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  1. So my computer finally quit on me after 11 years of faithful service. I built it to last an be upgradeable, and I did everything I could over the years to keep it relevant. Well, short of swapping the motherboard and CPU. Was an expensive setback, let me tell ya! Not able to edit videos at the moment so that is currently on hold. That said I should have the new PC built in a week or two provided everything ships quickly. The reef is just sitting full of fresh water while I wait for the new control hub for the pump from Current USA. Or the new return pump from Hydor, whichever makes it here first. Feels like everything is in limbo... argh! Patience is a virtue, or whatever they say. Lol.
  2. Haha thanks for watching! I am doing a few more Pokémon aquarium projects using Pokéballs, but Goober's system is going to be more practical than anything. Going to try to make a system that is super low maintenance and also quick to maintain when the time comes to do so. I have various designs in mind, but before I settle on one, I want to try a few different options out on the ten gallon system. I'll post more vids as I complete it!
  3. Well I guess I'll get a chance to see if the color matches because they are sending me one for the build 🙂 I'll do a vid on it when it arrives.
  4. So I did a quick update vid, and the tank is running right beside me and you can't hear it at all. Turned out SUPER slient and am quite happy with that 🙂
  5. Based on other photos I've seen using google, I have a feeling the Hydor pump actually uses their typical red and that the photo I used is just not accurate in terms of color. 😞
  6. I think there are two more contenders for pumps that match the aesthetic of the system! This HYDOR controllable AC pump looks like it might have some magenta going on And this Maxspect pump has orange (and looks oddly similar to a jet turbine)
  7. It's at the top of my list! Just couldn't squeeze it in. Hopefully in the near future I can make the swap. By all accounts the COR looks perfect!
  8. Well, Current-USA is sending me a replacement hub. They didn't ask any questions other than what the serial number was of my pump. I assume that means it is a known issue. Fingers crossed it fixes things!
  9. I sincerely appreciate that! If I can't get support from Current-USA on this issue, I am going to shoot you a pm for that Eheim pump 🙂
  10. Budget won't allow for a Vectra, Core 20, etc. Hence just going to an old faithful like Eheim Utility or Danner Mag-Drive. We shall see!
  11. FOUND THE PROBLEM!!! For whatever reason, the Current-USA eFlux DC Pump is ignoring the setting on the controller and ramping right to 100% when power to the pump is cycled. This is either a MAJOR design flaw, or a faulty control. I am leaning towards the latter, as neither of the other eFlux pumps I've used had this issue. So here is what is happening. Turn on power to the pump Set to ~50% power Adjust gate valve to create full siphon Allow to run for 10 minutes to verify system runs optimally CUT POWER TO SYSTEM (simulated power outage) RESTORE POWER TO SYSTEM Pump comes back on and ignores the setting on the control and ramps to 100% System comes close to overflowing, pump runs nearly dry, AUX drain saves the day If I can't get Current-USA to resolve the issue, I will have to find a different pump, and will be leaning towards a straight AC pump with fixed GPH so I avoid this issue entirely. Oh technology...
  12. DC pump setting did not change during my testing. That said, cant say for sure that the pump isn't fluctuating. I'm using the Xaqua InOut drain and return. I'm sure I'll figure out what the hitch is after fiddling with it some more. 🙂
  13. So, no leaks! Getting some mixed results on system performance. I'll have to play with it and find the issue. I had it dialed in perfectly. No noise, and good flow. Did a power outage test and upon restarting the pump was nearly running dry while the display continued to fill. The aux drain did its job though, which is good! I'm bushed tonight so I'll figure it out tomorrow.
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