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  1. Wait till you see my "take it to the MAXIMA" tattoo im still working on. Then u will know I've lost my mind for sure.
  2. I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. =)
  3. < in my best Elvis inpersonation> Thank you, thank you very much.
  4. Ha hahahaha!!
  5. Check out the video on Metrokats thread!
  6. Tribute to Pacific East Aquaculture.
  7. That is a REALLY nice Tort!!! Not to mention the clam. Good work.
  8. sweet.
  9. I really do like this tank!
  10. I really enjoy this tank. Nice symmetry and aesthetics. - corals look great. Sweet!
  11. Yea youre right. Women are a fickle bunch.
  12. I love it!!! The clam doesn't even flinch. The clowns have been living in it for over 3 years and the ammonia they directly deposit inside of it is the zenith of all clam food.
  13. Mated pair of Picassos living pretty much inside my Gigas clam.
  14. ok, thats it. Im getting one.