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  1. I almost never browsed from my phone, not even on forums that support Tapatalk... but I've been on NR quite a bit from my phone since the update! Love it.
  2. Basically a contained refugium sans-rock/substrate. Nifty idea. I actually made one years ago out of an old Magnum canister filter body and a couple of small power compacts. Slick unit that Hype picked up!!!
  3. My pleasure! I had to order a whole case of 6 foot lengths because nobody sells them individually in Canada apparently... So I've got enough for the rest of my life now... hahaha.
  4. Really enjoying what you're doing with this front facing drop off - very cool
  5. I am inspired by the new and I think I am going to start planning my next SPS reef...

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      Looks like a scissors and tubing weekend at the Burtons!!

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      Well, that was fun!


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      Green Herbal Tea!!!















  6. Hey all, Been out of the reef game for a little while when it comes to personal aquariums. A lot has happened in the last couple years. Moved to my first home, had my first baby (well, my wife had her, but you know what I mean) and ultimately spent a lot of time working hard rather than playing hard. I have basically been without my own aquarium at the house ever since the move, so I figured I would do what any tankless aquarist would in my situation, and got a tank. Mind you this build is a bit special, as it is being video documented every step of the way (links to videos below). Confession time, I personally have kept my place of work to myself ever since joining NR many years ago, and that is mostly because I come to NR to enjoy my personal time with other hobbyists, and I didn't want to be seen as simply a member of the company I work for, but rather a passionate hobbyist. I think it has been long enough, and I've made enough friends along the way that letting the cat out of the bag shouldn't change the way my fellow NR members see me. I am none other than Thomas of Big Al's. With that out of the way, on to the build! I wanted to get a nice big tank that my daughter could enjoy from the floor in her playroom (my basement). After getting in touch with a few companies and figuring out what options fit my budget, I ended up snagging a 265 gallon Marineland tank, stand, and canopy. Of course I went with overflows, because I wasn't sure if I was going fresh or salt, and either way I love sumps. So far, this is what the build looks like: I have decided to go freshwater for now because I need a tank that will be low-cost to maintain, require less attention, and ultimately be stacked with fish that my daughter can appreciate from the floor. If I go salt, I would have to go reef (because how could I not?) and then I'd want SPS and clams, and end up spending a lot more than I had hoped to on both equipment and maintenance. I did however keep a conversion to saltwater in mind, and set things up in a way that would easily translate over to a big reef when that day potentially comes. (Evolving) Equipment List: - 265 Gallon Marineland CornerFlo Aquarium (Montery Stand & Canopy) - Pro Clear Freedom 4-in-1 300 Sump & Fluval FX6 Canister - 72" Current USA IC LED Light For those interested in following the build through Big Al's VOD: Delivery Day Tank/Stand/Canopy overview Filtration overview Lighting overview Leveling the Aquarium I will update this thread as things progress, post photos of some upgrades I've done that aren't covered in the video series (like under cabinet lighting, magnetic door locks, cord management, etc), and hopefully inspire some of you to go massive! Thanks