mouse pad or thin ass yoga mat ๐Ÿ˜‚ If the yoga mat is that thin it's virtually useless since the mat is supposed to protect pressure points of contact. LOL excuse my naivety^ ๐Ÿ˜š
  9. something much thinner, like mouse pad style kinda
  10. I was about to leave a detailed reply but I dug... Are you trolling us man? You already have a handful of post about CYANO. This is just too much^^^^ I don't know what you are doing, I kind of wish the mods would be a little more active on repetitive post but you are digging yourself a hole in the community where less and less are going to give you advice. You're killing way too much livestock and it seems like you don't really know what you are doing. That is fact and not opinion. We all make mistakes in this hobby but I think you need some accountability. Jeez
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