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  1. I did; transporting it was going to cost too much for me to consider bringing it. I ended up selling it, and will hopefully get to do another huge build 🙂
  2. None to show... Just moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario, and my lovely wife gave me free run of the 3 rooms in the basement. Currently trying to turn one into my office, and the others... I think I will have to turn into supporting rooms for the reef tank haha. I still have all the components for the original Purple Orange and Grey build, so I think I might start off by finishing that. Thoughts?
  3. Hey! Sooo I think I need to finish a reef tank at some point...
  4. Hahaha well here is the story. Had to shut down the main reef as per realestate agent's advice since we are selling the home In all honesty with baby number 2 I was running out of time to work on it. Kept all my softies and set up the two 7 gallon tanks so that I could take those corals with me when I move. SPS were not going to fair well, and I wanted to keep my collection of zoas etc. Two 7 gals are too much of a pain to look after so I got the RSM to merge them together into a more manageable setup. When I move I'm planning a large system and some frag systems so I can go big! Hahaha.
  5. TJ_Burton

    My red sea max nano

  6. TJ_Burton


    Reefer 170 is quite an upgrade! I was surprised to see what looked like a new Solana since they've been out of production for years.
  7. Welp... taking care of two 7 gallon bare bottom frag tanks sucks, so I picked up a RedSea Max Nano to make life easier and keep parameters stable without nearly as much effort. Going to get that set up this weekend and move it all over into the one system. Woot!
  8. TJ_Burton


    Is that a Solana?!
  9. TJ_Burton


    Such a fantastic example of a truly mixed reef! Great work, brother!
  10. Awesome!!!! I haven't plumbed mine up yet, buuut I am happy to help you out however I can while you set it up!
  11. I know, right?! Those two, especially the one with an orange skirt and red/purple disk, were the driving force behind the impulse buy. I guess I finally got on the rock flower band wagon. Going to end up with a few more for sure!
  12. Well I promised I'd keep collecting sooo here are my most recent pickups!
  13. Yep, that's the plan! Also going to be using the Aquaticlife T5 I picked up along with my Radion G4 Pro. Should be a pretty sweet setup. The move is in May, so I will have to keep the two tiny tanks running for 6 months or so. Planning to continue collecting corals to take with me.