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  1. I have thought about that myself since I am always throwing chaeto out of the fuge on our 75. Had thought about putting it in a loose mesh bag behind the rocks. Will be interested to see what people think!
  2. I kept mine exactly as you are planning for 4 years before we got a bigger tank and bought a RODI unit. Ashamed to say I didn't even heat or aerate it after buying it from our LFS and it was fine (I changed 2 gal a week in our 29).
  3. So sorry about Sydney. I applaud you for keeping up the effort - you are certainly adding to the knowledge base. Success soon!
  4. Will look forward to seeing it - my first tank was a b14!
  5. Are you putting floss on the top shelf? It really dampens any noise as well as filtering out larger particles. I replace it 2x a week to keep it clean.
  6. Been there, done that ;-). I had talked about getting a yellow clown goby, sent hubby to pick up water, he surprised me with a yellow watchman goby. Which meant, of course, we had to get him a randalli pistol for him. Hope your twin spot does well for you!
  7. Dawn, so sorry about Boaz. But huge congrats on the new grandkids and grandbaby!
  8. Great idea! Do you have a pic on a tank thread?
  9. I love ycg! Really want one at some point.
  10. Never tried it. But I would assume the faster spreading type would overtake the pompom.
  11. Simple answer, yes it will. But I have found that the tannish tall xenia will take over much faster than the shorter whitish pompom types. Keep it on its own rock a few inches from other rock and it is usually fine. I actually love my pompom xenia - the movement is mesmerizing and it is a great beginner coral as it doesn't mind (in fact prefers) some nitrates.
  12. Sorry, that looks pretty far gone, but I would try dipping it out of the tank, in some tank water, adding povidone or Lugol's, for 5 to 10 min. Blow gently on it with a baster, and rinse in clean tank water before putting it back in. Worth a shot.
  13. That looks like just a RO unit. You really want RODI. I was going to buy a refurbished Spectrapure 90g system but they ran a special on a new system that included replacement filters. TDS meter, etc. so I went with that one. Keep an eye out. Here is the refurbished unit
  14. Yea, Sydney! We are all pulling for him (tho as the lone survivor he truly earned the name Nemo).
  15. I don't know for sure, just hedged my bets when setting up my 75 with both Dr. Tim's and MB7. I keep a bottle of MB7 on hand and dose both my tanks weekly. Plus I use it to "seed" a sponge filter when running a qt.I have noticed in the year I have done the weekly dosing that I have had no cyano in either tank. Now I have challenged the reef gods and will wake up tomorrow to both covered in cyano.