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  1. Umm not a knowledge based topic just a general discussion. But thanks for confirming its just time to leave this forum.
  2. +1 to Evil Personally- wifi can be temperamental and for several reason can fail. There are those of us that would rather be hard wired into an Apex to cut down on the issues involved with wifi. I personal use the Monster PowerNet and enjoy the comfort of clean power and solid network connection. Bonus was once it was up I could easily add one anywhere and was able to hard wire devices for speed (smart tv with Netflix/Amazon or gaming console) I could never have done without it. Power is literally the life blood of your tank so why not get a real surge protector and Internet in the same package.
  3. I've been around this forum for awhile now and I just don't get why people can't/won't use the search function. I see the same topics started over and over and over when someone could simply search a topic and read about it. Once they have read about it they probably have found a thread that already exists that they could add to instead of just starting a new one. This would help keep down on the pollution of the same topic, plus it would help those researching find an in depth thread. We have some extremely knowledgable and friendly members here but we can't be expected to answer the same questions over and over. This leads to those with less knowledge answering questions they only partly understand which only provides less and and possibly poor information in the end. Wouldn't it just be fabulous to search a topic and find a thread that maybe goes back for months or years... With tested theories and experts weighing in instead of topic after topic with someone just repeating what someone else told them, not knowing what that someone else even knows. All our tanks are different but mostly our topics/issues aren't. Don't be lazy and don't expect that your topic has never been discussed. I know some build threads get more attention then others but IMHO that's where individuate questions should go. Once you have done your research if your question isn't answered add to an existing thread so others looking for that can find it in a single place. Experts may follow that thread, chime in, and add to the knowledge base NR provides. Ok... stepping off my soap box now...
  4. Do you like to tinker or set your tank and leave it? Two part is close to set and forget it. You will need to test for the first week or two and use a calculator like BRS to dial it in. Controllers like an Apex help greatly. The main part is 2 part is really 3 part when you take into consideration mag. Calcium reactor is more techie and tinkering. A benefit with the right media you could add calcium and magnesium (separate media) plus there are trace minerals that will also come from the calcium media. Again a controller with a pH probe will come in handy. Overall how much calcium you need comes into play, "go through calcium like crazy" isn't an amount one could figure out, but unless your 25g is extremely SPS dominant I would be willing to bet 2 Part is probably best for your size. Not many "nano" calcium reactors out there if any (not any I know of) I personally use E.S.V. 2 part on my 34g with a 20g sump/refugium. Oh and you probably didn't get any response because there are probably already 10,000 thread discussing this, try a search next time, might result in more research then you care to read.
  5. Not exactly. You need a Radion to begin with so you would need to add that cost in. From what I understand the fan, buttons, and casing have all been upgraded for G3. But I f you already have a Radion you can have the G3 pucks for $150.
  6. I'd buy it if they ever release it
  7. Loved mine in my RSM...and my BC14 (no Tunze)
  8. I would look into a Reef-Roids or liquid Phyto food, Tahitian blend or Algagen. Just feed sparingly.
  9. I'm just sick of reading how many people/livestock this has effected. For a company trying to be a big name in the business they need to stand behind an obviously defective build or design. I would be willing to bet they pay someone to make the tanks and put there name on it, it is there job to go after lost revenue from that company, not further the pain of a paid customer who has a bad product. I've never owned an IM tank, but almost makes me want to remove anything IM from my tank.... Not going to stand behind your product, not going to take care of your customers, not sure I want to give you anymore money. Not sure I want your products in my tank, who knows what else is bad and we haven't figured it out yet.
  10. I will say from the screen shots you do have the most visually appealing app. It will be interesting to see what future option you add to appeal to the reef enthusiasts.
  11. So what makes your app different from the several other apps out there?
  12. ...or how about pay to be a vendor if you want to promote your app on the forum. So what makes your app different then the several other apps that are already out there?
  13. ....it was just a six week count down.
  14. A chance to toast a beer in Munich...priceless (and I don't drink)
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