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  1. SerenityReef

    What type of foods do you feed your fish?

    You can't post that and not answer or are you still typing?
  2. SerenityReef


    Bringing a TOTM to Texas!!! Congrats my Friend!
  3. SerenityReef

    Veganbrians wonderful plants

    Same here, but the colors are ridiculous! Thanks Brian B
  4. SerenityReef

    Veganbrians wonderful plants

    How is your Martians Rose doing? What are its conditions in your tank? Mine is coming back from a rough shipping, the pinks are starting to come back! Thank B
  5. SerenityReef

    AI Sol super blue settings

    Following along!! I have just moved my AI over to my RSM and playing with settings myself, my livestock is very similar to yours. I've got mine 14" above the water A 10 hr day 60 is currently my max on any channel, still a little dark but corals are responding nicely.
  6. SerenityReef

    Veng's 20L - Black Friday Madness!

    Mandy has been easier to keep then I thought. Jedi's macro pods did her well in the QT, plus her love of brine has helped. She is quite possibly my favorite addition to the tank. Everyday she gets braver and braver in exploring her new home and is less and less afraid of me!
  7. SerenityReef

    Veng's 20L - Black Friday Madness!

    So NextWave is only $15 for vendor floor...but the speakers didn't personally interest me, maybe Fugazzi does a littlle.
  8. SerenityReef

    *~* B's 1yr old RSM *~* pics coming soon

    Fun time with camera ID Please...good? bad? Starting packing Audrey up today so I took full advantage to claim anything she didn't want for the tanks... Nice shelf and towel rack. Finally got my fish room in order... Eye Candy to leave with
  9. SerenityReef

    Veng's 20L - Black Friday Madness!

    Anyone disc golf?
  10. SerenityReef

    Veng's 20L - Black Friday Madness!

    Planning on it! Audrey and I had a blast at MACNA, were looking forward to it...$300 weekend it is
  11. SerenityReef

    *~* B's 1yr old RSM *~* pics coming soon

    Only they know...
  12. SerenityReef

    *~* B's 1yr old RSM *~* pics coming soon

    No, actually for awhile I was pulling them out of the BC. Pulled out at least five or six asternia in the last week...
  13. SerenityReef

    Best Mac application for reefing?

    ^ shh it's that guy... Sent from my android as I got up to get a drink
  14. SerenityReef

    How do you cut your filter pad?

    Oh how I miss Dawsonville