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  1. VeganBrian

    Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes

    I'm glad people are still finding my article useful =-)
  2. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    Nope, i got it from online. A big 9 head colony. I have a way bigger gold and teal torch too. ill be selling heads off soon.
  3. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    hows everything doing?
  4. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    Wow, that torch opened right up for you, looks amazing under your AI nano. It makes me jealous and i have the mother colony! haha! enjoy.
  5. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    It was great meeting you Shane, Enjoy the frags
  6. VeganBrian

    Veganbrians wonderful plants

    The Eucheuma? Most of it died off and its now maroon/red. I have a chunk that is growing good in the shadows with low flow. Hopefully it takes off. Yea, i feed it filter food every other day. It was growing and now these diatoms are all over it. Well it looks almost like diatoms. Could be, because i added a bunch of new frag plugs in there and that sparked something. I want more gorgs for sure, They are awesome! I need to get my bigger tank set up once i can get funding for it lol. Theres a bunch of macros that nothing will eat or nip at. Im pretty sure any calcifying macro algae is not desirable to snails. Some that i can think of are Halimeda, C barbata, Codium, padina, shaving brush, mermaid fan, pencil cap, Galaxaura, violet flames. Thats all i can think of off the top of my head haha. I know turbos eat just about anything haha. Maybe a transfer is in order with that big guy. haha.
  7. VeganBrian

    Veganbrians wonderful plants

    Hey!, I did move it up to the display. I can not believe how much it has grown since i got it. It is so happy and healthy. I am having issues with my purple sea fan ATM though. The polyps stopped opening and had a thin layer of algae on it. I blasted it off and moved it to higher flow so im hoping it recovers well. The sea fan has grown a real lot also. I was surprised at the growth rate. . Macros in the gorg tank would be sweet! I love macro algaes so i will of course say that haha.
  8. VeganBrian

    Jersey's Macro tank

    GCE has 3 different feather caulerpas atm! i want some myself once i downsize on my macros,
  9. VeganBrian

    Veganbrians wonderful plants

    Its trimmed and ready to go I have tons of it. I started dosing iron myself and everything seems to be doing better but now for some reason i have a diatom bloom. I did add a bunch of frag plugs so im thinking thats what it is.
  10. VeganBrian

    Veganbrians wonderful plants

    Mine is doing great. Its very bright pink streaks look awesome and has lots of dark maroon spots. Mines in low flow medium/low lighting. It seems to be a crazy slow grower. Mine hasnt grown much at all.
  11. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    You need to mount the skeleton onto something for it to spread. Acans grow flesh faster than they grow skeleton. lookin good!
  12. VeganBrian

    vortech mp10

    150$ for a "lightly used" mp10.....yea ok....
  13. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    I have some mini pink Digi colonies and some acropora, A few fragable zoanthids, turquoise trumpet coral frag, GSP, kenya tree leather, Xenia, and a bunch of different macro algae. Im not sure when exactly but i will be selling some torch corals soon also. let me know if you want anything.
  14. VeganBrian

    .: Shaner014's 11.4 | New Photo's! :.

    Looking for anything specifically?