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  1. Newstead

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    What is that chalice? It is stunning!
  2. Newstead

    30l Build

    I suggested soaking all equipment in vinegar on the other thread, but wanted to tell you here, don't give up! About 6 or 8 months after we started our first reef tank in 2012, I was ready to quit over cyano and algae - the tank looked like a swamp and I couldn't get a handle on it. I asked for help on this site, got some great ideas and info. And after a while, I was able to have a tank I could enjoy. You have gained a lot of experience dealing with this that will help. Hope your reboot goes well.
  3. Newstead

    Please Help ID

    I think I would use full or cleaning strength white vinegar to clean the tank and equipment. Really soak them well overnight, even run the pumps in a bowl or sink of vinegar to make sure it reaches all parts. Not much can survive in vinegar, and it is safe for our tanks if, even after a lot of rinsing, some remains. Keep us updated!
  4. Newstead

    Newstead's New Waterbox 10

    Aaaand we are cycled. Now for a water change and then the fun begins. 1st pic is from yesterday, after I dosed Dr. Tim's ammonium Next two pictures are today.
  5. Newstead

    Distilled water question!!!

    Plain distilled or CPAP water is safe - I have done TDS, nitrate and phosphate tests on them. Just avoid "baby" distilled water - they add minerals back into it.
  6. Newstead

    Newstead's New Waterbox 10

    Cycle appears to be going faster than expected - ammonia was pretty much gone this morning (between 0 and .25 on APP I test) so I added Dr. Tim's ammonia to bring it back up to 2 ppm and will test ammonia and nitrates again tomorrow. We shifted scape so it is seen better from the side, since this is on a bedside table. Husband and I have agreed upon a Randalli pistol shrimp and either a high fin or yasha goby, and later a clown goby. Still telling him no to other stocking - "No, we cannot put a sunken ship in the tank." "NO, we are NOT putting a diver on an air hose in the tank." "NO WE ARE NOT PUTTING A TREASURE CHEST THAT OPENS AND CLOSES IN THE TANK.," He may be getting his own bedside tank for his tacky tank treasures.
  7. Newstead

    alter40's rookie Biocube 29 build

    The hardest part of setting up a tank - patience while it cycles! Going through that with our new bedside 10 gal. I really like your rockscape!
  8. Newstead

    Clownfish stopped eating after suddenly acting erratic

    See if you can pose this to @Humblefish - a literal expert on fish health
  9. Newstead

    wyoming white acting weird

    Oh no. So sorry.
  10. My 7 year old pair of clowns shocked me tonight by actually raising a clutch of eggs to hatching. I did notice that for the first time after spawning that the male spent more than a day fanning the eggs. He has been with them 24/7 for 8 days now. Sure enough, when I checked the tank with a red flashlight 2 hours after lights out, there were at least 4 babies, about 1/8 inch long, attracted to the light. So now I feel guilty that I wasn't prepared for them, and in fact, other than to avoid the guilt, have no desire to try to raise them in the future. How do you deal with spawning pairs if you don't want to try to raise the fry?
  11. Newstead

    wyoming white acting weird

    What has happened now with these two? Hope the WW has hung on.
  12. Newstead

    alter40's rookie Biocube 29 build

    Nice! I wish I could remove the top from our biocube - but with 2 grandkids under 4 who stay one or two nights a week, the top is a must. Looking forward to seeing it's progress
  13. Newstead

    50 Breeder From Texas

    I love being able to sit right beside the smaller tanks. In the large tank it was hard to see all the creatures and interactions. We gave each other a Waterbox 10 with an AI Prime HD for a bedside reef for Christmas!
  14. Newstead

    Small rescape advice required.

    The new scape looks great for corals as well and sounds like it will be much better flow wise. Nice eye!
  15. Newstead

    50 Breeder From Texas

    We went through that with our 75 gal sumped cube. It was beautiful, but after moving it had to go into the downstairs den and we just never spent time there and finally started to crash after an alk spike . We emptied it, moved everything left to our old 29 in the great room, and are loving it again (just wish we had know that before paying almost $1500 to have it moved up here!)