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    Old timer... lol still using photobucket
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    I need shades sitting at my desk. lol hopefully by next year I start building. Got the quotes from Miracles already on tank last august, sold my 300 gallon (running) in November, and my empty 400 gallon. Hating life not having a big tank...lol
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    Thanks Chris, Where there's a will there's a way....lol! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than a 149.99 led with all the bells and whistles for a fraction of the price. I come across this quality T5 fixture, the German hammer-tone reflector is quality stuff the whole fixture really, plus its for use in dry or damp areas... which is a huge plus for 63 bucks. This light fixture will grow everything and fast!! really had fun modding it out. 63 bucks plus 149.00 for led and essentially your done. (oh and you need a Dremel) no wire cutting or electrical work (love that) Super easy mod Heat wise the tank hit 81 today at 5 hours on still testing temps times to dial in my T5 light times through the day. Keep in mind that I have 4 pumps running in tank. 2 micro pumps, upgraded return pump Jebao FA 1000 and the Ice cap gyre plus an oversized ebo jaeger 75 watt heater all running in there at same time. I'll keep it simple and prob only run them 4 hours total to keep heat down until I get the CSXC-1 chiller. Then prob run T5's 5-7 hours throughout the day to max out growth and color. The light stays put I have a fish mesh frame that it sits on flush to tank. I could put small clear plastic reinforcing clip guides used for glass tops to secure fixture on there to ensure it won't budge. Im planning a monster tank 120"x48"x30" build in the future and will use same lighting set up with 2 or 4 (depends how many I need) 4 foot fixtures with 6 bulbs and 8 led lights refitted in the 4 fixtures (all daisy chained together) all that would cost less than 1500 bucks plus 24 tubes under $2000 to light a 10 foot tank. Raidons are $700 each so I will save a ton of money on my lighting needs.... but that's whole nother story for down the road. lol Here is the tank pics today at 12 noon led at 100% The T5's addition really brightens things up a ton. (My ATI bulbs blue plus and coral plus aren't in yet, so using cheapo 6500k's tubes that came with fixture for now) I'm sure the 6500k t5 will grow coral just as good if not faster as any other T5 but I gotta have the corals looking good with 15k+ bulbs. with 2 T5 tubes on BRIGHT with 4 T5 tubes on SUPER BRIGHT
  4. @Friendly This is my leds right now ramped up to almost at 100% at noon time no T5. this is with 2 tubes of t5 brighter this is with 4 tubes of T5 super bright (this is with the cheap 6500k temp T5's that came with the fixture. Im waiting for my ATI blue plus& coral plus bulbs to come in) my led at 100% temp at 78.4
  5. Super fast growth and amazing coloration... my best reef tank and fastest growth with all my coral was lit by T5 only. I love the automation of leds and the pop it gives the corals. I especially like the dawn, dusk, moonlights, lunar cycles, seasons, cloud cover, storms, and all other program modes my leds come with. But with all that said it still doesn't spread the light and have the coverage like T5's do. T5's only need to be replaced yearly, the way they will be used on my tank 4-5hrs a day, I will be able to change them once every 1.5 or maybe 2yrs at 20 dollars a bulb its a no brainer.
  6. I was looking and didn't find much. I also wanted t5/led combo and there wasn't anything out there.
  7. its very powerful, Im running a bare bottom sys so don't have sand blowing around.
  8. the led puck is perfect and great price
  9. Awesome reef and great pics. Love the shot of your RG with his mouth open lol. I really like your rfa too. Keep the pics coming!
  10. https://www.aquariumcreationsonline.net/sponge.html here's a link for different types of sponges
  11. I used to dose phyto feast, and pohls extra for my sps and they loved it. Color and Growth was insane. To keep it simple first try the phyto feast see how your corals like it, then the pohls extra. before that I used prodibio reef booster I liked that too. I hear reef roids is good too, but I never used it before.
  12. I built a custom T5/LED hybrid diy fixture- Because of temp concerns, I ran everything together set 100% max power for 5 hrs straight tank gets to 80.5, although t5 and leds will never run at 100% together for longer than 2-3 hrs most of time. My leds are on auto dawn-dusk-moonlight, then t5's come on at 12-4pm.... getting a CSXC-1 chiller for the summertime 🌞 to guarantee I don't run into any heat issues down the road. This thing is a 200+ watt monster now!!!
  13. this one is 8x12inches https://www.amazon.com/Roleadro-Reflector-Dual-Chip-Hydroponic-Vegetative/dp/B00INM0750/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=grow+led&qid=1553215977&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1
  14. I would run random with my 300 gallon, love those jebaos. Clown79 is right might be too much power for random mode.
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