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  1. Haha no problem
  2. I actually watched that video the other day as well; great to see some solid data on the subject. Been using chaeto for years and years, and always knew it was doing its job, but quantifiable data is always best to see if its worth it. Trick is making sure I use high enough wattage LEDs to make it viable in a small reactor. I am in the process of making one. Just not sure which LEDs to purchase to get the most out of the small reactor (Aquamaxx). So many cheap chinese LED strips on Amazon...
  3. I really want a Chaeto reactor. Slightly out of my build budget at the moment... but I may rig up an ugly one that works once I switch sumps. That thing is a piece of art! Can't wait to see your results
  4. I see a "Grow Your Own Edible Seaweed At Home" Kickstarter in the near future.
  5. The Nano Box is for the frag section of the sump! It's only 8 x 8 x 6 so it is going to be perfect by my calculations. Should easily hit 200 par on average.
  6. Thanks! Really hoping it comes together as planned. Gotta say, Dave did an incredible job with the light. I am drooling over it and it isn't even in my hands yet! That is the plan! and yeah, Dave builds some really slick lights. Finally splurged on one for myself! Been eyeballing'em for years...
  7. Well, seeing as Dave finished the light and posted pics (which I am so glad he did!) I feel like it is about time to reveal my custom sump details and overall color theme. I decided I wanted to utilize Grey and Purple primarily, and add some orange for flare. I basically melded the Nyos and Neptune color schemes into one, because they look amazing, but also because my stand is light grey and conducive to these color schemes. Staying true to all my previous builds, I decided to mock things up in MSPaint (Yep... still using it!) so I could get a rough idea of how I wanted the sump and plumbing to be laid out. I contacted Nick at Pro Clear and sent him a drawing of a modified 4-in-1 sump and he new exactly what I was after. Essentially changed the position of their water flow entry system, added an auxiliary drain, added bulkheads to all drains (rather than their standard plumbing), changed the optional wet/dry refugium section into a frag/refugium section, and played with the dimensions so that the sump would perfectly fit an 8" x 4" MarinePure Bio-Media block. It will also still hold their media cartridges and feature flow control through the frag/refugium section. I am going to hit up BRS for colored plumbing to match as well. So hopefully, if all goes according to plan, it should look a little something like this:
  8. Get a chisel, hammer, and start de-boulderizing! Or less strategic, drop them on concrete from hip height or higher. Either way... Build looks fantastic so far!
  9. Not me But I have been to Reef Raft many times. Jay always has nice corals in that shop.
  10. Damn man that turned out sexy!!!!
  11. Did some testing on the weekend and found my pH, Alk, and Cal oddly low considering I do weekly 5 gal water changes and have been dosing Reef Fusion 2 part every other day. I did notice however that the Reef Fusion 2 was precipitating out quite a bit more than I expected, which may be an issue with the batch or the age of it (it is potentially a couple years old). I tested Mag as well just to rule it out as a potential issue, and it came in where I wanted it. My readings were: pH 7.8 Alk 7 dkh Cal 350 Mag 1400 I picked up my preferred Aquavitro products (Calcification, 8.4, Ions) and dosed accordingly. Theses were my readings the following morning: pH 8.2 Alk 7.5 dkh Cal 400 Mag 1400 So long story short something was wrong with my Reef Fusion 2 part. Going to get my trusty old SWC triple doser operational again and automate the dosing for a more consistent environment, and see if I can't supercharge the growth and color of my sticks. Not going to be adding any more coral until I get these params nailed down and see some progress with the SPS that are currently in the system. Testing really does make all the difference.
  12. Honestly, your corals are going to be happy with any bulb configuration. I'd suggest to start with staggering them. For example: Blue Plus, Purple Plus, Blue Plus, Blue Plus, Coral Plus, Blue Plus. But, visually you may find you prefer the bulbs in different positions. Your rock work and coral placement will also affect where you may prefer the bulbs. There is no wrong answer, really. I'd focus on getting 2 of the Blue Plus, the Purple Plus, and the Coral Plus to sit over the part of your scape where you anticipate to put the most coral, and let the other 2 Blue Plus fall where they may. Same with the XHO; put it where it makes the most sense for your particular setup. You can always move things around if you don't like how they look.
  13. I agree that it looks more like coral than anemone. Do you have any galaxea in this tank? Or if you got the frag from someone else, maybe ask them what it may be. Some corals have a habit of broadcast spawning like this in home aquariums.
  14. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how things are starting out. Getting my hands on some nice pieces again is going to be a slow process, but it's a start! I managed to get to my LFS and return those softies and grabbed 3 browned out SPS mini colonies while I was there. I actually really like getting mystery sticks like that and watching them develop! Hoping for one really nice purple colony, one bright blue, and then a green. The green is the best looking of the three to start, but green acros usually brown out slower than the other colors, I find. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
  15. Doing a water change and figured I'd snap a shot of my (getting very full) frag rack. Need to take some softies back and start picking permanent homes I think!