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  1. 105G Custom Shallow Paradise!

    tagging along
  2. my 37 update

    Thanks guys. There are actually 2 clams there if you look close
  3. my 37 update

    37g tank 36" quiet one 3000 return connected to squid. 250 metalhalide 20k hamiltons. 65 watt 03 pc. 1- 1400, and 2-rio powerheads . 10g sump with refug. oversized skimmer. mixed tank sps, lps and softies. but converting over to full sps, more comming this week. and a couple of clams. Calcium reactor comming soon.
  4. 37 update

    6 months
  5. my 37 update

    here it is at about 6months:
  6. my 37 update

    here it is at about 6months:
  7. my 37 update

    here it is at about 6months:
  8. purple tip digitata

    Have a few pieces of digitata from about 3 inches to partial colony of purple tip digitata purple hue to body also. Under 20k it turns to a bright blue tip. asking 15 to 35 dollars for pieces. pics taken under 10k hamiltons. Local pick up prefered Im in central california.
  9. Need lighting Advice PC or MH?

    I have had a few 20g and 25g tanks, and always ran mh with no problems. Your corals will never color up and have the growth under pc that it will under mh, it will never happen. You can run all the 96 watt pc s you can fit ,and still never get the penetration of even 1- 150 mh. If you are worried about heat run a pendant style. Im not saying I know it all , just saving you money in about 1 month when you say I should of went mh.
  10. Tank update

    250 watt halide 20k and 2 65 watt 03s pc
  11. Tank update

    Hi I posted some picks of my20g awhile back. I moved and upsized tank to a 30. Here is a new pic 1 month old
  12. 175 watt mh

    I would say for 10,000k Hamilton has very nice color, and 20,000k Xm has a nice balance of blue to white, atleast in 250 watt bulbs
  13. Zoo problem

    Dip them in sea chem reefdip for about 5 min., mabe bacterial. Just to be on the safe side
  14. OK. Lets see who wants to test their ego...

    Very nice tanks...awsome
  15. how bad are tangs?

    I have kept small tangs in and out of tanks under 40 gallons for years, for algae control and have never had one die. The tang police mentality is the same other people have about keeping nano reefs that it is not good and they will all die because of limited amount of water they are kept in. But this is never backed up by anything other than opinion.Has anyone ever put on a wet suit to followed a tang around and measure this always spouted 2 miles of swimming a day. Keeping any fish in a tank that is to small is bad, but so is using damsels to cycle tanks and why is no one ever commming to their rescue. Lets see the proof that a tang cant be kept in a smaller tank, and not be so small minded. That is just my opinion and I know people will be pissed off but that is why I live in america freedom of speech.