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  1. Power supplies for meanwell drivers are instock now!

    Ya I'm running 5 eln60-48p mean well drivers , and my cousin is an electrician hes the one doing it for me
  2. Power supplies for meanwell drivers are instock now!

    So what exactly is this good for I'm kind of confused? I was getting ready to put in a plug in just for my tank on its own circuit would this power supply work because I half to becarful with what plug I use in the house if not if blows the breaker
  3. Dim4 help

    Hey guys so my question is can The dim4 work with 4 mean well eln60-48p drivers and still be able to get the 1000 ma Current that my drivers are set at right now
  4. 48" heat sink

    Oxnard you
  5. 48" heat sink

    It's going over my 65gal reef that's 18 inches deep 48 long and 11" wide with lps and Sps in it right now
  6. 48" heat sink

    I was wondering how many LEDs can you put straight across from each other on this heat sink makersled designer heatsink
  7. Heat sink

    Do you know how many LEDs you can get on the 48" heats ink
  8. Heat sink

    Lol I was about to say dang haha thanks
  9. Heat sink

    I have a question I just found out about the heat sinks that ledgroupbuy offers, I did a DIY kit about 1 year ago on my 65g from rapid led would I be able to take off my LEDs from there heat sink and use ledgroupbuys heat sinks?
  10. LIVE stock Online

    I use Vivid they have an amazing store I have never had any issues with any live stock I have purchased from them I highly recommend them http://www.vividaquariums.com/