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  1. ok I guess I was wrong. It seems like on r/c and other boards in there nano section most tanks are 20g and some even larger. I went back through and looked here. I would say the mini bow is.
  2. It seems like alot of us migrate towards 20 gallon tanks for the most part ,either 20 tall or 20 long. Let me Know what you think and post pics of your 20g front is mine
  3. zoos
  4. one more shot close up
  5. here is some more sps will post more shots as I take them
  6. some zoos
  7. some close up shots of acros
  8. Reefaddict, I had the same concerns and it took me a few months to get the stones to try something new, but now Im glad I did.
  9. I tested mine right out of container I had ph at 8.1 - calcuim level was about 380ppm - alk was about 6 . I use kent cb part a anb b nightly with a little bit of stronium once a week, to make up for whats missing. But I have a huge calcuim demand anyway with all sps and clam in tank. Plus I drip a dilueted kalk mix in make up water.
  10. Its an expensive hobbie........LOL
  11. You can check out my post called ocean water under general on this site about the water
  12. Thanks Sloreefer I have been using instant ocean since 1997 but now im sold. I supplement calcuim daily to keep my levels around 450-500ppm.So the low calcuim and stronium levels I can live with as long as im getting whatever trace elements that are keeping everything open and growing. I talked to a guy that is now keeping gonipora alive for extended time in sea water , which is a pretty good thing since we know they will die sooner than later 99% of the time. Thanks for the input.
  13. Thanks......I will get some close up later
  14. closer
  15. Straight on