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  1. Nanobox duo setup question

    I know exactly what you mean about overwhelming. You can get the cable at most home supply stores - I have found it at Lowes and Ace Hardware. The smallest gauge worked for my Nanobox quad hybrid, so it should be plenty strong enough. It is only cents per foot.
  2. How long do coral live?

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Need help ASAP please - plumbing

    Of course! From our deck ..
  4. Need help ASAP please - plumbing

    A lesson learned - in the boonies you had better have a backup for everything! I have extra heaters, powerheads, etc. but no backup pump. Will be rectifying that tomorrow.
  5. Need help ASAP please - plumbing

    Thank you x 1000! I had been trying to remove the green tubing all afternoon - with your help I had it out in 10 seconds! Am going to try cleaning, if that doesn't work, will run extra powerheads tonight til I can get to store tomorrow. You are all fish lifesavers!
  6. Haven't been on in a while - we are completing a move to our dream home literally up on a mtn. Chickened out of moving our SCA 75 + sump and paid $$$$ for our formerly close LFS to move the tank, sump, stand and livestock 3 hours away and replumb it for me. Went well except for losing my favorite ( of course) fish. So today, 3 weeks later, my return pump has died - runs for 10 seconds then stops. I know I should have learned more about plumbing, but I had them set it up last year as well. We are really, really remote - 3650 feet, 20 minutes down 6 switchbacks to a very small town. Over an hour to the closest LFS. I need to be able to get the pump out to replace it and I am scared of wrecking the plumbing. Can anyone please tell me how I remove the return pump, hopefully without destroying the pipe setup? It is a tall sump, not a lot of room to manuever. (And just to add to the fun, the one road out is closed down in the valley below us due to flooding, so no hope of getting to LFS today).
  7. Bluefish login failure

    Thanks, all - I thought I had updated it, but I tried the update again and voila! Logged in with no problem.
  8. Bluefish login failure

    Any ideas? When I tried to open Bluefish I only get this:
  9. Chaeto in a Biocube

    I have thought about that myself since I am always throwing chaeto out of the fuge on our 75. Had thought about putting it in a loose mesh bag behind the rocks. Will be interested to see what people think!
  10. RO/DI Water Storage Question

    I kept mine exactly as you are planning for 4 years before we got a bigger tank and bought a RODI unit. Ashamed to say I didn't even heat or aerate it after buying it from our LFS and it was fine (I changed 2 gal a week in our 29).
  11. Clownfish eggs

    So sorry about Sydney. I applaud you for keeping up the effort - you are certainly adding to the knowledge base. Success soon!
  12. My 14 gallon biocube reef

    Will look forward to seeing it - my first tank was a b14!
  13. Just saying hello

    Are you putting floss on the top shelf? It really dampens any noise as well as filtering out larger particles. I replace it 2x a week to keep it clean.
  14. Twin spot goby-my screw up!

    Been there, done that ;-). I had talked about getting a yellow clown goby, sent hubby to pick up water, he surprised me with a yellow watchman goby. Which meant, of course, we had to get him a randalli pistol for him. Hope your twin spot does well for you!
  15. Dawn's seahorse garden II

    Dawn, so sorry about Boaz. But huge congrats on the new grandkids and grandbaby!