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    14 Gallon Biocube, Skimmer or Not?

    Yea my nano is a 12gal and I opted out on the skimmer idea I run an ac 50 with cheato and an ac20 next to in with my filter floss and som carbon I do a 3 gal watEr chane religiously once a week it takes me 10 min it's so simple I've had nothing but good luck so far my tank mostly sps and I'd get the tang out you'll be better off I thought I was pushing it with a sadleback clown you took it to a whole other level lol
  2. kinder23

    HOB rufugium?

    I have a 12 gal nano and I run an ac 50 as a fugue I have filter floss then a nice handfull of cheato and one small piece of rubble rock a place for the critters to hide but no sand in there as things could get messy and for my light I got a mini clip on work light from home depot for 2$ and also a 6k daylight pc bulb and I've hade no issues growing the cheato and spent 15 buks on the whole set up well plus the cost of the ac50 but I've been quite happy with it I run the fuge light on a reverse schedule as my tank lights I get a little light spill over from the fuge light but it makes for a nice moonlight effect believe it or not.......and I've seen a lot of mods requiring glueing of the basket to protect the cheato from spilling into the main tank but I am lazy and bought one of those mini clamps its prob half the size of a clothes pin and clipped the piece in place it made things very quick cheap and easy .....good luck
  3. kinder23

    New filtration ?

    Well I've always done it this way with out issues 1st chamber in sump goes into the filter sock or I use those micron bags from eshopps that's your mechanical filter then I put a bunch of live rock in the same chamber there's your biological and I run carbon in there too chemical then in the middle chamber I have my skimmer then 3rd chamber my return pump.....on my 150 I kept a separate refugium with some cheato but a lot of people put the fugue in the middle chamber of the sump cheato as far as I know absorbs ammonia and nitrates as it grows and when it grows to much rip some off and throw it out....I guess in the trickle the bio balls or whatever media your using in there turns out to be a disaster but IMO the sump is almost maintinence free I mean there's some cleaning to do on the skimmer but the bags you just chuck and replace. Good luck but that worked for me on my 65 and 150 I recently stared a 15 nano and run a hob filter as a refugium and have a bunch of live rock in my tank and that's all so far so good for me I've found out that you can make things very complicated in this hobby if you want to lol
  4. kinder23

    New filtration ?

  5. so i have one 150watt mh hanging about 14" over me tank tank is 17"x17"x8" im keeping mostly sps do i need to acclimate my corals to the new lighting if so what is the proper way to do it im going with one par 38 80optics ledtric trupop
  6. kinder23

    help selecting leds

    i have a 17"x17"x8" nano right now i have a 150w double end 14 k mh hanging about 14" above my waterline i am interested in switching to leds i have trumpet coral, gsp, pink and purle birdsnest and a motipora i really want a screw in bulb if possable because i really have no intrest in building my own led set up or spending 400 any sugestions would be appreciated also. i want to set up a 3 gallon pico any on that would be great too