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  1. Gorgeous selection of Trachys at TopShelfAquatics.com
  2. Only at Topshelfaquatics.com Only at Topshelfaquatics.com Only at Topshelfaquatics.com Only at Topshelfaquatics.com ][/SIZE][/SIZE] Only at Topshelfaquatics.com
  3. I know some of you were waiting on seeing pics and we finally got around to getting them exported(and the video is being worked on). This tank is hands down one of the coolest we've helped with and we wanted to share it with you all! We'll be visiting again soon for some awesome updated pictures! Tank is roughly 2200 gallons(I'll revise if needed)
  4. Theres a little bit of everything in this update! Click the images to view
  5. View them here: http://bit.ly/FreshEyeCandy
  6. Check out our Live Sale section on TopShelfAquatics.com! We have new corals updated every 5-10 minutes All these corals and many more
  7. We have chosen equipment from the commercial and hobby industry. Utilizing the best of both worlds to keep the coral happy and healthy.
  8. Getting some final touches done. We are doing a bit of wire management right now. Frags have officially gone in the first observation tank We are filling up the sumps with bounces as we speak as well 🙂 Within the next month more and more corals will be slowly introduced into this tank and they will be divided into batches for QT. We hope to have corals in the QT'd tanks within the next month( Moving pieces from the current LPS and SPS QT tanks into these systems). After everything is moved over we will begin to send new batches of corals through QT and we aim to have several new releases in the next 3-6 months
  9. We recently updated this text discount for VIP members. Pm me if you have any new issues.
  10. All available right now! Have you signed up for our VIP program yet? Once you text "TSA" to 51660 and opt in you receive a coupon code for 25% off your entire order!
  11. Join Now for an additional 25% off entire coral order.
  12. You dont want to miss out on these GORGEOUS new frags that just posted on TopShelfAquatics.com!
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