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  1. Long story short, saw this whitish worm with spikes/bristles on one of my rocks last week next to one of my micro brittle stars waving it's arms. Took a very poor quality video of it (phone wouldn't focus well on it). Figured it was just a bristle worm. Two days ago the RFA that was on the back of this rock climbed to the front in the large hole above the worm. Less than 24 hours later the RFA was bleached out, which got me wondering if this worm was attacking its foot in the rock. Anyway, here's the video - wait and watch the worm moving into another hole. It's about 1/4 inch wide, maybe 2-3 inches long, though the length was hard to judge. Any ideas appreciated!
  2. SeaFurn, I loaded the pathetic video of it on Instagram and tagged you. See what you think. If it is a mutant hobbit worm that will eat our faces as we sleep, I am through.
  3. Thanks, SeaFurn... I probably have some type of mutant anemone killing worm. I caught it slithering from one hole in the rock to another last week when the RFA was still hiding in the back. My phone would not focus on it but it was whitish and spiky. Sorry for the poor focus - here is a still shot, the video was too large to load. That larger hole above the worm is where the RFA moved to.
  4. Help us out, folks. Our plain Jane RFA moved back to the front of a rock yesterday and looked fine (first pic). I dosed my usual mag & alk last night, then an hour later 2 ml of H202 (24 gal water volume) because 1) There was a slight red dusting on some glass and sand, and 2) I am an idiot. This morning the anemone has bleached out. It did eat some LRS this morning. I know there is a largish white worm, I believe a bristleworm, in that rock. Is the RFA on its way out? Could it have been the H202 or the worm?
  5. Got my chamber 2 basket for the Waterbox 10 - kudos again, StevieT, for a wonderful product! Already see a difference in my two month old tank's clarity and the ease of changing media is a relief. My over 5 year old inTank media basket for my Biocube 29 is still as good as new - love products that not only work but last!
  6. Congratulations! I love everything about this tank!
  7. Today in the Biocube . FTS, new hitchhiker (chiton?), new lepto frag, fav is encrusting.
  8. Evidently the one on the glass is a baby. Caught mama out - as soon as I turned the lights on to get a pic she went back under the rock. From where she was, it appears she eats coralline as you can see where it has been scraped off. Surprised at how relatively fast she can move.
  9. Hope it's smooth sailing for a while for you - I love this tank!
  10. Aww. . Hope this guy hangs around a while. I love the surprises this hobby throws at us! Thanks for heading me in the right direction on this ID.
  11. Definitely not a limpet - I have some of those. This guy has horizontal lines across the upper body from what I could see when it was in the rock. I think you are right with chiton from images I see on line. 7 years and this is the first one I have seen!
  12. This guy was in a hole on a rock - could see a bit of white with darker stripes. This morning it is on the front glass, so this is it's underside. 1/4 inch long. Can't get a pic of the upper side yet.
  13. My hitchhiker surprise plate baby is now a bit bigger than a dime! Got pics with daylight bulbs and at night with a flashlight.
  14. I had a 55 gallon freshwater tank wth several 10 year old fish when I came home from work to my house on fire. Although the firemen saved most of the room the tank was in, everything was dead from the toxins in the smoke. If the corals are still alive, give them time to recover from the effects.
  15. See her occasionally at the LFS. Next time will tell her she is missed.
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