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  1. I have a Aquamedic Ocean Light 150 Watt Pendant, old used condition for $100 Shipped Magnetic Ballast 180 watt Made in Germany I do not guarantee the life of the ballast. The pendant is worth something though. The light is still in use and fires up. The unit is quite old, maybe 8+ years of use on it. Pendant has UV glass and hammer town reflector. I think the pendant should be worth money with the hammer tone reflector. ====================================================== Ken Marine RO/DI $100 shipped, does not include cartridges, maybe the resin but it needs to dry out.. =================================================== Kent Marine Add on DI $50 shipped, comes with two resins, carbon prefilter 5 micron and cannister.
  2. Ken Marine Add on DI for RO UNit

    kent marine brand bump
  3. Kent Marine Housing. $50 shipped Priority Mail Large flat rate box DI REFILLABLE CARTRIDGE, Kent Marine, Lightly used color changing DI CARTRIDGE, Kent Marine, Not used but the structure broke internally Solid Carbon Block Pre-filter 5 micron Kent Marine RO Cannister Used
  4. About one inch Neon Green Furry monti on frag plug for $25 shipped by priority mail in Styrofoam plated insulated box