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  1. Voted all the way!
  2. The backlighting is just awesome!!!
  3. Browned out across are starting to show promise when you get a close look at them, but from FTS distance are still very brown. I picked up a nice plain gold maxima today, along with a couple more SPS (this time bleached) which are at the bottom left corner of the tank on the substrate for recovery. They were very inexpensive due in part to their current condition, but show some pinks/reds which is why I took a chance on them. One of these days I'll grab some nicer stuff from a hobbyist or two in the area.
  4. Sump is going to essentially have a drag section instead of a fuge. Had it designed around that idea. Also why I decided to go with a Chaeto reactor. Just in the final review process of the technical drawings for the sump, and then it should be ready to go. So soon!!!
  5. Tough go, mate
  6. Not nearly as refined without Brian (video producer). Doing everything myself is hard... and also never turns out perfect hahaha.
  7. Seeing the family for Easter was a nice pick-me-up after a particularly tough week. Also managed to finish filming my Nanobox unboxing/review which should be up in a few hours. Hopefully have some spare time today to get the auto dosing system operational so I can stop dosing capsule every day. Also have a couple of new SPS on hold at the LFS that I'm looking forward to picking up!
  8. I'm alright. Particularly tough having been very close with him, and also being the first immediate family member I've lost. It is a part of life though, so that fact helps logic keep things on track while emotions are losing their cool in the background.
  9. Thanks everyone ❤
  10. Been a tough week. Lost my Grandfather on Friday. Haven't really had as much time as I was hoping for to get things done with the build. Did manage to move some corals around during the last water change to see how I feel about them in their new places.
  11. Great success!
  12. Corals are looking absolutely stellar! That valida is on point!
  13. Given this information, and having used the smallest and larger models on a 120g, I would say you're better off getting a smaller one as you still won't run it at full pop. I find the dynamic flow patterns aren't quite emphasized enough when you're keep the pump under 50%. If you have a pulse happening and it can only ramp from 10% to 40% for example, it isn't as emphasized as if it were 10% and 80%. At the end of the day though, it will really depend on what you plan to do with the pump. Going larger and running it at lower speeds usually results in a quieter running pump.
  14. Well deserved! Fantastic reef bowl!