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  1. Meh... is what it is! Hopefully Icecap is willing to replace the impeller at no cost. Metasorb is one of the newer TLF products, I think. Honestly, after my run in years ago with that Coralife, I pretty much always have Cuprisorb and now Metasorb on hand. And thanks! Our daughter is now 20 months and just boatloads of fun! Nothing short of pure half-wit entertainment hahaha. We are really excited for her to have a brother! Getting the ol'snip snip after this one; I think we will be good with 2. Thanks it is definitely coming along! Hoping for some really nice progress shots in a couple months that include a lot more growth/coral in general! And thanks! Thanks for the grats I personally am pretty smitten with how that light turned out! I now have to do the same thing to the 6 bulb unit that is over the reef. I am going to have to start another tank for that 4 bulb hahaha.
  2. That AC issue sounds like an up-hill battle... you are probably better off with a chiller at that rate (if the tank is your main concern with heat on the rise). I totally feel for you. Our last apartment was on the top floor of a 3 story home. There was zero insulation in the roof or walls, and no matter what we did, it was always crazy hot in the summer, and freezing in the winter. No amount of space heaters or window ac units made more than a dent in the temps... sucks!
  3. I answered you there as well! hahaha. Thanks so much! We are so excited to meet the little guy
  4. Baby #2 is due any day now; wifey started having contractions last night, so fingers crossed it is today or tomorrow! Luckily I managed to get my auto doser dialed in already, so I can try to fire off a weekly 5 gal water change once everyone is in bed for the night. Threw an auto feeder on there as well. Haha, I am expecting to essentially not look at the tank for a couple weeks. My guess is the first time I have a peek at it will be when my reservoir runs dry and my ATO starts beeping at me
  5. I agree with Ray, and also with others suggesting that they check the threads of folks they know first. I've been a part of the boards for a long, long time and have seen many come and go (many of which I miss). At one time my threads had a lot of action, and yet my latest build gets responses from the same 4 to 5 people, if I get a response at all. I get a couple 'likes' here and there for the most part. I don't take it any which way! I post not only to get responses, but also for my own records and enjoyment. I've run into some pretty nasty reefing issues in the past, and documented them as best as I could for the sake of everyone on this board, as well as myself. Some reefers *@metrokat cough-cough* may have a cult following (along with a few others) but I think that following is well deserved, earned through constant interaction on the forum, and incredible reefing skills. It takes a lot to document every up and down you experience with your reef, let alone post about it on a very regular basis. I can understand that a low response rate for newer folks can become discouraging, especially when they are asking questions, but I think you'll be surprised with how warm this community can really be once you've been around for a little bit. Its one of my favorite places on the internet, and pretty well the only reefing forum I spend any amount of time on. Love this place
  6. Not sure what it is with me and rusting aquarium equipment, but I noticed my corals had started to get similar symptoms to the ones in my 20 gal that experienced a rusting sleeve within a Coralife UV sterilizer, so I decided to run Metasorb and Chemi-Pure Blue and noticed improvements within days. That prompted me to start inspecting all my equipment, which revealed that my Icecap K2-50 protein skimmer impeller was rusting at the top of the magnet. JOY! So I have discontinued use of that skimmer, and whipped out my trusty old JNS CO-1 to take over for the time being. It is much larger, meaning less room in the sump, but I can't get the K2-50 back in action until I get a new impeller which nobody in my area carries. Might just run the CO-1 until I find a skimmer that fits the color scheme of my Frag Fuge sump, and switch over when swap out and re-plumb the system. In other news... My wife started having contractions last night! Should be meeting my son in the next couple of days
  7. When did you last go? They almost always have mangroves - been there every time I visit for at least the last two years. Dragons breath they get periodically and it was there two weeks ago. Call them and speak with Dan or Vanessa (the two managers of the fishroom) and they can tell you when they are expecting to get it next. Call it red macro algae. Not sure they know that it is called dragons breath. Either way, mangroves and macro are not as rare as they may seem.
  8. Big Als in Mississauga has macro fairly regularly. They had 2 tanks under their coral look down tanks that were literally full of macro (and seahorses). It is definitely around; just not easy to find online like it is in the USA. Not enough retailers ship livestock in Canada.
  9. It is hard to tell from the photos, but are there polished aluminum reflectors in that fixture, or is it just the aluminum housing behind the bulbs?
  10. Managed to get it all finished (less the cord wrap which is still on its way). Now to find something to use it on... maybe I will do a planted tank or something later hahaha. Since it turned out pretty decent, I might do 2 other fixtures I have laying around.
  11. Solid tip! I actually used automotive paint and clear coat for this fixture because I was worried about heat. I figured if a car can sit out in the sun all day and get hot enough to cook an egg, the fixture shouldn't have issues. Fingers crossed!
  12. Ridiculously cool little SPS cube. Awesome!
  13. Thinking I might jazz up the power cord as well.
  14. I literally just finished watching it myself... Really heartbreaking.
  15. Decided to restore an old mistreated 4 bulb T5HO fixture and breathe new life into an eyesore. Figured the guts were still good, so no reason to toss it aside. Should be finished on Monday! Started with a build-able primer over the textured powder coat. Gave it a sanding and then on went the paint. After base coat and top coat it is looking pretty good. Throwing a few clear coats on and then time to reassemble.