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  1. about a month and half if not two months. When i first got him/it it hate a nice peice of krill. last time it ate was a couple weeks ago. He moved a bit but not much, now is under a monte pora, I tipped the rock so he can get light. I set my kessil to acclimate so its not all the way up. I was thinking the flow was too much too, i have a 22 long and sump. I got him moved to the other tank, I guess my ultimate question is - has anyone treated their anenome with cipro
  2. My bubble tip is for sure sick- mouth gaping spewing brown stuff, and hes hiding from the light. I set up a hospital tank and am planning to get some Cipro. My problem is, I cannot get him off of the rock!! and it has another coral on it or I would just the the whole rock in the hospital. Anyway has anyone here nursed a sick nem? Im scared to rip him off the rock and hurt him more kessil a360 30 gallon 25c 1.025 Grav ph 8.26 - fluctuates alot need suggestions for stability 0.2 nitrate I do carbon dose (vodka 0.7ml) Im going to try and hold back I think it might have something to do with it The thing I dont understand is everything in my tank looks healthy except the Anemone
  3. How long do you soak a probe in vinegar? and do you dilute the vinegar?
  4. Its back to 0 PPM I apologize for jumping the gun. it did not seem right for the "in" to be lower than the "out"
  5. Hey Guys I just replaced my DI resin, after the color changed. Before that I was getting 0 PPM with the "out" meter. When cleaning the unit I took out the meter and put it on the floor for a bit. After getting everything setback up, my "in" is lower than my "out" - do these kind of meters malfunction after time? "in" says 5 PPM "out" is saying 6-7 PPM using this HM meter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001EHAZGW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1#customerReviews I guess ill let it run for a bit and see - and is there a thing as packing the DI resign too tight?
  6. I believe it is recommended http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2008-08/nftt/ "Equipment - Skimmer, An Absolute Must!" according to this site
  7. I just pour a shot in every now and then am i doing it wrong? KIDDING
  8. yeah its safe. the bubbles will eventually stop but adding corals wont hurt
  9. so far so good, I think its great for the long tanks because of how its designed Tanks looking good
  10. Check out vodka dosing . aka carbon dosing.