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  1. 14 Gallon Biocube, Skimmer or Not?

    Wasn't joking, honestly he is only in there temporarily to rid of a calerpa problem, he is soon being moved to a 90 gallon!
  2. 14 Gallon Biocube, Skimmer or Not?

    Ok ok! Thanks for the advice, just out of curiosity why should I have not mentioned the tang?
  3. 14 Gallon Biocube, Skimmer or Not?

    Well I got 1 TINY blue tang, 1 court jester goby, 1 pistol shrimp, 4 snails. For coral, I got 3 different types of zoa's, 1 plate coral, 1 birdsnest and 1 stylophora. All appear to be doing great, I just want to be sure I'm doing all I can to allow them to thrive.
  4. Hello all first post here, basically I have a 14gallon biocube and I was wondering if I really need a protine skimmer in it. Also if recommending I do need one, what kind of skimmer would you recommend be put on it. Please not that I so keep up with a weekly water change! Thanks!