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  1. I finished off the Jerky last night. It was really hard not to eat it all in one sitting. The wine and seasoning flavor was great, thanks again.
  2. Mine is the same. I shipped on the 10th with 2 day shipping and its still in transit. The strangest part is that it was only a few miles from its destination on the 12, but for whatever reason was shipped all the way back to my local distribution center that night. As of today it is now back at my recipients hub and should arrive tomorrow or Monday, that is if it doesn't get shipped back to my city again.
  3. Huge thank you to my Secret Santa @Justind823!! He got me last year as well. Both years he got me amazing gifts. Thank you again Justin! 🤗 The jerky looks so tasty.
  4. Scorched

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Yep. One block west of Whole Foods. Otherwise I can always come and check out your tank sometime.
  5. Scorched

    Bommie SPS (Uwdanno)

    Good luck with the new rock and scape Dan. Let me know if you are fragging off or getting rid of some of the SPS. I'd love to get a piece of my Ponape and Psammacora back.
  6. Got 2 items for my SS. Waiting on one more to arrive. This one had to be special ordered from shady online site I've never heard of... Luckily they had a generous coupon code called: Deal5
  7. Scorched

    One or two Xaqua INOUTs?

    It was looking good after a few months. But even a few years is hard to maintain. I myself admit that after 5 years it finally caught up with me I became a lazy hobbyist. Tank took a turn for the worst and it made me get my butt in gear again. Not once has it overflowed or thought it was going to due to natural causes. The one time water did overflow the display tank (even with 2 drains) was human error pushing too much power through my sump before the drains reached equilibrium. I now run an OCD method that even prevents it from overflowing after power outages and random human mistakes. I didn't. Back on my first build I was just looking for the smallest overflow I could find and using that system to also supply all of my water flow in the tank (no powerheads) I used an Eheim 1260 which is what the In/Out recommends. My DIY version couldn't quite keep up with it at 100% power. I had to use a valve to dial it back slightly. Using 1.5" pipe should increase the draining speed and then match the output gph of the 1260. Honestly a single IN/OUT is going to be more than enough on tanks that use additional internal flow from powerheads. If you want all your flow to come from the In/Out Id put 2 of them on opposing sides. Or at least on the back corners and have the nozzles pointed toward the middle.
  8. Scorched

    One or two Xaqua INOUTs?

    My tank is pretty much a DIY In/Out and I run 2. I did it this way as these provide all of my flow and are backups for eachother.
  9. Ya the XAqua is a great option. Its what my design was based off back from version 1 of my tank (Post from 2012). Back then I could only order it from Italy at a huge markup. So I made my own. Now that 2 Little Fishes imports and resells them thats a great premade option. Here is a post fairly recently from someone that installed one. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/inout-overflow-and-pulsing-return-system-xaqua.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8-f_yszy3gIVF7jACh3crA0tEAAYASAAEgK3gvD_BwE On sale at BRS - 3 Left!
  10. Hey Doug For the cleanest and most reliable with a clear back the Elos corner style overflow would probably work well. You of course know about my design already which was made to keep a clear back, however it does have external plumbing on the sides and does require quite a bit of fiddling and sump/pump safety systems in place to prevent floods. I also don't know how well something like this scale to 50 gallons.
  11. HeyO! Sorry for the late join. I've been away from the hobby and nano-reef for awhile but this is my favorite event of the year. List to be edited here shortly. Fishtank ideas: Milwaukee Digital Refractometer PMUP AcroPower NeoTherm 75W Heater 4 of these JT Bulkhead Screens A few Neptune System Salinity Calibration Solutions BRS Giftcard Others: Reef T-Shirt Mens L Beef Jerky Liquor drinks you recommend
  12. Scorched

    3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    Thanks. Good luck with your 12 gallon as well. The original photos were most likely on photobucket or some other old hosting site. The links are all broken. I most likely have some of the old photos but I can't be sure which ones go with what post. If something seemed really important and you wanted to see I can investigate and send it to you. I've been around but honestly haven't done much reef stuff for a few months. The tank has suffered because of that. Phos, Alk, Calc, Mag, etc all got outta wack. I lost quite a few corals. I got my butt in gear 2 weeks ago and did a massive water change and redid my dosing from scratch to hope things get restabilized. So far I think things have but the damage has already been done to the corals. The ones that didn't perish have lost most of their color or large sections of tissue. So any new readers take note: Once things are going well, you have to keep doing it over and over and over. As soon as you get complacent and go autopilot mode things go downhill. I need to confirm that the corals I do have continue to show improvement before I reinvest a bunch of money into replacements.
  13. Scorched

    3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    Thanks! The stand was built by Jason Langer. He has built many stands for members in our local Twin Cities club. He has also built stands and shipped them cross country. https://www.facebook.com/jason.langer.718/media_set?set=a.344635179057446.1073741836.100005328995869&type=3
  14. Scorched

    3 Foot Long Nano - Nanobox Lids

    Its been out for awhile I believe. They ran out very fast on their 1st and probably second shipments and are hopefully finally able to catch up to the demand. I've been using the COR since Aug 2017 when it went out to the NSI beta testers. I previously was using the DCP-5000 and in my opinion it was a great DC pump. It had enough power and was quiet. The only thing it didn't have was the controllability and calibration that the Cor or Vectra have. This is what makes the pump great. You can set your min and max so that your tank doesn't back siphon during feed modes or simple maintenance and you if you have a finicky system like mine you want to make sure you don't overpower the overflows ability. The pump is very quiet. If you have the Apex system it really integrates well with Fusion. You can see its current Watt, RPM, and Temp readings. You can control the speed based on various programming you might have on Feed Modes, or sensors. My favorite is that I have my ATK bracket flipped upside down. I removed the float valve and put in a 3rd optical sensor. This sensor sits just above the top of the pump. I have the pump coded to slow way down if the water ever drops that low. This happens when my siphon is restarting after feedings or maintenance. By slowing the pump down it gives the drains time to purge all their air and go full siphon. When they do the water level rises in the sump covering the sensor. The pump then ramps back up to full speed and I don't have to worry about the pump sucking air and blowing bubbles all over the tank and the pump doesn't run dry and create a bunch of noise. You can also have the speed of the pump adjust other equipment. Say If Pump Speed < 80 Skimmer OFF then defer it by 2-5 minutes. So if the pump goes back above 80% speed it waits for the sump to equalize a few minutes before turning back on. I created a fairly strange bit of code using some virtual outlets that had fast intervals and ramps. I was able to get the pump to effectively pulse water and create mini waves inside the tank. I was able to balance it to my siphon overflow but it was very finicky and did create an annoying sound as it ramped up and down so quickly. I also wasnt sure much wear it was putting on the pump. This only lasted a few minutes to maybe an hour before I just left it at a constant speed. But just know that those type of things are possible with some coding.
  15. Scorched

    Boiling Live Rock

    Boiling Live Rock can cause serious health issues if there are certain types of soft corals living on the rock. They die releasing toxins that are extremely dangerous. This is called palytoxin. Here are things you can look forward to if you get it in your mouth or even inhale it (boiling palythoas turn their toxin into a gas) Even if there were no palythoa corals on the rock there is also the risk of the rock exploding as it has thousands, if not millions of tiny air bubbles inside the rock. These can expand and turn the rock to turn into a bomb. I wouldn't want to be hit with flying rock shards.